30 December 2006
Quite an experience...
I don't think that I've ever been to a triple funeral before. As you can probably imagine, the church (Christ's Church in Yukon) was packed. The Cop Magnet and I got there around 9:30 this morning. The funeral started at ten.

When we first got there, the caskets were open which was a shock because of how they died. We were in the second row on the left side of the sanctuary. The middle was for the family. They shut Sudha's and Suresh's caskets for the service but left Nath's open.

About half of the service was in the deceaseds' mother language. They immigrated from India. Suresh and Sudha are survived by their two teen-aged sons. Nath is survived by his wife, 14 year old daughter, and 8 year old son.

I did okay up until the 8 year old got up to read a poem he wrote the night his father died. Then, Nath's daughter sung.

The pastor that gave the message spoke in the other language, but he also had a translator. A little while later they opened the caskets back up at the family's request and every one lined up to view the bodies.

I'm sorry - but I feel that was very selfish of the surviving adult family members. There were small children in the service (young children...such as Nath's surviving son) that shouldn't see things like that. I'm sure the funeral home did the best they could, but you can't rebuild the face of someone that died in a fire.

When we left I made The Cop Magnet promise that if, Lord forbid, something like that happens to me...if I die in a way that disfigures me.. Do NOT have an open casket funeral. I do not want my children or future grandchildren to see that.

People should be remembered for what they looked like before death.

In other news, I read that Sadaam was executed.

In better news, we are getting ready to go to Paoli for DS1's baptism.
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29 December 2006
Great quote...
"All consciousness is perceptual...The perceived world is the always presupposed foundation of all rationality, all value, and all existence."

- Maurice Merleau-Ponty

A big old $2.00 word filled sentence to express a very, very simple concept: we choose to make our lives and ourselves - no one or nothing else makes that decision. We may think or believe that certain events or certain people made us who we are, but they didn't.
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Okay, so don't make fun of me (too harshly) when you read this. Blushing 5 About a year and a half ago (roughly), I bought a "custom letter kit". It was something I thought about doing before (but writing my own letters) but I had the dreaded writer's block.

Now, I paid $20 for these documents because they were "on sale". Her regular price (note how I will not name names because I don't want to embarass the poor woman) is $35. I received birthday letters, anniversary letters, wedding letters, Santa letters, etc. I was thinking how great it was because I could just customize them (she has a disclaimer saying you (a) cannot modify them and (b) you cannot re-sell the kit...at least I think she had (a). This was 18 mos. ago). Well, I ended up not really even looking at them until today. I'll admit, I had seen the Santa letters. They were okay and I used them for my sons.

So, since I have my lap top at work I decided to look at them. I dunno...maybe I'm being harsh or maybe I'm right (I'll bet on the second option) but the letters are horrible. Contract A lot of them are poems - and while I know that you don't have to keep the same rhythm through out, when it comes to things like anniversary, wedding, birth, etc. it helps.

Like I said, maybe I'm just being harsh but I doubt it. My eight year old son writes better poetry. Nevertheless, I am looking them over and I will either (a) use them for inspiration or (b) not use them at all unless I do some heavy editing. I'll admit that my English isn't perfect - but I'm not selling my drivel either.

If only I could sell that drivel. I went around different message boards today reading about people that supposedly sell these things for a living. Most don't do nearly as well as they would like or as the creator would lead you to believe and those that have websites...I am not sure what they do but I don't think many are interested in a $7.00 letter from the Tooth Fairy.

So...what do I do with these stupid things? I mean, I know it is my own fault but it's my blog and I can whine if I want to.
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28 December 2006
How people found my blog this week...
So I was checking out my blog log and here's five ways people found me this week.

