30 June 2007
Yet another mindless blog toy...
May I introduce you to twitter?

Come, be my friend.


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29 June 2007
I have two questions about this product..

1. I know it is an "As Seen On TV" website...but I want to know what channel it was seen on. I can't think of a single channel that it would appear on aside from Skin-A-Max...

2. Is it any wonder that she is the spokeswoman? Wouldn't she cure even a dead man's ED? Look out Bob Dole - because ED is about to disappear!

Moving on...I should give the proper thanks to Praise Fiddler for doing her TT on As Seen On TV products.

I think this is a great product... I just hope no one decides to sue them for giving the public a bad idea... I don't think it is worth the price, though.

Ladies - can't get your husband to exercise? Try this product! Again, what channel was this advertised on?

Forget using a band-aid on those pesky, cold days... You can get your very own pair of nipple covers!

Again - what channel is this stuff advertised on?


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Celebratory 400th Post
So I was going to think up something grandiose to blog about...because 400 is a number (especially when the blog is less than a year old). Yet I couldn't think of anything worthy enough. So now you get a whole post full of crap! You lucky thing, you!

I looked like a drowned rat when I finally got in to the office this morning. My boss wanted me to go this morning and get my parking permit (which is on the other side of the campus) before reporting in this morning. So, being the good underling that I am, I went.

Now as I am sure many of you know we've been swamped with rain. So much rain, in fact, that my garden is full of mushrooms and sometimes I wonder if an alligator might eat my dogs when I let them out...

Anyway, I've been very good about taking my umbrella to and from work. At least, I've been good until today. I walked out of the house without it. I didn't think much about it because it was not raining when I left.

I had to park about a block away from the parking permit place...and don't you know it - when I came out from there it was pouring down rain.

Then I had to go and park about a half mile away from my building...and it kept raining. I looked like a drowned rat by the time I got in. Thank goodness an office mate had a space heater. They all laughed at me.

This is day 17 of rain. From the look of the extended forecast we won't see the sun until sometimes next week. I bet Nana Beachy isn't very happy. She bought a pool this year - and only been able to use it twice in between the rain and the idiots that installed it incorrectly.

My GPA is back up (well - better than it was) this semester. I am now sitting at a 3.81. I am so glad to be done with all the math classes...and I got a book for my next class. The problem is that it was the wrong book. What I am going to do with a business statistics book for my psychology class?

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27 June 2007
Four words I bet you never thought you'd hear from me..
Elizabeth Edwards is right. What? I agree with a democrat? What's the matter with me?

Nothing is wrong with me. She's right. As much as I (kind of) like Ann Coulter, the personal attacks should stop. As much as I loathe Elizabeth Edwards' husband for running with Kerry, he shouldn't be wished killed by terrorists.

Sure, now that it is getting some media attention Ann Coulter will probably say it was a joke blown out of proportion...when in reality she just got her hand caught in the cookie jar. I get that it was kind of a retaliation for something that Edwards supposedly said about the VP, but two wrongs do not make a right. So much for being a good political commentator. I've lost all respect.

Is it any wonder that I'm an independent?


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26 June 2007
The dungeon and other upper university goodies
They made me go to the dungeon today. The good news is that they didn't lock me in there - they even gave me the key to lock up when I'm done. The bad news is that the dungeon really isn't a dungeon even though there is a cage... It's really the basement where it smells like gym socks and mayonnaise. Nice, huh? The other bad news is that I had my cool boots on..my cool brown ones that lace up and have flowers on the side. They have a heel, though.

My work mate, the one I am splitting the employer alphabet with, is very much like me. Isn't that scary? She has the same devious mind and wickedly dry sense of humor. She likes CNN about as much as I do.

She and I just don't get it (and neither does The Cop Magnet)...why was there a three hour tribute on 'rasslin' for a wrestler that killed his wife and son? I get that his marble sack had apparently shriveled from the use of steroids (and apparently his brain) and that it probably damaged his brain. I just don't get why anyone would pay a tribute to the guy. Sure, if he was murdered - but not because he committed suicide (after he killed his wife and his child...and no one start with the, "But you don't know that he did it..." crap because she had at least one previous restraining order because of physical abuse.

