31 January 2007
Thirteen random thoughts
1. Loratab is a beautiful thing despite the fact that it makes me hyper.
2. I don't think I like having a class seminar on Wednesday evening. I have Family Law and it is difficult to know the answers when I haven't had time to read the material (since class starts on Wednesday).
3. I am a little worried about my job. I know I don't really have a cause to be. I have my notes from my doctor and the dentist. I'm just a worrier.
4. I love orange juice. I am walking something on the History channel about oranges.
5. I have no idea why I am watching a special on oranges.
6. I've started cross-stitching again. Really, I've never quit. I just sit it down for extreme periods of time. I've been working on the same piece for about three years.
7. This is possibly my most boring TT ever. If not, it runs a close race.
8. Sad to think that I am looking forward to watching American Idol tonight. There will be five young people from Oklahoma on.
9. We are discussing valid and invalid marriages in class. Someone said what happens in vegas stays in vegas. I said, "Sure unless you are my aunt and get caught. Then it follows you home."
10. I am a tired, tired girl.
11. I watched Red Dragon the other night. I was not impressed. The book was way better. The Cop Magnet wanted to know if I wanted to watch Silence of the Lambs. I'm afraid it's going to suck. I've read the book.
12. I think I need to warm up my nachos.
13. Forgive me if I don't get around to visiting the TT'ers that visit me tomorrow. I'll get to your site, I promise....hopefully by the weekend. Thanks for reading my boring TT.


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The attack of dental h3LL
Yes, that's right...I speak in 3l173 speak (and if you can't read that - GOOD FOR YOU...you aren't a dork) during the medicinal bliss caused by Loratab 7.5.

I think I need to borrow this guy's magic life jacket. Maybe I'll quit having so many issues (physical, not mental...I know the magic life jacket will not help the mental aspect).

So Monday I went and got Braum's for lunch. I went back to the law firm and sat out in my car to eat. Lo and behold...the abscess under tooth 30 ruptured. It was disgusting. Most of it was blood. So I called the office manager and told her that I had to try and get in to see the dentist. By the time I got back to Noble from OKC, I was completely and utterly sick. I called The Cop Magnet at work. Then I called my mother to keep me awake on the drive home. We called my dentist and they more or less said, "Welp, nothing we can do about it. Go to the doctor." I was like, "Hello....you are the dentist right? This tooth was something you told me was taken care of." So I called my doctor and he called in an antibiotic.

I was up all Monday night with a monster headache. The Cop Magnet got me a doctor's appointment for Tuesday. I was almost in tears by the time we got there because my head was hurting so badly. The doctor gave me a shot for nausea (byproduct of the migraine caused by the ruptured abscess) and sent me home with strict instructions to call if the headache doesn't go away.

So this morning when I got up, I was completely sick. My head was still hurting but I felt better than yesterday. The Cop Magnet got me an appointment with a different dentist. By the time we got there, I was in tears. I have a high pain tolerance...and I was crying. The dentist looked and said she didn't know why the other dentist hadn't pulled the tooth earlier. It is a back tooth and there is no saving it. It is cracked on BOTH sides. She was put me on nitrous (which took the headache away) and then called my doctor. My doctor decided I should pre-medicate before they pull the tooth. The dentist is a little concerned that I am hard to numb up (how many people do you know that woke up during heart surgery?).

So I was sent home with yet another doctor's note (my doctor kept me out of work yesterday and today and the dentist doesn't want me to go back until Monday). I get to go back tomorrow at noon.

The concern now is that since I have a headache because of the abscess, there is a slight chance the infection is now into my sinuses. So now I am on TWO antibiotics and one pain medication. The problem with Loratab is that while it takes the pain away, it makes me hyper. Guess I'll work on my algebra tonight.

Can I get a magic life jacket? Please? Crying 6
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29 January 2007
Nana Beachy's Guide to Men
If you aren't sure who Nana Beachy is, check the characters on the right. Nana Beachy and I went out Saturday evening for a "girls' night". It consisted of fabric pricing, yarn buying, and cross stitch pattern ogling. Then, we decided to be very naughty and eat out without the men folk. We've decided to make it a once a month ritual....or sabbatical. In the scope of things, we started talking about the men in our family. So this is: Nana Beachy's Guide to Men.

