30 September 2007
Nana Beachy's birthday present

It took me about two hours to make. It should have been bigger, but I ran out of that specific eye lash yarn. I never had the chance to get back to Dollar Tree to see if they had any more. It's okay, though. It is long enough to do what it is made to do. And yes, that's me.


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I've got wood!
By tomorrow I might even have laminate AND a toilet!

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29 September 2007
Forms of inhumane torture
My list:

  • Bamboo shoots under the fingernails...
  • Chinese water torture...
  • There was a custom in early English history about putting a man, a cat, a chicken, and a dog all into the same bag.
  • To top them all - six hour baseball tournaments.

The Cop Magnet's List

  • Barbie Girl by Aqua
  • Watching Fairly Odd Parents while nursing a hang over
  • Not seeing Practical Chick naked in over 24 hours (oh stop blushing)
  • Replacing WTC's bathroom floors (new pictures tomorrow so check back!)

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28 September 2007
The NEW San Francisco Treat
Feds bust a mary-jane laced snack factory.. I can already see how this went down.





"Dude, I'm starvin'. I want some munchies..."

"Good thing we got the ganja laced brownies! ha ha ha ha ha ha..." laughing so hard his pimples shake.

"Freeze! You're under arrest!"





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27 September 2007
Guideline 96
96. Don't tape a pacifier to the mouth of a newborn.

Disclaimer: I never claimed to be a perfect parent; I just claimed to have at least a small amount of common sense.

Look, for whatever reason...not all babies like pacifiers. Neither of mine would take one - I even tried again with Monkey Butt when he was several months old and had a severe problem with colic. When we think about newborns - they come into this world knowing just a few things: crying, Moro reflex, and how to suck. The problem is - newborns aren't always voracious suckers. Therefore, they will not always be able to hold on to a pacifier.

I get that it was a nursery and the workers can't always give individual attention (which is sad for those little babies)...but don't tape the pacifier to the baby's mouth. What happens if the baby spits up or throws up and then chokes? Can you say negligence?


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25 September 2007
You know you have problems when...
You used to hold your dog like this (at three months old):

And he was a little more than mere handful eight months ago (two months old):

Now, at ten months old it takes two people to play tug of war with a 10 month old puppy...and then you lose.

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Post # 501
Written on roughly an hour of sleep. You know, insomnia is one thing when it just comes about because you just can't sleep. It is something else entirely when it is because of your neighbor. Ended up calling the cops and signing a citation. We've talked to this neighbor several times. She has kids; if we can hear the music in our trailer, I can't help but wonder how her children manage to sleep. They weren't at the bus stop this morning...so maybe they didn't sleep and ended up sleeping in.

I kind of felt bad about signing the ticket - that's $150 she has to pay...but then again, she was doing it on purpose. We would go outside to ask her to turn it down and so she would see us (or the look out from across the street that also likes to party because none of them work) and tattle...then she would turn it down until we go back in.

Why is that some people just seem to need to live out the whole trailer trash persona?

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23 September 2007
Remember that I told you...
Pup Dog pulled up the laminate in the bathroom. Well it turns out that was a blessing in disguise. If he wouldn't have done that, we wouldn't have known the floor under it was rotten...not only that, but whoever remodeled this place laid plywood over the original floor. I mean, they did not even bother to clean it. The Cop Magnet found make up under there...not to mention enough mold and mildew to choke a horse.

I guess the good news is that at least no one was sitting on the toilet when the floor caved in, right?

So this picture above is what Pup Dog did to the floor - essentially just pulling up the laminate, but that is when we noticed that the board underneath was rotting.

You can see the original floor in this picture...it is actually a good half an inch lower than the area where you see Poppy's legs. That's The Cop Magnet's butt over there in the corner..

Good thing no one was on the toilet when it gave way, huh? Yeah, The Cop Magnet pulled most of it up, but some of it just started caving in. The other good news (if we can look at the bright side) is that the wood under the tub seems to be fine. Good thing that Poppy was a professional carpenter (and now does it just strictly as a hobby). He might have Parkinson's, but he still works his butt off (even if it is just supervising!).That brown spot on the wall? Oh, that's where the previous owners decided not to move the toilet to paint the wall...good thing it isn't winter - and good thing there are no creepy crawlies under White Trash Central...also a good thing we have two bathrooms.