It also tickles me to no end to watch the Communist News Network (CNN) talk about the weather in Oklahoma. Yes, it seems like we are in a monsoon. Yes I have a ton of rain and mud...but I don't have tornadoes ripping off my roof and I have local meteorologists that can pronounce the names of the towns here. Why is it national news that some idiot went on through high water...on a dam....in a neighborhood that literally has a small lake sitting in the middle of it and got stuck and had to be rescued? Isn't there better things to talk about? Is it any wonder the car was practically swept away?

Yes I know that I posted about driving the Camaro this morning in the rain and high water, but I actually drove in the inside lane because all of the water accumulated in the outside lane.

Oh, and at work I got to taste artichoke dip. I haven't formed an opinion on it. I think it might be an acquired taste. I think it is okay. It tasted like broccoli and french onion mixed together.


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Best fun ever
What's more fun than driving a Z-28 with an LT-1? Driving a Z-28 with an LT-1 on bald tires in the pouring rain!


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25 June 2007
Time Travel Tuesday
This is the salvation or incredibly important moment during the walk Christ. Since I recently gave my testimony (just search on the faith file labels). So I was thinking and I think I will use this time..

We were completely out of groceries yesterday. I mean in the freezer I had two packages of hot dogs, one package of hamburger, and two waffles. The refrigerator was looking pretty thin, too. As were the cabinets...some staples in there - beans, rice, and pizza sauce so instead of red beans and rice I planned on making pizza beans and rice.

We had a domain up for sale. It's been up for sale for over six months. It sold today for $125! God never fails. He never forsakes. He never leaves. He provides, provides, provides. I put 15 in gas in my car (because it was on empty and I just started my job). The Cop Magnet and I went to Albertsons and got some 10 for 10 things. Then we went to Sprawl-Mart because my bread is cheaper. They had fresh fruit on sale! Their meat (although I am not crazy about it) was in fair rate so we spent about $90 total at both stores.

God is so faithful! If you spread His message (and I got the privilege and call to give my husband a very hard message that I heard yesterday - and he wasn't very receptive, but I know that God planted the seed. I did what He wanted and He blessed my family for it.

Please pray for my family this week. This is a big transition week with me starting work.

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Bad things happen when you try to make waffles at night when you are tired. You forget to add important things like SUGAR and VANILLA...and you add a little too much baking powder..

Good thing I got some frozen ones for back up.
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24 June 2007
My awesome paper
Here is my final paper for social problems. I got all 250 points. Cool 3 It is all about how the news media (read: FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC etc) is a social problem in itself.

Gunman shoots elementary students and kills himself; gunman shoots college students, videos a manifesto that is eventually seen by millions, and shoots self; girl buried alive within 200 feet of her own home by sexual predator; entire families slaughtered at the hands of known or unknown killers; police catch armed robber that led them on a two hour car chase. Is this the latest airing of any CSI, Law and Order, or a new best seller? No, this is the average airing of the news media that is broadcast during family programming when children are watching television with their parents. The news media is now a social problem. Cartoons, dramas, television movies, and documentaries all have ratings applied that help Americans decide which show is right for them or their children; all programs have ratings except the news.

A social problem is defined as “a condition [that] exists...threatens the quality of [our] lives and [our] most cherished values, and they also agree that something should be done to remedy that condition” (Kornblum and Julian). As a society we would like to promote peace and non-violence. We strive to eradicate abuse, rape, and other violent crimes. Still, society turns on the television to watch the local or national news during the five or six o’clock hour in the evening and bring the violence into their home; Americans bring the very social problems they wish would disappear into their living rooms and into the view of their children. Instead of reinforcing the beliefs, laws, and values that our society holds the news media acts as a stage for those that break our laws and this, in turn, mocks our values.

While some will choose to argue that a conflict perspective should be used when labeling the news media as a social problem, we will come to see that a more accurate sociological perspective is an interactionist perspective. The argument can be made that bad things happen to good people (be it rape, abuse, murder, or robbery) because of certain groups in society having little power. They will say it is because of racial inequalities or inequalities based on gender that crime happens (Kornblum and Julian). It is a struggle for power between different classes and people. If we get rid of the inequalities that exist we will get rid of the crime. We can see and perhaps even understand why a conflict perspective fits in describing why criminal activity takes place. However, this does not describe why our society puts such behavior in the spotlight.