The Cop Magnet: Born a week before his due date. Since then, he's been on his own time schedule which we all lovingly refer to as Cop Magnet Standard Time. Two minutes could equal two hours in his little world - and yet at other times, he can be in quite the hurry. Hence why some of us don't ride with him.

Fatty McChuckles: Born via c-section. Incredibly laid back and Nana Beachy strongly suspects that it is because the drugs given for pain during labor stuck in his melon.

Unkey Monkey: By far, the silliest of the bunch. He got stuck on the way out and they had to yank him out. We strongly suspect that because of his "close encounter" with a dislodged shoulder (no, it didn't happen - but it could have since that is why he was stuck), he has now developed a love of bangs, bruises, cuts, and any other high adrenaline bone crunching activity. Could the lack of oxygen contributed to this? We highly believe it is likely - of course it could also be just because the boy is 18...and 18 year old boys are idiots.

Squarepants Star: Just like his father, The Cop Magnet. Sometimes he runs on his own standard time.

Bry-onicle: The most imaginative of the bunch. He came directly on his due date and, like his mother, wants things done on time (I want it done and I want it done yesterday). Highly intelligent, emotional, and imaginative. Loves to draw, read, and rule his own little world. Often called 'Space Cadet'.

Monkey Butt: Very stubborn. He was born about a month early, was breech, had his cord around his neck, and came via c-section. He came butt first to tell the doctors which end to kiss when they said the Practical Chick could not carry another baby successfully. He was asleep when they delivered him. His stubborn and adventure loving behavior could be because he is now making up for the un-fun time he had as a bun in the oven.

Stay tuned to this blog for more of Nana Beachy's insight.
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28 January 2007
Rednek Kwiz-ine
Mad Dogs

1 package hot dogs
1 package shredded cheese

Put a slit in each hot dog, but don't cut them all the way through. Stuff with cheese. Arrange on a cookie sheet. Put in oven at 400 degrees until cheese is melted.
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26 January 2007
If there is one thing I hate...
It's someone that lies right to your face. It is no one listed in the cast of characters...and that's all I have to say about that. Let's just say the PRACTiCAL CHiCK should be called the TiCKED CHiCK right now. Beating Come Here
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All a bunch of trouble makers...
Every last one of The Cop Magnet's side of the family is a trouble maker. Yes, Nana...that's just for you....because you complained that you aren't on the list of characters and you complained that I never blog about you. Well, you are now officially a troublemaker. Welcome to the ranks, private, now go scrub the floor!
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How people found me this week...

  • the little sisters at night trips in oklahoma
  • twin sister midget strippers
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  • poision - give me something to believe in
  • 72 ways to prepare alpo and love it
  • night trips okc, ok midget strippers
  • snow ice taco bueno picture
  • talent irks
  • quizno
  • everyone who supported slavery was free. everyone who supports abortion was born. that's the way oppression works


  • midget strippers night trips


  • fatty lady bucket
  • homemade deicer

Wow. I swear to you, I don't care about midget strippers.
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24 January 2007
Thirteen Jokes
1. What do you call a sheep without legs? A cloud. Counting Sheep

2. What do you call pink fluff? Pink fluff.

3. What do you call blue fluff? Pink fluff holding its breath.

4. Why did the sucker cross the road? Because it was stuck to the chicken. Chicken

5. Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny. Alien 3

6. What is invisible and smells like carrots? A rabbit fart. Rabbit

7. Once upon a time, two muffins were baking in the oven. The first muffin says, "Man it's hot in here!" The second one says, "Oh my word!! A talking muffin!" OMG

8. One day a redneck farmer goes to the farmer's market and asks, "Do you have any donkeys?" The man says, "Yes, but we call them asses." "Okay, and I need a rooster too, do you have any?" "Yes, but we call them cockrells. Will that do?" "Yes, gimme one of those too." When he got home he found that both of his animals behaved badly. He called his wife and said, "You bend down and grab my cock while I slap my ass!"

9. What's the difference between erotic and kinky? Erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken.

10. Why do gorillas have big nostrils? Because they have big fingers. Monkey

11. What's the difference between an extreme feminist and a pitt bull? Lipstick. Puppy Dog Eyes

12. I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time. (Sorry, I ran out of short jokes) La La La

13. Do you need a license to be that ugly? Pulling Faces
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Last Week's Wednesday Mind Hump
1. Ben Franklin conducted many experiments with electricity. What is your favorite gadget or appliance that uses electricity?