Google Blog Search (page 9): use the ladies restroom (which links back to a post I did in October)

Ask.com's Blog Search: listed as a top feed for bra burner (how ironic)

Google: subscribe "want to spam someone" result number ONE! LOL

Google: mary hurt fifth third (must of been about my fifth third bank response LOL)

Google: dear fifth third bank business/commercial customer result number ONE! LOL

Can't wait to see what it is next week...
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I've got a secret...and other interesting tid bits..
I guess after I post it here, it won't be a secret anymore now will it? On top of that, I guess it really isn't much of a secret because the children and the husband already know. Nonetheless..well actually I guess part of it is a secret still. Top Secret

I have January 2nd off of work!! The attorneys I work for decided to give us the day off. The kids and husband know that. The boys go back to school January 2nd to make up one of the two snow days from the week after Thanksgiving.

Here's the secret part: after I take the boys to school, I am going home and taking a VERY long nap! Sleeping 3 I am turning off my cell (well, at least to vibrate - that way if the schools call for some reason I will know) and taking an undisturbed nap. Why? Because having a puppy in the house is worse than having a baby in the house. Also, because I've been very, very stressed and could use an undisturbed nap - you know, one where the kids don't come in every five minutes.

DS3 needs a new nickname. I am thinking Monkey Boy will suffice. I'll change the cast of characters later. Monkey

You just won't guess what he did last night. Okay, some of you might that actually know me. He got up on the top bunk and tried to swing down with a sheet...might I add that the sheet was unsecured? He received a nasty knock on the noggin. No swelling, no loss of consciousness, and no signs of a concussion. He just has a headache.

1 Little Monkey jumping on the bed
He fell off and hit his head
He called for mama and mama said
What the hell'd you do that for?

No actually it was *ear piercing scream*, me doing Olympic style leaps over various furniture and dogs, all sorts of nasty scenarios running through my mind, and finding him up and walking while holding his head, and DS1 laughing.

I so need a vacation - one where people play Canasta...
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27 December 2006
Thirteen Great Tag Lines

1. Happier than a dead pig in the sunshine.
2. Slicker than opossum snot on a hen house door.
4. I honor my personality flaws for without them, I would have no personality.
5. Don't tell my mom I'm a paralegal. She thinks I play the piano for a whore house in Texas.
6. If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence that you tried.
7. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.
8. A halo has to fall only a few inches to become a noose.
9. This is more entertaining than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest.
10. That's more messed up than a soup sandwich.
11. If you lend someone $20 and never see them again, it was worth it.
12. Never pet a burning dog.
13. You aren't drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
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26 December 2006
Even though I am on Christmas break from college, I've decided to start working on my interpersonal communications project. Here are my choices:

  • Explain how self concept, perception, and emotion impact personal communication
  • Explain the roles of verbal and nonverbal communication in interpersonal interactions
  • Identify effective listening strategies
  • Discuss strategies for effectively managing and resolving conflict
  • Analyze what constitutes effective interpersonal communication in personal, professional, and diverse contexts
I am considering the last one or the second one. I need five academic sources. That's not too hard since I have access to InfoTrac College Edition. Of course, the paper is APA format and should be 7-8 pages double spaced. So that's not too hard.

I am very worried about my LR&W final so ReY, if you are reading this -I could use some help...no, I don't want you to do it for me (LOL). I want you to explain a couple of concepts to me.

Or Christina...you would work too...Of course I might just call you. If you read this, email me and tell me a good time.
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How was your Christmas?
Did you get everything you asked for? The boys did very, very well. They made out like little bandits. The Little Miss seemed to do okay too.

Fatty McChuckles, Peg Leg, and The Little Miss went home today. They thought about driving back just he could sign in and then coming back but that's an awful long drive just for that.

DS3 got a Superman Inflat-O suit. DS1 got Primus (the big one). DS2 got a laser paint ball set. It doesn't have real paint balls but when you hit the other sensor, a little splatter looking thing shows up on the vest. The Cop Magnet got a laser tag set that shocks you when you get hit. I don't like that toy so much. LOL

I go back to work tomorrow (kind of looking forward to the vacation LOL). I am on vacation from school. Once I get my work done at work, I'll probably start working on my final projects. I am still struggling with Shephardizing.