I'll try and keep you updated via photos.

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I am so restless today. I started working on several projects that I want to do (a wall organizer made from old jeans, a bag). I just can't seem to stay focused. Part of it is that with the organizer I don't have enough material for backing. I guess I could work on Monkey Butt's hat.

The Cop Magnet will be working on the bathroom later. You know, since his dog ate my floor and all...


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22 September 2007
Welcome to Saturday at White Trash Central
Ever seen a dog eat a bathroom floor?


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20 September 2007
And then there was clacking...
Today was busier than expected. After getting a "revised" schedule from an employer coming, it took me the entire day to finish it. It wasn't because the schedule was that difficult or time consuming...we were just busier than expected. We had a steady stream of students before we left for the career fair. Some of which looked like they played dress up in mommy's or daddy's closets; bless their hearts at least they tried. I was glad when my two favorite student workers came in this afternoon (all of them are my favorites - I just tell them each they are my favorite). I could finally get stuff finished up and help Crabcakes try and catch up.

And then there was clacking...my fingers on the keyboard with Mr. Crabs blabbing something to Spongebob in the background. One time I took a typing test and the guy administering it said to me that he sure wished I was around during 'nam. My fingers can hit the keys so quickly it sounds like machine gun fire on certain keyboards. I thinks I would have given heart attacks to many of the "enemy"; not from my stunning good looks, mind you!

Now that was a random story for you, huh?

Off to bed - the Lunesta is kicking in.

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And I guess that's just the way it goes...
The last two weeks have seemed to be never ending.

Bry-onicle just got over a very slight case of a stomach bug; no puking...just felt like crap and had a headache for two days. He still went to school, but when he would come home he would go right to sleep for two full hours.

Monkey Butt woke up this morning feeling bad. The Cop Magnet feels bad; so the deal is that if the school calls, I call him and he'll go get him.

I kind of feel ripped off cause I am mucho tired, too. It's amazing, really. I spent so long with insomnia that I didn't realize how tired I was. Now that I take Lunesta, if I miss some sleep I do realize how tired I was.

Today is one of our university's largest career fair. Over 200 employers are coming and over 2000 students will attend. My guess is more will come because yesterday alone we saw over 100 students just during walk-in. That isn't counting the 1000 or so we saw last week.

So I will be there from like 11:30ish to 2:00 (or 1:30). The good news is that we get free lunch out of it and get out of the office...on top of that - it should be really quiet and we should get some crap done around there since all the students (the smart ones that plan ahead when it comes to employment) should be at the career fair.

BTW - have you ever read Hammurabi's code? Have you even ever heard of him? Death was punishment for a lot of crimes....and let's just say that Draco was no better (perhaps a little more violent in his methods of execution; hence the term draconian punishment).

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18 September 2007
I'm just saying...
I'm just saying that parents shouldn't live vicariously through their children. It is fine to feel incredibly proud of your child's academic or sports accomplishments. It's fine to maybe even brag (a little).

I'm just saying that if you cannot fit into a pair of baseball pants , you have absolutely no business yelling at a kid because he ran to third base instead of sliding into third base. Does it make a difference in a non-competitive off season league especially considering that the kid made it and was safe?

Yeah I know that even non-competitive leagues can still be a little competitive (kind of like how non-caffeinated coffee still has a little caffeine). Still, tell the kid what a great job he did because he made it and was safe. Tell him later if you think he could improve (or better yet - let the coach do his job...if you want to coach, then volunteer).

Nope, wasn't my kid involved. Bry-onicle was moved from the outfield to center field. Both his team and Monkey Butt's team won last night.

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Decision made
This week being the most hectic and busy of the entire academic year, you might not hear much from me.

I talked with numerous people (and read all the comments) and with my academic advisor. I am going to finish the degree I am on; otherwise it sets me back by a year. When I am finished, I can still go for my Master's in Psychology. I just don't like the thought of me going through all the classes I've done and not getting credit for them. I really don't want to waste my money.