My favorite gadget or appliance that uses electricity. I won't be cliche and say the computer. At home, it would be the dishwasher. I hate doing dishes by hand.

2. Ben also invented Bifocals. They help your eyes see better as they age. What sense or part of your body do you wish could be improved?

I wish my sense of self could be improved.

3. Ben Franklin lived in Philadelphia. What comes to mind when you think of Philadelphia?

I won't be cliche and say cream cheese (even though that's what I was thinking). I'd have to say the word Philly.
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Speaking of American Idol....
What was with the girl with her boobs hanging out of her dress? She talked about how her "sexy" style helped project her "confidentiality". The Cop Magnet and I just looked at each other.

TCM: Did I hear what I think I did?
Me: In a dress like that, she don't have many secrets left.

Then there was "Topher". Where does one begin? First - if your name is Christopher...don't go by Topher. It rhymes with Gopher. I know you want to be different...you want to be more than just the "wedding karoke falling off the stage drunk" token fat guy. But Topher? Dude...come on. Although you have to respect a guy that calls his cheating wife out on national television... Maybe if he did more singing and dancing to Footloose, he could get rid of the Done-lap disease...You know the saying, "His belly 'done lapped' over his belt."
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An elephant on my chest
You would think that with the new knowledge that I got an A in LR&W the elephant sitting on my chest would go away. He did for a while, yesterday. Then I called my mom.

Somehow or another, we started talking about my dad. For my new readers, my dad passed away about two years ago - but trust me, I aint mourning. He died of a drug overdose (that isn't the official listed cause of death, but my brother and I sort of "CSI"-d it out). Essentially, he took a bunch of pills, got dizzy, fell, ruptured the big vein in his neck, and drowned in his own blood. And who said God doesn't pay people back for their evil?

Anyway...things went pretty smooth at home last night. My back was acting up (I have scoliosis and Lupus) so I took a hot shower more or less as soon as I got home. Pup Dog decided he wanted a shower...at the same time. Bry-onicle and Monkey Butt watched Ed, Edd, and Eddy in their room. The Cop Magnet watched the horror that is American Idol with me.

At 8, I put the boys to bed. The Cop Magnet had a phone call so I went to lay on the heating pad and finish reading Red Dragon or is it The Red Dragon. I did fall asleep, but I had nightmares all night - about living with my parents...mostly my dad. Being separated from my kids. I woke up on and off but couldn't get all the way awake - except when Monkey Butt got up needing a drink.

Needless to say, I was a bear this morning to The Cop Magnet. He didn't do anything wrong. I was just totally stressing out. I thought about taking a Vistaril but ended up not doing it. They don't make me tired, but I don't want to take the chance during the drive to work. Who knows - maybe the Vistaril will change its mind and decide to make me tired. So, I've got some apologizing to do - and I will.

So the elephant is back on my chest. Where does a 3 ton elephant sit? Any dang where he wants - apparently he chose to sit on me.

Unwell - Matchbox 20 (I think that's the name of the song)

All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me that
I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good
For something
Hold on feeling like I'm heading for a
Break down and I dunno why
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then You'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be
Talking to myself in public
And dodging glances on the train
And I know I know that they've all been talking about me
I can hear their whisper
And it makes me feel that there must be something wrong with me
After all the hours thinking somehow I've lost my mind
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be
I've been talking in my sleep
Soon they'll come to get me
And they're taking me away
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little impaired I know
Right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be
And how I used to be
How I used to be
I'm just a little lonely
How I used to be
How I used to be
I'm just a little unwell
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22 January 2007
Guideline 83
83. You shall not drink vodka during jury duty.

Faster than planted fingerprints, more powerful than an ill fitting glove...it is Drunk Juror!!

I just don't even know what else to say. I mean, can't you do something to get yourself dismissed do something prior to showing up to get yourself dismissed?
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Funniest joke ever...
What did George Bush get on his SATs?

BBQ sauce.

Yes that was funny and you know it! Laughing 19

Okay, one more and it isn't even about the Prez.