I am just glad the our holiday was relatively Jerry Springer free...
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23 December 2006
Christmas Carols for the Psychologically Challenged
Father Christmas 4

1. Schizophrenia - Do You Hear What I Hear, the Voices, the Voices?

2. Amnesia - I Don't Remember if I'll be Home for Christmas

3. Narcissistic - Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me

4. Manic - Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and Fire Hydrants and...

5. Multiple Personality Disorder - We Three Kings Disoriented Are

6. Paranoid - Santa Claus is Coming to Get Us

7. Borderline Personality Disorder - You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Shout, I'm Gonna Cry, and I'll Not Tell You Why

8. Full Personality Disorder - Thoughts of Roasting You on an Open Fire

9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

10. Agoraphobia - I Heard Bells on Christmas Day but Wouldn't Leave My House

11. Senile Dementia - Walking in a Winter Wonderland Miles From My House in My Slippers and Robe

12. Oppositional Defiant Disorder - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and I Burned the House Down

13. Social Anxiety Disorder - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas While I Sit Here and Hyperventilate

14. Attention Deficit Disorder - We Wish You...Hey Look! It's Snowing!
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Prayer request
Please keep this family and The Cop Magnet in your prayer. The three killed in the wreck were friends of his. The Cop Magnet worked with the parents that were in the car.

Thanks. Sad 5
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22 December 2006
Come hither!!
DS 3 to Pup Dog: Come hither, boy! Dog

DS3 to me: Mom, we need to go to Target and buy the dog some diapers.

Me: Puppies don't need diapers.

DS3 to Pup Dog: You are my baby and I'll love you forever. New Baby

Me to DS3: Then don't complain when you have to clean up his pee.

DS3 to Pup Dog: Lay down, my little baby, and go to sleep. Sleeping 3

DS1 to all: Rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. Sleeping 5

Your guess is as good as mine as to where he heard come hither from. DS1 suspects it came from Spongebob - something about traveling back in time.
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Personally, I don't like either of them..
They both have bad hair and they both aren't exactly easy on the eyes...yes, you all know who I am talking about - The Rosie and The Donald.

Not the my hair is the best and I'm not a super model...

Why I don't like The Donald:

Well other than sometimes you just don't like people...although I'm sure I'd like his $$. I don't like the fact that he is giving Miss USA a second chance. Now, in usual circumstances I am all for giving someone a second chance. I'm a Christian. I forgive people. God forgave me. However, I don't think that she should be in such a position to be a roll model for young girls. I don't have any daughters; I have two nieces and a 14 year old baby cousin (who seems to have more sense than most grown women).

Do I think she should be forgiven? You betcha! I just don't think she should hold the crown. Do I buy the "small town Kentucky" to Big Apple excuse? Nope. I think she is smarter than that - she knows she is pretty and can get away with anything (she just did). I am so glad she is going to rehab. That is a great example - but it would be even better if she would let go of the crown. I don't want my girls looking up to people like that.

The Donald has fired people for less heinous acts. Go give her a job at Trump Towers or something - but give the crown to someone we would want our girls looking up to. I don't want my girls looking up to someone so "naive" (and I really don't think that was the case) that they can get sucked in to the night life that easily.No No I want my girls looking up to someone strong.

The Rosie:

Here is something The Donald and I agree on: she's a bully. I also think she's racist. Anyone that will make a "ching chong" comments on national TV even if it is a "joke" is a racist. I'm not Asian and I didn't think that was funny when I heard it. Wag Finger

She wants to push her views on everyone (remember the NRA incident?) and woe to those that do not agree! Apparently the First Amendment only applies to her. She can be pro-gay marriage, against the NRA, etc., but you better not disagree with her. She is so "open minded" that I really think her brain fell out.

Personally, I think that both of them ought to shut up and get off the public air waves.
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21 December 2006
Thirteen Things I am hungry for
1. My chicken / cheese tortilla soup.
2. Cookies with mini M&Ms.
3. Cinnabon
4. Mountain Dew (yes it IS a food)
5. More of the tortolini and steak strips from the Olive Garden.
6. My home made bread.
7. The Little Miss and I ate Doritos and chicken salad last night. We used the chicken salad like dip. I could use some of that.
8. Pigs in a blanket made with lil' smokies.
9. My black forest cake with cream cheese frosting.
10. French fries from McDonalds
11. Raisin bread
12. Peg Leg's version of broccoli and rice casserole.
13. A chicken caesar flat bread salad from Quizno's.