Using an interactionist perspective shows us that actions that happen occur because of an individual’s response or behavior (Kornblum and Julian). For instance, not everyone enjoys a large party. If someone is there that does not enjoy that type of atmosphere they can make one of two basic choices. The person can either leave the party or stay and be uncomfortable and perhaps say or do something they may later regret. If the person chooses to leave, they interacted with the scenario by leaving. If a person leaves (or does not attend) enough big parties, the person or people that hold such events will stop inviting them. Yes, the party will probably still go on (because that was an action or decision made by another person). However the person that does not like big parties is just that much less likely to spill red wine on the tie of his best friend’s boss.

We use laws, churches, and families to construct our values and beliefs. It is wrong to speed. If someone gets caught, they get a speeding ticket. It is wrong to murder someone. If the killer gets caught, the killer will be punished. It is wrong to shake babies. If someone shakes a baby, different kinds of punishment (ranging from legal consequences to physical harm if the caught by the right person) could result. Our society has rules and limits. We interact with the rules and limits. If we break them we have disregarded society’s values and we will pay the consequences.

Different parts of society may have different beliefs and values, but overall our country defines criminal behavior the same. It is not a matter of how one group may see someone as acting in an eccentric manner if a bank is robbed; a bank robbery is a bank robbery. Kornblum’s and Julian’s article states that “a behavior or situation becomes a social problem when someone can profit in some way by applying the label ‘problematic’ or ‘deviant’ to it.” News media such as CNN or Fox News receive revenue from advertisers. Advertisers receive revenue from consumers. Consumers watch the news. In a never ending circle it is important to point out that news media will look for and broadcast the most sensational story available to draw in more viewers. Viewers become desensitized to the violence because of how much we see in drama shows and in the news media. Some will argue, however, that it is different to see the violence on the news because that is realistic violence.

So how do we, as a society, raise a TV-Y generation in an NC-17 world? First it is important to understand what the rating system is and how it works. The television rating system was instituted in 1997 (E., 2005). Along with ratings that indicate age appropriateness of a show (i.e., rated Y for young viewers, G for everyone, 14 for those 14 and older), under the rating small letters exist that code whether a show has sexual content, inappropriate or adult language, violence, or suggestive dialog. The system has helped parents determine which evening or primetime shows, cartoons, and television movies are appropriate for their family. All shows, except the news media, have a rating; including cartoons that include fantasy violence such as Pokemon.

We rate cartoons anything from G to PG with maybe even sub-ratings for language or suggestive dialogue. The news is not rated regardless of what is shown. Parents became very upset when Justin Timberlake ripped off part of Janet Jackson’s shirt. The public at large was so upset that the FCC and local channels were bombarded with complaints. Yet daily we allow murder, rape, kidnapping, police chase, and bank robbery into our homes. The Virginia Tech killer was broadcast into millions of home on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN. His manifesto and his message made it out into homes with vulnerable, impressionable minds watching. Afterward, many news channels debated the use of the footage and defended their action. This broadcast was not rated. Family members of a victim that was at VT cancelled their appearance on NBC because they were angry and hurt over the broadcast (Learmonth, 2007).

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has a problem on his hands. The FCC has a goal to protect children from television violence. This is evident any and every time we watch television and see a copy of the children’s act that all television stations must file and comply with. Violent news, however, gets a pass because Chairman Martin feels it is more important to get the news out to the masses (Triplett, 2007). This sends a mixed message to concerned parents. The FCC and television stations are concerned enough about violence to issue a rating system, but realistic violence – the kind that a child could emulate is not rated and is allowed into homes without even a “parental guidance suggested” notation.

The government should not police what is on television; to do so amounts to censorship and impedes on the First Amendment for the companies and on the right of liberty and pursuit of happiness on the side of the families. This makes the social problem of the news media one that requires interaction from the parents. If the parents do not watch as much news, the news media will not make as much money from the advertisers. If the advertisers are not making money from the consumers they will not advertise as many of their goods on the news channels. This will send a message to the news media that we, as a society, will not sell our children’s mind for a cheap story. It takes action to change the pattern. The news is online, on the radio, and in print. We do not need to watch the news media at all hours (a la Fox News or CNN). It is obvious that during a time of natural disaster in an area close to our own that we need to stay informed. We do not need to over expose our children to violence.

A study was done in New York of 707 families. When the study began in 1975 and concluded in 1973. The families were interviewed four times during that time period. Boys at the age of 14 that watched three hours or more of television each day were 45% more likely to commit an aggressive act against another person. Girls were 17% more likely to do so if they watched three or more hours of television each day (Motluk, 2002). The study revealed that close to 25% of those in the three hour per day group went on to commit robbery or other crime. These children were exposed to violence on a daily basis. This is a logical assumption because not many 14 year old boys will watch Sesame Street or Barney.