What did the fish say when he got tangled up in seaweed?

"Kelp! Kelp!"
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Yes, it's true!

You are most like:

Your cranial ability differential has a strong left bias

You're a real purist nerd. Not distracted by the 1337 wannabe's. Face it - you probably even got the joke in the title of this result.

Keep up the nerd factor - it will likely land you a great job one day or at the very least help you take over the world in less time than you had originally predicted.

Take this quiz: How Nerdy Are You?

Taking over the world sounds very good. Matter o' fact...my very dear friend Sis. Puff and I have grand plans in that respect. Mwah Ha Ha
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Isn't that the truth...
So the school year is about half over. The Cop Magnet and I bought the kids new clothes at the beginning of the year (mostly pants). Bry-onicle was a six and Monkey Butt was a five. Now it looks like Bry-onicle is awaiting a flood and since Monkey Butt put on weight after having his tonsils removed last summer, he has to suck it in to button his pants. He fits into Bry-onicle's.

I wish the other W-2 would get here so I can file my taxes. At least Bry-onicle is easy on his pants...makes them easier to pass down. It really stinks that Sprawl-Mart got rid of lay away.
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21 January 2007
Rednek K-so-dee-ahs!

This is so simple... Ready?

Here's your grocery list...and yes, you can write it using lipstick and paper towel - after all...this is my quick, rednek version:

Boneless, skinless chicken breast
Cheddar cheese soup
Taco sauce
10 flour tortillas
Shredded cheddar

When you get home, put your chicken in a pot that you melted some butter in (or a skillet depending on how much you are making). Add what ever seasonings you want. Cook the chicken until it is done and chop it up. Add the soup (do not dilute it) and about half a cup (less if you want) of taco sauce. Mix it all up. Oh yeah, by now this should not be on hot stove.

Heat your oven to 350 and get your cookie sheet out...a cake pan works too. Warm up your tortillas by wrapping them in paper towel and microwaving them for a few seconds.

Add some of the chicken and cheese soup mix to a tortilla, add cheese, fold in half, and seal with a little water. Put it on the cookie sheet. Repeat until your cookie sheet is full. Bake them until the cheese is melted.

There you go. Rednek K-so-dee-ahs.
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Just when I thought I'd seen it all....this guy comes along.
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19 January 2007
I wasn't going to post about this...because I figured I would just "get over it". Yet, it's been a week and I can't drive down Reno without shuddering. Fear

To make a disturbing story short, I went to the doctor last Friday. The Cop Magnet had the distinct pleasure of going with me because the Z couldn't handle the roads. It should be made known that our doctor is pretty young - maybe a couple of years older than I am. So as we are getting ready to leave, our doc is talking to some other guy that is standing in the hall. The Cop Magnet says to me, "I should take my uncle to see the short sisters." I respond with the what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about look.

Without missing a beat the doctor says, "The short sisters? Are they back in town? I need to catch that before they leave!" He's all excited. You'd have thought we waved a pork chop in front of a dog or something.

Stupid me, "Who are the short sisters?"

TCM: Midget strippers that are at Night Trips this week.

Now, it's disturbing enough that my own husband knows who they are. But he used to be quite the little...well anyway...it isn't that surprising.

I was and still am greatly disturbed that my doctor not only knew who they are, but admitted to it...and wants to go see them.

Jaw Drop 2

I've had to drive The Cop Magnet to work almost all week because of the weather (yes I know I already said that but it bares repeating). I've passed the place every day this week (except today because he could finally get his car out of the drive way). I think I'm scarred for life.
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How people found me this week...
Google searches:

animal pound in mckinney texas of fat cats
pat robertson generalization
if i die who is entitled to my house
pickle the pirate
hemmoragic stroke no surgery

Yahoo searches:

blog prostitute oklahoma
i want to adopt a american baby boy + temporarily
interpersonal communication strategies for effectively managing and resolving conflict
is it better to pull a cracked tooth or get a root canal



Search @ peoplepc.com:

homemade windshield deicer
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18 January 2007
Here comes the snow...
Well, at least it is snow this time and not ice...right? They say it starts tomorrow night and that we will have between 5-10". Of course, last week's ice storm was supposed to start Friday night and it started Friday morning...so this might hit tomorrow morning too.