This was, like, the easiest list ever!
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20 December 2006
Guideline 81
81. You shall not call the police to report fake crack.

I know, two guidelines in a day!! Tis the season I guess...

To think, I always believed that drug addicts ran the OTHER way when they saw police...
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Guideline 80
80. You shall not rent your child to a child molester.

Not only did the mother rent her child for $20 a pop, she also held down her child. Hell has special things in store for monsters like her. I was glad to read that the court tossed her 10 year sentence as too lenient and wants to punish her more severely.

I wonder if we can rent her to the prison guards...or better yet, to a serial killer or woman beater.
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19 December 2006
New editions...
As you can see, I've updated the cast of characters. My BIL picked his own nickname - Fatty McChuckles...and gave his wife a nickname (so Ash, when you read this - hurt HIM not me..).

Now, back to the entry at hand.

Actual conversation heard in my house:

DS3: Do you want to know what [DS1] is getting me for Christmas?

Fatty McChuckles: What?

.,klo9 <---that's from Fatty

DS3: Hammy Goes Nuts

Fatty McChuckles: Hand me those nuts? What?

DS3: NO. I said Hammy Goes Nuts.

Fatty McChuckles: Hand me my nuts? What?

Me: laughing hysterically. Who's Hammy and why is he nuts?

DS1: He's from Over the Hedge and I think it's a game.

All this talk about nuts...reminds me of the marble sack story.
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18 December 2006
Guideline 79
79. You shall not use your middle finger to wave good-bye.

A co-worker and I discussed this earlier. Seems that one of the guys involved in that debutante killing in Georgia decided to give the Judge the bird (and I'm talking a partridge in a pear tree).

Now, my co-worker's thought was that since the guy is going away for a long time anyway...why not?

My thought is: because the Judge gets to decide which jail you go to and you won't likely earn brownie points for good behavior. Who knows? By taking what was behind door number two by flipping of the Judge, he might have won the fabulous opportunity of daily body cavity searches.
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What strange wording...
"The family of woman found dying on a Logan County road last week is preparing for her funeral."

First, they missed the word "a".

The funny part (I know murder isn't funny) is that when I first read this I thought it said: The woman found dying on a Logan County road last week is preparing for her funeral.

I scratched my head...then realized that I read it wrong.
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17 December 2006
Early Christmas present

Meet Boomer: He is about six weeks old. He's half pit bull rottweiler and half American boxer (?).

BTW: this is DS3!
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15 December 2006
Time to get on my soap box...
So last night The Cop Magnet and myself had the TV on for background noise. Some how or another it ended on on Discovery Times (I think it was). Supermax was on. Supermax is a show about, well, prison. I just sort of listened with one year while I practice my Spanish (I can now tell you if an elephant or horse is under your airplane or table).

Apparently one of the prisoners has been institutionalized in some way, shape, or form since he was 13. He was touted (this was taped in 01) as the strongest prisoner that this prison ever had. He could even rip through "indestructible" suicide blankets (straight jacket?). Now, while the prison staff never said that he was ever violent with any of them he was a self-mutilator. He has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). My ears perked up and I decided to pay closer attention. I have BPD and I wanted to see where they were going with this.

A couple of the staff members did pretty well - you could tell that for the most part they had no experience communicating or dealing with someone with a mental condition (I hate the words mental illness) of this nature. They said he'd never been violent with them but because of his incredible strength and the propensity he has for injuring himself, they take special precautions when they are handling him. That part I totally understand; if you don't know how to communicate with someone with this kind of disorder, you really don't know what to do if they hit crisis mode. I suppose this is especially true if the person has never went through any sort of DBT therapy

It was one other guard, I think he was a "higher up" than the others that were interviewed, that really irritated the crap out of me. To paraphrase (because after the first two sentences came out of his mouth I was too busy admonishing him through the television to listen), he more or less said that people with BPD are a threat to society and should all be institutionalized because they hurt people.