The American Psychological Association has over 30 years of research on television and violence. A study in the 90s showed that repeated exposure to violence in the media places children at risk for aggression, desensitization of acts of violence, and experiencing an unrealistic fear of becoming a victim of a violent crime (McIntyre, n.d.). Much like adults have nightmares of a plane crash during a business trip or forgetting to bring the big presentation to a meeting, children worry about what they see on the news. Parents are the only outlet that can prevent or reduce the risks that come with the violence the news media bombards us with. Parents do that by changing their reaction to the news. Instead of buying the products they see advertised, they should buy the products they see advertised on an Internet news site or in their newspaper. Parents can turn off the television and find other ways of staying informed. This would be a good solution to the social problem the news media has become. Dr. Rowell Huesmann said before a Senate Commerce Committee that just as every cigarette will increase the risk for cancer, every exposure to violence a child receives raises the chance that the child may one day become violent (McIntyre, n.d.).

E.J., NBC adopts content ratings. (2005, May 2). Broadcasting & Cable

Kornblum, W., & Julian, J. Sociological perspectives on social problems

Learmonth, M. (2007). NBC faces vitriol over killer's vid. Daily Variety, 295(14), 1-13.

Retrieved Tuesday, May 08, 2007 from the MasterFILE Premier Database.

Triplett, W. (2007, April 30). Taking a whack at TV violence. Variety, 406(11), 4-4.

Retrieved June 4, 2007, from MasterFILE Premier database.

Motluk, A. (2002, April 6). Blame it on the box. New Scientist, 173(2337), 16. Retrieved

June 4, 2007, from MasterFILE Premier database.

McIntyre, J., Legislative, S., & Office, P. (n.d.). Effect on television violence

on children. FDHC Congressional Testimony. Retrieved June 4, 2007,

from MasterFILE Premier database.

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23 June 2007
In Honor of FC-22's upcoming 5th birthday...
This is a tribute for him...he started off as the world's most annoying kitten and now he's the best full figured cat ever! So Monkey Butt thought this video fit him to a T because surely he has done everything in here! PC NOTE: After re-reviewing the video we thought you should know that he also did the aquariaum thing...but we had an Oscar in the tank..that bit him on the tail!



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Free stuff...
Need it or not, we all like free stuff...so without any ado:

Free tea

Lacoste Men's Cologne

Dove Pro-Age

Chance to win a tote bag filled with samples (O Magazine)

Lacoste Pink Women's Cologne

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Build a Bear Reading Club

Stay Safe Online DVD for Teens

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Almost time..
I am almost no longer a SAHM. As of Monday, six months before Christmas, I will be working outside of the home.

Let's look at the pros and cons, shall we?




Won't be home with the boys all day


It is essentially like the job I had at the law school minus the receptionist duties.


I have to pay for parking.


It is only about 10 minutes away from home.


I get an hour and ten minutes for lunch; that's plenty of time to drive home and let out the dogs.


Housework will end up behind again.

All in all, I am looking forward to it. I am a little uneasy - apparently they listen to CNN all day. That's probably going to make me vomit. I told The Cop Magnet that I asked about bringing a small radio. I was told that I probably shouldn't since one of the other girls has one and they leave CNN on all day. I guess if I have to I'll bring my memory card with some decent music and maybe some preaching on it.


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The rain held off just long enough to have a good party for Bry-onicle. He had four friends over and they swam, ate cake, opened presents, swam some more, and came in and played. This par-tay was only supposed to be about two hours long (1:30 - 3:30). Big Baldy calls at 3 and said, "I just got your email - how much longer are you going to be there? We'll come down." So my brother, his wife, and children started down. 3:30 comes and goes...still no parent has come to pick up their child (or children).

I dunno...I'm the kind of parent that always believed that 3:30 meant 3:30; it doesn't mean 3:45 and it doesn't mean 4:15 unless you call and tell me you are running late or something. I was ready to start charging for babysitting.

Have you ever seen a 6'5 man that weighs around 230 or 240 riding a motor scooter? No? Well you should. It would complete your life.