Monkey Butt and Bry-onicle are staying with nana during the day. School's been out all week. They are both participating in some six hour reading challenge (yeah, some challenge...Bry-onicle can go through a chapter book within a couple of days) to receive free tickets to Six Flags. That sure will make our summer trip cheaper. LOL Of course, that is after the make up days at school.

I am finished with Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals & Interpersonal Communications. This is technically the last week, but neither class requires participation..then it is an "off week" after which I start Algebra (icky) and Family Law. Currently, I have an A in both classes, but that might change once my final papers are graded LOL.

One of the named partners purchased pizza for everyone today. It was pretty good. One of the female attorneys didn't know what a "doughnut" is. I don't mean the kind you eat...the kind you do in a car. A couple of the others had to explain it to her. I thought I would choke from laughing. I should have told her that I could get The Cop Magnet to take her out and show her.
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17 January 2007
Because everyone is entitled to my opinion..
If you want my opinion on a news story, let me know.

So...looks like Anna Nicole's non-married yet commited partner gave her son methadone...and tried to flush the rest. Sweating 3 Can you "manslaughter"?

One co-worker asked me if it was a narcotic. I don't know what it is (as far as a drug class). I said I do know that they usually administer it in a clinic setting so I don't think it's something that's "easy" to get your hands on (you know, for the average joe). Of course, I told her that I want to know why the kid was prescribed anti-depressants for a break up. Life hurts. But then again, look who at who parented him. We might need them too if we grew up with her.

What I want to know is how the attorney boyfriend got his hands on methadone. Is he a druggie or is he an addict? Something just doesn't add up...

As far as their "commitment" ceremony where they promised to stick by each other - once the truth comes out, I hope she rolls over on that dude faster than a porno actress.

She needs to quit trying to pimp out her daughter's pictures, too. She wanted all this privacy so she goes to the Bahamas. She wants to sell the pictures...oh yeah, that's really private, isn't? Not Amused
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16 January 2007
The only night I watch American Idol...
Because we can have some good family fun and laugh at the poor yokels on TV. I don't know what's worse...the ones that don't make it and think they should have made it (that obviously have NO talent) or the ones who brought their family that thinks they should have made it (and it is obvious they have no talent). Really, are they that blind and tone deaf? Ignoring

Okay - short conversation during American Idol between The Cop Magnet and Bry-onicle.

The cowboy guy was on... Doof

TCM: What is he doing?!

B: Uhhh...I think that's called not winning American Idol.

Dang - that boy is smart.

So later the number one fan came on...you know, the big ole' girl with the vocal performance degree. Give her an A for effort, I guess, but The Cop Magnet was coming in here and Bry-onicle was eating tater tots. The Cop Magnet proceeded to grab two tater tots and try to stick them in his ears to stop the bleeding.

I'll admit, I don't have the best voice. I did participate in "selected" choir in high school - but I wasn't the chick doing solos. You won't even hear me singing a solo in church. A joyful noise is one thing...but it says make it unto the Lord, not make a fool of yourself unto the church.

We sing and goof off here at home - you won't see me doing it in public.

What about Shakira's twin...doing her little "shake" at the end of Kiss?

Scary. This show is so freaking scary. Eek

What's with the rocker at the end? Singing the Fuel song...songs like a horrid mix between strep throat and severe constipation. Even I can sing that song decently (it's not a hard song) without putting the wonder of if I'm contagious into a room. Not that I sing in public - those days are long gone. I don't even play my fiddle anymore. He looks like a dancing queen all right.. Okay, I'm sorry. That's just mean. Panic
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How very fitting...
The little boy that was once an embryo at sea (so to speak) was born...his parents named him Noah. How fitting is that? While I think it is kind of cute now, as I am sure everyone in the nation probably does...the kid is going to be horrified when he's a teenager. Really, when you think about it - it's not very original...but he will have one heck of a story to tell, for sure!!

At any rate, I wish him nothing but a life full of happiness and joy!

New Baby
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15 January 2007
Woe is me!!
Woe is me! Woe is me! Okay, so I don't have snow. I have ice. We don't get much snow here - we get ice. Yesterday was incredibly strange. We went (or rather tried to) to Taco Bueno. They were closed!! Good grief - the roads were all mushy, but still passable. I mean, this isn't like Denver or Pueblo where you have to dig your way out to your car to slap the chains on your tires.