Now, I am not saying they should turn this guy loose on the street - I am pretty sure that eventually he would snap and hurt someone. I mean, he's in prison for a reason. But to totalize every BPDer as a danger? People like the guard are dangerous for people like me. Because of "normal" people like him, people like me get stigmatized and totalized.

We are so much more than this disorder. We didn't ask for this disorder. We weren't born with this disorder. It isn't a chemical inbalance. We aren't all the same so keep your effing cookie cutter mold to yourself.

BPD is generally brought on by severe childhood abuse. It isn't like we go through a job loss or a divorce and then all of a sudden, bam, we have BPD. Now, maybe if the divorce was from a spouse that was completely abusive... This isn't some disorder that we just take Prozac for and then everything is all rosy. Sure, some people do function better with medication. I took medication for several years and got into some good DBT therapy. I'm medication free now for almost TWO years. Do you know what brought on my medication free days aside from therapy? One of my abusers died. My dad died. No more being told that everything is all my fault and that I should have never been born.

People like that guard shouldn't work with inmates (and I aint saying I want his job). If he can't take the time to learn about different mental disorders and how to better manage them, he shouldn't be "taking care" of them or speaking to a cable television show about it.

I know two other people with BPD besides myself. Neither of them are a danger to society. One has attempted suicide before but never has she been considered a threat to the public. The other is kind of like me. A little narcissistic, doesn't put up with much BS, and while she does have "fight or flight" tendencies...it takes a lot to push her to that point. Just like it does for me.

I've never, never, never just attacked someone out of the blue. The only physical altercations I've been in were started by other people.. I defended myself (rather vigorously - fight or flight mode).

I am just so sick and tired of the stigma that people like me get stuck with because of morons like that who think they know what they are talking about when, in reality, they are ignorant. Is that to say that all BPDers aren't dangerous? I couldn't tell you because I don't know. I just know what I know from my own experience.

Take it or leave it - but leave the stereotyping alone.
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14 December 2006
Jib Jab's Year in Review
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Thirteen Things About My Life Lately...
1. When I first married in to this family, I was the side show freak. Now I'm the normal one. How messed up is that?

2. My extended family (on both my side and my husband's side) is beginning to resemble an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

3. I'm getting meaner with my old age. It seems I can't tolerate child neglect and emotional abusive butt-wads quite as well anymore. It makes me testy and sometimes physically aggressive toward the neglector (is that a word?) or abuser.

4. DS1 figured out how to make fart noises with his arm pits. That's a talent that will take him far in life.

5. DS3 wore his hair spiked up like a mo-hawk for the church Christmas dinner. The look on most of the faces was priceless - but those that really know us know that it isn't that big of a deal. His hair isn't CUT like that...he just keeps it spiked like that.

6. DS2 is in second grade but testing on a third grade third month math level. Not too bad for a kid that the schools want to label a problem child.

7. I just found out Sunday that I am supposed to do a nativity scene with the toddler class. The good news is our two year old version of Mary not only knows the words of Away in a Manger but also the hand motions. The bad news is, since I found out very last minute I don't know what to do about costumes. DS3 isn't very excited about this. He was excited about being a shepherd but thought he would only be saying, "Unto you a child is born." Apparently, that's been changed to a very long verse where he talks to the angel (who is a four year old with a speech problem). Can I scream now? Oh, and this is supposed to take place this Sunday.

8. I still haven't started my Christmas shopping.

9. I am getting sick of using the words, "I am not an attorney" and "No, I cannot give you legal advice". Look, just because I am getting a BS in Paralegal Studies and seem to have no problem researching laws, statutes, etc and Shepardizing them doesn't make me qualified to give you advice. I don't need to be charged with UPL - leave me alone. Now, if you want to pay for me to attend Law School and support me while I go - I might think about it.