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15 September 2007
I shouldn't even say this...but someone actually found me by dog pile searching on ibuprofen's effect on sperm...


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Time to start making a big decision
To change my major or not to change my major that is the question...

I turned 29 last week. Right now I am literally sitting at the half way mark of finishing up a BS degree in Paralegal Studies. I've been at it for just under two years. I should finish at just over three years. The thing is...I will never use the degree (read as: I do not want to be a paralegal). I had a taste of law office life and I hated it. I didn't mind the work (of course here, paralegal is pretty much paramount to typing and answering the phone in the private firm realm). I just can't deal with the people. I was in insurance defense and while I agree that everyone should have representation I could not reconcile within myself that someone had use an affirmative defense saying, "Yeah he was drunk when he hit that two year old with his car, but he shouldn't be held responsible because the bar kept serving him." I have a problem with people that can't accept personal responsibility.

If I change my major to psychology, I could lose almost half of my credits. That would set me back almost an entire year. On top of that, I'd have to take statistics. I got a C in college algebra and my GPA is just now recovering (now I have a 3.84). So that would also mean that I would have twice (potentially) the size of a student loan. I took ethics and I am taking history this term, but will they transfer since they are both related to law (legal ethics and the history of criminal justice)? Needless to say I am still waiting to hear back from my Academic Advisor.

My psych prof from this last term offered me a letter of recommendation because he is convinced that I will eventually go for a Master's degree. I was the only one that made an A on the final paper. I have "strong writing skills".

My mother and The Cop Magnet both think I should change majors to "be happy" and to "do what (I) like". Nana Beachy doesn't think it is such a hot idea since I am so close to being finished. I can't get a hold of my pastor for an opinion. I would probably, providing that I change majors, put an emphasis on behavioral analysis.

Another problem is that neither major teaches one how to act tactfully; so either way in a private practice setting I can just see myself (self fulfilling prophecy) saying, "You are in this situation because you are a moron that should not be in the gene pool." But, like we say at my job - tact is for those not witty enough to use sarcasm.

The eventual goal (aside from a Master's) is to write. Write what I don't know....just to write.

I really feel like I am at a cross road in my life. If I do change my major, it isn't like I'll be old when I finish (roughly 31). I will just feel that I've done all this crap for naught.

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Reasons to memorize the Word of God
I found this in one of my Bibles.

It helps us resist temptation:

Psalm 119:11 - Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

It helps us make wise decisions:

Psalm 119:105 - Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

It strengthens us when we are under stress:

Psalm 119:49 - Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope.

It comforts us when we are sad:

Jeremiah 15:16 - Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.

It helps us witness to others:

1 Peter 3:15 - But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear


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14 September 2007
What a week
Yesterday, alone, we had over 1000 students come through our doors. It was amazing. It is almost insanely busy. Working for a law school a couple of years ago partially prepared me.

On campus interviews start in the middle of the coming week.

I like my job, but I am looking forward to Christmas. One great thing about working for a university is that you typically get a week off at Christmas.


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13 September 2007
Before you decide
Who I am and what this blog is about, you should consider a couple of things.

You should read more than one post. It's kind of like listening to a single song; you can't judge an artist (or in my case a person) (properly) without hearing more than one (and yes, that goes for Simon Cowell).

Before you decide that I am a liar and that I do not represent Jesus well, perhaps you should read the Bible a bit more and see what He did to the money changers in temple and the things He said to the sadducees and the pharisees (you know, the ones everyone listened to back in the day). Like or not - Jesus wasn't a pacifist, you silly little hater (and if you can't post a comment right the first time by including your real name, don't be so disillusioned to think that I will post it on the third try), He was a rebel.

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11 September 2007
My crappy day
Yesterday was, indeed, a Monday. Where do I start?

Do you want to know about how I had no umbrella and, consequently, was completely soaked to the point that I had to change my shirt when I got to work?

How about when I went to lunch and was stalled in town by traffic because all three news stations were there?