So what you do for fun is...you take an old timey' wash bucket from your in laws', you put a light spray of Pam cooking spray on the bottom, sit it at the top of an icy hill (at a field - not near the road), stick your kid in, and give him a shove. The insane mix between shrill laughter and the look of exhiliration on his face will make you grin bigger than a puppy eating cat poop without getting caught.

Speaking of dogs...Pup Dog is officially disgusting in my book (and that's a pretty dang big book). If there is one thing that Dumb Dog has over Pup Dog is that Dumb Dog knows that you drop something when I say "Drop it" or you just plain stay out of it. So, Friday night Bry-onicle was watching season one of Transformers and I was trying to finish reading Silence of the Lambs. Pup Dog runs and hides by the fireplace. I am thinking that he's chewing on wood. So I go to one side and Bry-onicle closes in on the other side. Pup Dog runs right to me; just chewin' away on something. I told him to drop it and opened my hand...and he did. The one time the stupid puppy listens to me he drops a big old juicy cat turd in my hand. Grumpy

Oh and one more note on the "woe is me" category...Peterson is going pro!! Giving up his last year of eligibility. I told The Cop Magnet he was going to do it. I mean, really, let's balance this out - a Heisman Trophy or a few milling bucks in the bank? Gee, what would you choose?

So while I will remain a true...crimson Sooner fan until the Jesus calls me home, I think that we are at least two years away from a championship...because now we have to break in new players.
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Nothing like a little one upmanship
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14 January 2007
Okay, okay
I know I told yall that I was going to do this on Fridays. But this is just too good. Giggle

Here are three Google searches that people found me under this week.

animal pound in mckinney texas of fat cats

pat robertson generalizations

if i die who is entitled to my house

On another note, we got the new website up so go and check it out.
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12 January 2007
Almost came to throwing punches....
Today's ice storm was nothing else than a joke. Now, tomorrow is probably a different story once the ice has a chance to sit on the road...and with no one out driving on it. My grocery getter made it around just fine. I did between 30 and 45 all the way from OKC. I slid once and as soon as I let off the gas the car went right back into control.

Anyhoo, when I got back here into Noble I remembered that I needed to stop and get cat litter. First, Super C was packed. It was quite difficult to find a parking place. Second, there was one tub (27 pounds) of cat litter left. Good thing I am small and quick - I got some looks. Tired as I was, I wouldn't have ruled out smacking someone. Now, at this store - the bag boys fall all over you to carry your stuff. I mean, you have to beat these kids off with a stick. There's been once where one literally took my groceries from me and insist that he carry them. I told him he had ten seconds to put the bags down. It is one thing to ask, it is another thing to patronize an adult (which is what he did). Today, they wouldn't go near the door. LOL I was kind of glad.

We are all home and unscathed from this "storm of the century". Frankly, I think the storm back in November was much worse...of course it aint over yet.
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Guideline 82
82. You shall not pose for Playboy in your military uniform.

I don't know, maybe I'm just cranky. I mean - I'm all for freedom of expression. While I am not particularly fond of Playboy, they have their rights - just like I do. First and foremost, it seems to me like Hugh has lowered his standards. The pic goes to show you that they do airbrush, indeed...because this chick aint all that.

I hope her military discharge was dishonorable. If you can't speak out against the President while in uniform, what in the world makes you think you can pose in your uniform and then strip for Playboy? Well, other than the fact that it is an ingenious way to get kicked out of the military and avoid going overseas (can't say I blame her although I am very thankful for those that do go).

Great, now I'm conflicted.
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I hate insomnia
Went to bed at midnight last night...got up about 3:30 this morning. All I could dream about was that stupid final memo that is due by the 17th. I spent yesterday reviewing my notes. I have a half day at work.

The Bry-onicle might be having a little buddy sleep over that he knows from school. The Cop Magnet thinks he might know the mom from high school because she "sounded familiar". Well, it's not like anyone leaves this town for good that was raised here...me? I'm an implant from Oklahoma City. That's probably why I work there - that...and I couldn't find a job in Norman.