10. I am starving and ready for lunch. I am part of an online group for Apostolic Pentecostals that support / want / need healthy (healthier) eating habits. I am doing pretty good. I was doing Sparkpeople. I started there in like April of 2006 and was weighing in at 136. It got to be a lot of trouble (hassle really) to post my weight, track my water, etc... My friend started the other group. I enjoy it, but I hate that a lot of the members (and you know who you are and I've said it in the group too) think that they should wait until after the holidays. Why? So you have MORE weight to lose? If you can control yourself now, you can do it all year. I am down to 118. I seem to have hit a plateau. I've been at 118 for about a month. My goal is 115 so I guess that isn't too far off. I've noticed big differences - I don't have dimples in my hips anymore!

11. The Little Miss and her parents will be here for Christmas. They should be in this weekend. I am looking forward to that. I don't know if she can sit through it but I plan on taking DS3 to see Charlotte's Web. I might snatch her and bring her with. DS1 wants to see Eragon so I might see if his Auntie will go with him and I'll take the little ones.

12. I finished reading Saints and Sinners by Eileen Dreyer. I have one word for you: WOW. Okay more words: that was, quite possibly the best book I've read. If you love mystery books, go to Sprawl-Mart and get that one. I read it in about two days.

13. Just to complete the trailer trash image you probably already have of me...I walked into the house (trailer) last night only to hear Jeff Foxworth's 12 Redneck Days of Christmas...and my kids singing along.
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12 December 2006
What lame morons...
You guys tired of me yet? LOL

I just received a fine piece of spam. Anyone that falls for this phishing expedition deserved it:

Dear Fifth Third bank business or commercial customer,

Okay first and foremost - I've never heard of a Fifth Third Bank and when you want to spam someone, at least be smart enough to capitalize your name (Fifth Third Bank) just like you do in your logo.

Customer Service Department of the Fifth Third bank is in a position to let you know that it is necessary to pass the procedure of acknowledgement of your client data.

Really? Hey loser - can you even TELL that your sentence is retarded? I doubt it - because I know you are going for the type of person you can confuse to get them to either (a) click on the stupid email that my spam blocker caught or (b) download your silly little attachment. So you want to do what to my client data? I don't think The Cop Magnet would be pleased.

In order to pick up all the necessary instructions and to start the procedure, you should click the link in the end of the letter.

Okay...but the whole email is hyper-linked (meaning your letter is nothing more than a graphic that you linked to a web page)...and don't you mean AT the end of the letter?

This procedure is obligatory for performance for all the business and commercial clients of the Fifth Third bank.

Really? Hey, get a thesaurus. Business = commercial. If you want to scam people (which I do not recommend, at least have the common sense to draft a convincing letter). Obligatory...you are so freaking stupid.

This instruction has been sent to all the business and commercial clients of the Fifth Third bank and is obligatory to be followed upon.

Oh bless me, Lord...where DO I begin with that sentence? Shall I start with its repetitive nature, poor capitalization, or the repetitive nature?

Oh yeah and...uhh...one more thing - don't attach your graphic twice, you idiot scum bag piece of trash. It really makes you stand out.

Fifth Third bank...give me a freaking break.

I am so tempted to start IP hunting right now.

The Little Woman gets cranky when she doesn't sleep. She gets even crankier when forced to look at this crap.
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Ever felt like you have no talent?
Well, if you compare yourself to this kid - you don't.

I'm surprised Van Halen, Poison, or some other washed up hair band hasn't contacted this kid's parents to pimp him out.

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Getting my quarterly dose of drama..
As if my extended family doesn't already strangely resemble a Jerry Springer show...

DS1 is home today. He threw up on the bus and my phone was ringing the minute I walked into work.

So I let the two attorneys that arrived know I had go go. I called the office manager and told her too.

I think DS1 was hit with a sudden burst of motion sickness. He was fine when woke up and when he left. He said he was reading on the bus and well, bleh...

So now I am sitting here watching some cue-ball head on TV talking about intervention. He strangely resembles Dr. Phil...but this guy's name is not Phil. He's a Phil-poster (get it, phil + imposter...oh never mind)!! He's a Keith.

I am watching Dr. Keith (?). All about intervention for adult children.
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09 December 2006
So I met some people while I was playing on pogo tonight. It all started when I was reeming out some loser for trying to cheat the pogo system. Usually, what people do is their own business but if you take it in public, we get to talk smack.