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22 June 2007
Do you know why...
Do you know why it is so hard it is for anyone to lose weight (or in my case bring my butt away from the hated gravitational pull toward the ground)? Because Twinkies taste a lot better than celery.
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21 June 2007
Where does the time go?
Today is Bry-onicle's ninth birthday. I remember the night I brought him home - he cried all night...literally. I remember wishing that he would hurry and grow up. Now I am starting to regret that wish - even though I know that it is not possible to stop a kid from growing up. So I am going to put up some pictures for you all.

This was the day I brought him home. He wore this blanket out. When he turned five I made it into a teddy bear because you couldn't see Pooh on it anymore.

Here he is at 6 months with my grandmother. He loved that wheel chair.

Here he is at his first birthday party. He hated the cake. To this day, he isn't crazy about cake or ice cream. His treat of choice is Smarties...or Sweet Tarts.

Here he is at three. This is right after we moved to Little Rock AFB.

First day of kindergarten...yes, they wore uniforms...and yes, that is Monkey Butt with him.

Here he is at almost six with his new and improved Pooh blanket..this was the summer after kindergarten.

Here he is at 7...and this better be the ONLY time I ever see him in the back of a Cop car.

Here he is at nine.. Where does the time go?

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20 June 2007
This is neat.
For all of you mama bloggers..


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What the...
Since when did shoes get so expensive for kids? For the record - I don't shop for the boys' shoes at JC Penney's or even Foot Locker. When they were babies I did that because their feet didn't grow very quickly. Now - they grow like crazy!

We went to Payless because they have the BOGO 1/2 off. They both decided they needed Transformer the Movie shoes...at $23 a kid! Crying 8 I am so glad that one was half off.

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19 June 2007
Told you so

You Are 55% Feminist

You aren't a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you're no feminist either.

You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you're not convinced the world should be gender neutral.


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Yes I am the classiest girl in the trailer park!

You Are Upper Class

Class isn't always about money, and you've at least got the brains, manners, and interests of an upper class person.

You don't have a trashy bone in your body, and you don't pretend to be someone you're not.

You're comfortable with your station in life, and class issues don't really bother you.

The finest things in life are within your reach, and you're comfortable enjoying them.

You may end up: A business leader, corporate lawyer, or philanthropist

Other people who share your class: Bill Gates, Oprah, former world leaders like Bill Clinton, and those reclusive billionaires no one ever talks about.


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Just about right - minus the make up

You are a 1950s Diva

High heels, pretty dresses, classic makeup...

You're a feminine beauty who knows how to play up her assets!


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Aint that the truth..

You Are Medium Maintenance

You aren't as hard to deal with as some girls

But you aren't the most laid back chick either

You're easy to deal with 90% of the time, but watch out for that 10%!

If the guy you are with has good intentions, then calm down a little

But if he's really screwing up, don't waste your breath - move on :-)


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Time Travel Tuesday - Cooking Edition

This week's theme is cooking. We are supposed to talk about our first experience. I've been cooking since I was about seven, so I'll focus on a time that I really screwed things up.

I was 15 and my parents weren't home. I decided that I was going to make chicken parmesan a la Miracle Whip (the recipe on the back of the Miracle Whip jar). So I heated up the oven. I took a cookie sheet and I greased it (you know where this is going, don't you?) with a lot of vegetable shortening because who likes burnt chicken?

I got the chicken all prepared and put it on the greased cookie sheet. Then I stuck it into the gas stove. About ten minutes later I noticed a ton of smoke pouring out. I run in there and open up the oven thinking, "It can't possibly be burning! I used plenty of grease!" Boy was that right!

I used so much grease that the oven was in flames! Who'd have thought that if you take a cookie sheet and grease it with shortening (an old fashioned cookie sheet - the one with only one raised edge) and stick some chicken on it...that you could catch the oven on fire when the shortening melted?

Thank goodness one of my (very cute) neighbors was at home! Now I know how to put out a grease fire!


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18 June 2007
I'm not conceited. I'm confident!

So all of my life I've been accused of being conceited. Many a joke was made about why no one in my family is conceited...because I took it all. There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is snobby and judgmental...confidence (which is often mistaken for conceit) is an air that emits from you that lets other people know that you know who you are and what you are about.

As I sat here and thought about all of that I wondered why it's so hard for people to feel confident..especially Christians. We are made in God's image and should act Christ like. Christ never once felt sorry for Himself. He never once thought He wasn't good enough. He was what He was because God made Him.

In Song of Solomon 2:1-3 the Bible says:

1 I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

Sister Robin says:

Since we are in God's image we too are as beautiful and fragrant as the flowers.

