04 December 2007
Guess what?
I am moving again!! Why am I using something that only allows me 8 Megs of pics when I have my own server and domain and can do what I want to do? The template I have up is temporary, but from now on visit me here:

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And they say that teaching abstinence isn't the answer..
How about being 29 and being a grandmother? This woman had her baby at 14 and her 15 year old just had a baby...well so much for safe sex! You would think that the mother would have had enough common sense to teach her daughter better and talked to her daughter about putting her baby up for adoption!

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Way of the Master Radio
Okay, so I am listening to a very old Way of the Master Radio dated 1/23/06 hour 2. Todd is talking to a Muslim man that says the Koran states that Muslims are to kill infidels (AKA non-muslims) because they are the hands of allah and are used to punish Jews, Christians, and anyone that isn't Muslim.

David cried out to God in the Bible when people were searching for him. When Elijah challenged the prophets of false gods up in the mountains to determine the real god, he did not look to kill or to be the hands of God to kill. He let God prove Himself. Matter of fact, does anyone remember what happened to Jonah when he thought that God should destroy Ninevah anyway? The tree that God grew to shade from the heat shriveled up and died.

Does this not scare you? That people think that they are the hands of a god and that it is there job to kill everyone that does not worship him?

I am learning so much from this podcast. The man that Todd is interviewing is now a Christian. This man has stated that Muslims have no real assurance of paradise and if they anger allah even when they go to "heaven" that he can cast them into hell. He also stated that if a Muslim is not out trying to slaughter we infidels, that they are not considered true Muslims because they are not following the Koran.

Man, I am so glad my Bible says to love my neighbor as I love myself.

As for me and my house, we will SERVE the ONE TRUE GOD.


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03 December 2007
My Idea of Heaven

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Stupid sewing machine
Okay, my husband bought my machine for me in 2002 for Valentine's Day. I don't sew nearly as much as I used too, but today since I got off early I decided I was going to make a fabric shopping bag from some of my tons of material.

I am almost done when....

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

If you are a seamstress, read no further or you will run screaming into the night...

The whole middle assembly (you know, the foot, the needle holder - all of it) fell OUT. Including some little pin that I have no clue where it goes.

SO I am hoping that Santa brings me one of these for Christmas:

Because I will never buy another Brother sewing machine for as long as I LIVE!!!!!!

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02 December 2007
An open letter to a friend
I would say it to your face, but you won't take my calls. I do know that you read my blog....for those that are wondering why I didn't email - you blocked me.

Look, you have to give up the drugs. You already know what they did to my father. Do you really think your children will be better off without you? This is no role model for your daughter. She starts junior high next year, and do you want her thinking this is okay?

YOU NEED HELP. Now is the time to get it. I am here to help you in any way I can, but I will not just sit by and watch the kids be neglected and I hope your husband doesn't either.


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