Eventually, I get invited to private chat by a couple of other women that were in the room because we were teaming up on that loser and just generally building on each other's insults and comments. We eventually moved to Yahoo voice and more people (three or four others) joined us. All I can say is...what a bunch of freaks.

I think I love them.
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Watchin' Cops
And for once it is on TV and not in my neighborhood. LOL

I was sitting here hoping that I don't see someone I know...since it isn't in Oklahoma, so far so good. :)

DS1 had a lovely day. The Cop Magnet took him to the popcorn awards ceremony. Turns out, for the second year running, DS1 was the top seller. He won a Fly Wheel (those things are dangerous - don't ask about the living room belonging to my mother in law) and a Visa gift card worth ten percent of his sales (so it was worth $32.50).

I took him to Toys R Us after The Cop Magnet and myself got back from watching The Nativity Story. Toys R Us is having a sale on their Bionicles. He bought one for himself and one for each brother. He got a very good deal. He even had a little money left.
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06 December 2006
I hope I'm wrong...
I hope I am being completely presumptuous. I hope and pray that I am wrong. James Kim is dead (you know, the missing guy from Oregon...found the wife and kids). Why do I feel that? Because you FIND missing people...lost people; you RECOVER dead people. You don't say that you found the body of someone if you know they are alive. The new didn't say, "Found the bodies of Mrs. Kim and her daughters...and they are alive!!" No, they said that 3/4 of the Kim family was found alive.

Gosh, I really hope he is alive...because let's face it - the news is known to screw crap up (everone remembers the mine story...they're alive!! oh wait - no they aren't...even posted a rule about it). Anyway, if I'm wrong, I'll post a big ole' apology...but I doubt that I am wrong.

PS...directly after publishing this entry originally at around 2:55 PM CST, I saw this on foxnews.com...at about 2:58 PM. Please keep that family in your prayers.n By the way, the times above are from my computer - not blogger.
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Guideline 78
78. You shall not shoot your husband over a warm beer.

Okay, so I haven't been married 50 years. I haven't been married 25 years. Heck, I haven't hit the ten year official mark yet. My husband has done some dumb stuff...and some stuff was only dumb depending on who you ask. Other stuff was just guy stuff, you know? Yet, even though some of the stuff made me want to maim him, I resisted the urge. I've never even had to fight an urge to shoot him because I ask him to get me a drink while he's up...and he brings me Dr. Pepper - and he knows (but consistently forgets because he rarely brings me a drink) I hate Dr. Pepper.

So here's the scenario: you're in your 70s...just been through a horrific ice storm. You've had no power (as in no electricity because apparently you have fire power). I can see needing a beer if you ever imbibe. I went through the same storm here. It was a freaky storm. Not too many storms where it sleets and snows...thunders and lightenings.

Your husband brings you a warm beer (could it really have been all that warm if you have no power?)...so you shoot him. Isn't that a bit over the top? I mean, it isn't like you found him doing another old lady in your bed. He didn't steal your rent money and go a'whoring. He didn't steal the rent money and buy dope.

I can see some causes that could be considered justifiable homocide - and this just isn't one of them.

If you leave me a comment, list a reason you believe should be justifiable homocide.
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04 December 2006
21 Days Until Christmas
Have you started shopping yet? I haven't. My mom said she's done some of her shopping. Every year it is just more difficult to get into that "Christmas Spirit" because (a) I don't like seeing Christmas stuff in September and (b) it is so commercialized. Yes I realize that B is practically the same thing as A. I know it really shouldn't matter because I know and am teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas. But it still just really irritates me.

How was everyone's weekend? The storm we got was pretty freaky. Wednesday night started the sleet, thunder, and yes even some lightening. I was thrilled that schools were closed and my boss called. We didn't have to come in Thursday or Friday. By Wednesday night, this "cold" of mine started getting worse. I had no voice by Thursday and went in to see the doctor. I am not recovering from Strep throat. Merry Christmas to me.

The Cop Magnet got a new monitor this weekend. Now we need to find some place to refurb the old one.

Ummm...I guess that's about it.
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