2 Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

Sister Robin says:

No matter how we treat God (or ourselves for that matter), He loves us regardless. We should love ourselves as well...matter of fact it is selfish not to love ourselves. It's like telling God that He made a mistake when He made you.

3 Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods. So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

Sister Robin says:

We are all the "apples" of God's eye...if being loved by such a perfect love isn't enough to make you feel good then you need to do some praying. We can sit with God and enjoy His presence...we should feel proud that God loves us.

Knowing that God loves us should make us feel confident. After all, He made us.


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Wheat or Weeds?
Wheat Or Weeds
by Kathleen Higham

I want to sow good seed
The fruit of my life with God
Walking on grass thick and green
Beautiful and excellent sod

I want to grow in the Lord
Seeing fields of golden wheat
Sun shining warmly on it
Kneeling in peace at His feet

I want to touch trees and flowers
Inhaling the sweet nectar of these
Petals and leaves lifted up to Him
My heart desires only to please

I want to nurture His perfect Word
Remembering when I was a weed
Unable to grow tangled in death
Cried out to God in my need

I want to reach to the sky
Growing to depths unknown
Golden wheat so pleasing to Him
The seed of His Word is sown

Matthew 13:24


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Bry-onicle and I ate lunch at a little Chinese restaurant called Happy Family. I paid almost $10 for ten pieces of fried baby shrimp, an order of fries, a bowl of egg drop soup, and some beef and broccoli. The funny part? I had to buy the drinks separately. They were canned. Okay, now here is the funny part - they were cans of Sam's Choice soda...for 75 cents a can. I could have just crossed the street and went to Wal-Mart and got them for a quarter each out of the vending machine.


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17 June 2007
Shackles by Mary Mary


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Done with my final papers for Social Problems and Legal Ethics. We are getting ready for church. I bought Hannibal Rising in paperback and it is an awesome book. We are working to get the house straightened up really well since I start work in a week. I am so excited. I will be making more at this job than I have made since I was pregnant with Monkey Butt seven years ago. I am really getting excited.

In other news, my all nighters might be disappearing. My good doctor put me on Lunesta. He gave me samples of the 2 mg and the 3 mg. The 2 mg made it to where I got in that twilight sleep and couldn't go all the way to sleep or wake up. The 3 mg left a metal taste in my mouth, but I slept ALL NIGHT! Yahoo!

Happy father's day. We are taking The Cop Magnet out to eat after church.

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14 June 2007
Guideline 93
93. Deaf mammals that give birth does not constitute worthy news for an RSS feed.

Look, I'm all for taking care of any kind of animal (unless he tastes good next to my mashed potatoes)...even if he or she has something we might consider a disability of some kind. I'm not a heartless person. I have two dogs, two cats, four guppies, one beta, and two hermit crabs. None are mistreated. Pup Dog thinks he's a lap dog and weighs almost 60 pounds. These animals are babied. I don't call the local news when FC-22 manages to jump from the kitchen chair to his little perch by the window without falling off.

I'm just not so sure that this is the kind of news I need on my desktop RSS. I don't watch the news when the kids are home. Reading it is the only way I know what is going on. Why do I need to know this? Especially when this is so much more fun to point at and go ha ha a la Nelson.


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13 June 2007
Guess what...
I am now gainfully employed!
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Guess what, boys and girls? Okay, so mostly girls. LOL I heard from one of the jobs at 8:15 this morning. They offered me the job and I jumped on it! Then I started feeling remorse - what if the law school calls? Well they did....to inform me that they gave the job to someone else. So either way it looks like I made the right decision. Thank God - He answered my prayer from last night...let the job that I am supposed to have be offered to me first.

Now to come up with a flashy title...sure, Staff Assistant III sounds nice, but being the Hi-Empress of White Trash, I need something more fitting. Essentially I will be talking to employers to bring in more positions to the CSO for students and alums. Technically I'll just be an administrative assistant, but by next summer I'll be finished with my degree. I plan on staying in the job, though. Now, who wants to give me a lofty title? Something with the word specialist in it...

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12 June 2007
I'm more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I had my second interview today. I feel like I'm torn between two lovers - and that's being generous and full of my self thinking I would even be offered bout jobs. If I am - do I go to the law school which is smaller or do I go to the big college back to career services? I should hear about both tomorrow one way or the other.

