04 December 2007
Way of the Master Radio
Okay, so I am listening to a very old Way of the Master Radio dated 1/23/06 hour 2. Todd is talking to a Muslim man that says the Koran states that Muslims are to kill infidels (AKA non-muslims) because they are the hands of allah and are used to punish Jews, Christians, and anyone that isn't Muslim.

David cried out to God in the Bible when people were searching for him. When Elijah challenged the prophets of false gods up in the mountains to determine the real god, he did not look to kill or to be the hands of God to kill. He let God prove Himself. Matter of fact, does anyone remember what happened to Jonah when he thought that God should destroy Ninevah anyway? The tree that God grew to shade from the heat shriveled up and died.

Does this not scare you? That people think that they are the hands of a god and that it is there job to kill everyone that does not worship him?

I am learning so much from this podcast. The man that Todd is interviewing is now a Christian. This man has stated that Muslims have no real assurance of paradise and if they anger allah even when they go to "heaven" that he can cast them into hell. He also stated that if a Muslim is not out trying to slaughter we infidels, that they are not considered true Muslims because they are not following the Koran.

Man, I am so glad my Bible says to love my neighbor as I love myself.

As for me and my house, we will SERVE the ONE TRUE GOD.


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