Better yet - how about when I was coming back to work (walking in from the parking areas) and slipped in a mud puddle and got mud up to my knee?

Oh wait - that doesn't compare much to hitting the pothole on the way to the baseball game and screwing up my tire...

Or the fact that the temperature dropped to 52 and the wind was blowing at about 20..

And to top off my Monday when we got in, Pup Dog had chewed a small hole in the hose that runs from the toilet to the floor and my bathroom was a literal misty shower...but at least the water was clean right?

Oh, and The Cop Magnet's power thingie in the computer went out again. We just bought it...it has a 90 day warranty. So you best believe he is getting his money back!

Hopefully today is better...I won't even tell you what I said to another mom at a baseball game that had the gall to run her mouth about the "new kids" on the team that don't know how to play.

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10 September 2007
For all of you recruiters out there...
A BMacc has nothing to do with computers; it is a master in Accounting degree...


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09 September 2007
Just things
Time sure flies when you live on a baseball field. I guess the "good" news is that Monkey Butt's practice was rained out today. Bry-onicle's scrimmage got toasted Friday night, too. Next week is not only my birthday (anyone want to give me $100 LOL), but both boys' first games, and the cold front starts coming in. I have a feeling that we are going to go from summer to winter. We don't always have fall around here...but I love it.

I guess I am doing okay after Stripe's (FC22) death. Every cat I've ever had ended up dying from cancer or neuro disorder. The good news is that FC15 seems to be coping well. I was a little worried about him since he's never been without FC22 in his entire life. But, FC15 is far more social than FC22 was and he doesn't care whether or not the dogs are in the room. If he wants mama's loving, he comes and gets it!

I got an A in Intro to Psych. I think I'll have an A in Interviewing and Investigation. I got a B on my final test...before it my average was 95% so hopefully it doesn't pull me down. This should be my last term before my major officially changes. I have History of Criminal Justice (gag - bore - snore) and Wills, Trusts, and Estates (which will be useful but probably still boring).

The neighbor behind is still keeping us up (or at least me - for some reason our bedroom is the only room you can hear it in and know that is where the music is coming from at 4 in the morning). Neighbor across the street is coming out of her shell with me...lived here three years and I know her name - she finally asked me last night what my name is. She even gave me a couple of skirts and invited me to an Arbonne party at the end of the month.

Work is awesome. I love my job and I really enjoy my co-horts.

Right now we are watching Delta Farce. It's okay; I've seen better, but if you watch it expecting nothing then you'll be alright. We saw Underdog. It was really cute. I was impressed...I was skeptical about it at first.

That's really about it on this end. I'll take my camera with me to the games tomorrow night (provided they are not canceled from rain) and try and get some video of the boys.

I'll try to be a better blogger this week.

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07 September 2007
Sad day for us
We have to take Stripe, our 22 pound cat, this evening to be put to sleep. He's been diagnosed with a neurological disorder (aside from stress from the dog) and his outlook was very grim. :( We have not told the boys. They knew that he needed a new home, and we are just going to tell them that we found him one.


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03 September 2007
By the way...
This is my first bloggy-versary for this blog.

Happy Birthday 6

to my blog!


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Eat, Sleep, and Breath...BASEBALL!
Yeah, I know it isn't spring. Matter of fact, our leaves are already falling from the trees. Yet, here in the big ole' town of Noble we love our sports. We love our sports so much that it doesn't matter what time of year it is - you can play any sport at any time. So - we are playing baseball.

Fall league is great because it isn't nearly as competitive as spring ball (and everything is on clearance!). The good news is that my boys have the same coach...but practice is on different nights.

So for the next two months or so we are going to eat, sleep, and breath baseball.

Our schedule looks something like this:

Monday - two games

Tuesday - Monkey Butt practices

Wednesday - Bry-onicle practices

Thursday - Monkey Butt practices

Friday - Bry-onicle practices

Guess I better buy out Sprawl-Mart in bug repellent.



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02 September 2007
My kid is so funny..
In case you can't catch what Monkey Butt said...he said, "I wasn't scared, but I almost peed my pants though!" It was right after his first ride on a roller coaster with a loop.


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