The sleep over is pending on the ice storm. It's just amazing to me that we can go from a fire danger in 65-70 degree weather (which is unusual but not compared to last year) with 25-40 MPH wind to an ice storm in the course of 24 hours. It's not incredibly bad out right now. I've taken Pup Dog out twice to potty. It is starting to mist.

Technically the storm shouldn't start until tonight, but this is Oklahoma we are talking about.. So, Bry-onicle's sleep over might turn into a play date. His buddy lives out in the boon-docks of Noble (lots of hilly roads) and we don't want to chance it with the ice.
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11 January 2007
Because everyone is entitled to my opinion...
I don't know about the rest of yall, but I am so sick of this Duke "rape" case. The girl wasn't raped. Did yall hear me? I said the girl wasn't raped. Here are my reasons for my firm belief.

1. She changes her story more often than she changed her underwear.

2. Speaking of underwear, she had semen stains from five different men and none of them matched any of the players.

3. She had a baby almost nine months later...rape sounds like a good cover when you want to retain the image of a good girl...except your a stripper. Not that all strippers are bad - this one probably gives the rest of them a bad name. I'm sure there are some very nice girls that resort to stripping to pay for college.

4. Even her co-dancer said she wasn't raped.

5. The DA withheld evidence about the different semen stains (that didn't match any of the players) for how long? Toss this case (and his butt) out of court.

6. Now she is recanting saying one of the guys she named early was in the room but didn't participate because he was getting married...oh, and that he was on the phone with his soon to be old lady. Don't you think his old lady would have reported this? I mean, come on, how many people are dead silent during a gang rape?

So, once again, the girl is a liar...yes I said girl. She is not a woman. A real woman owns up to her mistakes and her responsibilities. I sure hope she puts that baby up for adoption - I'd hate to see another one like her running around.
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09 January 2007
How people found me this week...
So this week, the searches that got people here from January 1st 2007 through today are (and next week, I'll start doing this on Friday).

  • blogsearch.google.com - Dr. Laura
  • I was dugg by Mearn for my piece on the little boy that tragically lost his life by mimicking Saddam's hanging.
  • google.com - pastor anniversary letter
  • google.com - cheerleaders from McKinney North High School myspace pages (which is funny because I only made one snide comment)
  • google.com - "filled her shirt" (it was about whipped cream, honest!!)
  • google.com - tree house test drive at lunchables (still haven't figured out why)
  • blogsearch.google.com - office attire
  • google.com - apostolic pentecostal divorce (??)
So, by far...my two favorites would be that I was found from digg.com and from the phrase "filled her shirt".
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08 January 2007
Woe is me!!!
I heard an awful rumor that KEBC 1340 AM here was switching formats. But I thought it was just an ugly rumor. Here I sit broken hearted...apparently they either took Dr. Laura off or moved her. I am so sad. Sad Banana

Guess I'll have to go snoop around on podcasts.yahoo.com to see what else I can find to fill the void.
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06 January 2007
How appropriate..
Bry-onicle was sitting here telling me about Wind Man. Wind Man is a "super-hero" that appears in my house from time to time and helps me with chores that need to be done quickly (better than Breaking-Wind Man). OMG 3

Anyhoo, he starts telling me how he, the Bry-onicle, truly is Wind Man. He became Wind Man when an experiment went horribly wrong in his laboratory. I asked him if that was like how the Hulk became the Hulk. He said it was kind of, but worse. Something about computers eating brains or something.

Long story short...I noticed what shirt he had on. It says, "My reality check just bounced!" I was thinking, "Yeah, no doubt about that." Laughing 18
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05 January 2007
Because everyone is entitled to my opinion
Remember - if you want my commentary on a news story, email me. I'll be more than happy to give you my opinion.

The Cop Magnet asked me last night what I thought about the congressman being sworn in using the koran. Here's my thoughts:

I don't have a problem with it. Oh, I can see both sides of the audience right now.