I've been so jumpy. I've had two wrong numbers on my cell tonight. Both had Norman prefixes and I thought, "This is it!!" Both times -wrong numbers. Be-ahhhhh!!! This is maddening!

I did finish my paper for social problems, though. We are slated for rain for the next three days. I'll be able to get my legal ethics paper done. We are going to try and do some hiking tomorrow before the rain moves in.

I've got other thoughts swimming in my head, but I'll spare you for now.

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Time Travel Tuesday
So this week's theme is favorite vacations. We take a lot of small weekend type vacations. You know, stuff within about five hours from us.

Last summer (right before school) was my favorite. We took the boys to Six Flags for the first time. I got Bry-onicle on the big roller coaster that has the loops (over by The Tower of Power). We get to the top where we could see the headquarters for hotels.com and he looks at me and said, "You never said it had loops!" By then it was too late because we were plunging downhill at 70 MPH. LOL He liked it (except the loops).

The Cop Magnet was sick when we were there so he mostly took pictures and carried drinks. We want to go back again this summer. We might go to Kansas, though. Wild West City is only about three or four hours away.


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11 June 2007
Pray for baby Kaleb.

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In my not so humble opinion...
I've been so angry that I've wanted to injure someone. I've been so angry that I've thought how much easier my life would be if someone was dead (or at least gone and never to return). Yet never in my insane 28 years on God's green earth have I ever thought about acting out on it and if I ever did (which I wouldn't) I would never, ever, ever harm a child.

So that leads to this question - am I crazy because domestic situations can not drive me into a blind rage? Am I crazy because I am not capable of killing someone out of "passion"?

Am I not as crazy as I've been told since I am capable of walking away from anyone (other than my children) without inflicting physical injury (even if I really, really would want to)?

I am so glad that people like this kill themselves because had they attacked my family for some perceived wrong, I'd be doing life. I'm all about an eye for an eye...especially when some nut job shoots babies.

It is amazing the crap you come across when you are doing research for a final paper. And you people wonder why I don't watch the news when my kids are home...

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09 June 2007
Visit my profile on myspace to see the jewelry I've made in the last week. You have to know my last name to be my friend on there, but I think you can still see the pictures.

We are headed out to the air show. Next week is finals. Posts will be sporadic (when aren't they as of late, huh?) but I will try to post something every day.


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08 June 2007
Know what happens when FC-15 wants in your lap? He makes a running leap but can't quite pull his fat butt up...but then, he's got claws. So he just embeds them into your thighs and pulls himself on up...and then you scream and hope he lets loose before you strangle him.

On another note, I am so going to quit buying Pup Dog any dog toys. He prefers plastic bowls and they are SO much cheaper!


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07 June 2007
Funny joke
Donald Rumsfeld gave the president his daily briefing. He concluded by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the president exclaimed. "That's terrible!"

His staff was stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sat, his head in his hands.

Finally, the president looked up and asked, "Just how many is a brazillion?"


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03 June 2007
Howdy from NE
It didn't get dark until almost 10 tonight. It was quite an adventure with four children in a van from Oklahoma to Nebraska. That's all for now.


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02 June 2007
Forget Rescue Heroes!
When we're in a jam we call the Redneck Heroes!!

A big tree fell Thursday night around nine and got caught in some other trees. It was either going to hit our neighbor across the way's house or our cars. Either way, that sucker had to GO! So The Cop Magnet, neighbor 1, neighbor 2, and some guy we don't know went after it with a chain saw, big chain, and two big trucks. Three hours and screwed up yard later (not all of my yard because most of it is fenced - just the part next to the creek) the tree was down in the middle of the road. We used trash cans to block it off. Me and the other WT moms wanted to just leave it there. It keeps the teenagers from speeding through. We wanted to leave it and make our little area of the trailer park a dead end.

The owner wasn't having it. She said she was going to call the city and have them come and remove the tree - which elicited a hearty laugh from me....because we all know that city officials won't do CRAP on private property. Sure enough, I was right (imagine that).

More rain, hail, and snotty noses later I am still sick and The Cop Magnet called and yelled at the doctor today. Then me and the boys went out and caught a tadpole. Actually, I went in the water for it. I couldn't have them ruining their shoes. So we now have a baby frog to raise. I sternly informed them that when it gets lungs it gets OUT of my house.

We are leaving for Nebraska tomorrow to take The Little Miss home so if yall don't hear from me for a while you will know why.

I'll post a picture of the tree later.

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