The liberals are hootin' and hollerin' about how happy they are to see someone Practical have such an open mind. LOL Fight

The uber-conservatives are hootin' and hollerin' about how next thing they know they'll see me endorsing burkas and praying to allah. Bad Mood

Now let's look at the real facts. Does everyone remember going to Civics or American History? Can anyone tell me why our forefathers came here? Can anyone tell me what Amendment One gives us? Those of you that said freedom of religion get a cookie (but you have to buy it for yourself)! Snack

Our forefathers came here to get away from forced religion. If we begin to get upset over someone using their own holy book as a means to be sworn in to office, we begin to forget why we are here to begin with. I don't believe that making him swear on the Bible would make him a better congressman than swearing on the book of his own religion. Would I have liked to see him use a Bible? You betcha! I'm about as Pentecostal as they come..well, to some I am pretty liberal because I don't think judgment is my job. Shrug Shoulders 3

This whole thing can be likened to this: I'm Pentecostal. I don't think it is appropriate that I should wear pants (note that I said I don't think it is appropriate - I never said sin) since I am a woman and consider pants to be man's attire. Let's say you are non-denominational and you don't have that conviction. If I visited your church, and no one knew I was Pentecostal, would I be condemned for dressing conservatively and modestly? No, because no one would know. Now, if I came in announcing that I'm Pentecostal and this is why I do what I do, I'm going to encounter opposition (not that I care what people think because I'll tell you why I do what I do without a second thought). Some in that church will think what I am doing isn't right.

He has just as much of a right to swear on his holy book as I have to follow my Lord Jesus Christ and the standards set forth by the Bible and my church. Obviously, I'd love to see him convert because I am a Christian...just as I am sure Muslims would love to see Christians convert. The fact of the matter is, he's just as much of an American as any of us (especially the ones complaining) and he has the freedom to worship in the manner that he chooses.

Personally, I am glad to see him taking a stand for his belief. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if he is a "moderate Muslim". I am sure there are lots of them - it just doesn't seem like any of them want to stand up and be heard. Body Builder
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Well now, that was a change of pace...
Usually when a computer question arises in our house it is either me asking The Cop Magnet or the kids asking me who, in turn, has to ask The Cop Magnet. Usually, when it is from the kids it something to the effect of, "Hey mom, can you approve such and such site for the firewall?" So I'll look and then tell The Cop Magnet to come and take care of business. Computer 3

Last night, though much to The Cop Magnet's dismay, the tables turned. He actually had to ask me something. Oh man, was that a nice change of pace.

If there is one program on the face of this earth that The Cop Magnet could live without, it is MS-Access; which is the one program I am actually pretty good with (and that I enjoy using). So when he felt like doing this:Unruly Computer

I was able to explain things to him enough that he would look at his textbook and then refer back to the Access Bible. It was nice. LOL
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04 January 2007
Don't ask why it was shown on television...
That's an easy answer. Saddam's hanging was shown in his country as a means to convince the public that Saddam was put to death. Otherwise the people of Iraq and a lot of people in America would be thinking and/or saying that Saddam wasn't really dead.

I'll admit it. I watched the video. Call me what you want. Let me tell you something, though, I did not let my children see it. Matter of fact, The Cop Magnet and I watched it on the lap top with the sound off while the children played in their room with the door shut. Why? Because children don't need to see that kind of thing.

Why? Because when they do, stupid things like this happen. So don't ask why the hanging was shown on television - it wasn't shown here but the video was easily obtainable over the Internet (aren't they always?). Ask what the hell the adult in charge was thinking to allow an 11 year old to watch it.

I'm pretty steamed over this. Of course, this won't be blamed on the uncle. This will be blamed on our government for any of the following reasons:

We handed him over;
It supposedly happened at a US base 'over there';
The video shouldn't have made it to the 'net;

Basically any reason that will absolve this guy from personal responsibility. I hope and pray to God, the God that loves children and said to let the little children come unto Him for such is the kingdom of heaven...that this guy is charged with manslaughter or something that gets him some serious jail time.

Sure, call me judgmental...tell me I'm not a Christian. Go ahead because it doesn't bother me. You can think what you want - any of you. Just remember that because of that moron, a mother lost her son...her 11 year old baby boy. The uncle should pay.
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Thirteen Thoughts

1. I can't believe it is week eight in my classes (they are ten weeks long). I am staring down the barrel of a seven page paper and a legal memo. I'm still completely confused when it comes to LexisNexis and don't know what I'm going to do about it.

2. It's only by a miracle that I've managed to keep an A in that class.

3. I thought about giving up my morning Mountain Dew in the name of losing my last six pounds. After getting virtually no sleep last night between the puppy, The Cop Magnet's snoring, and the house feeling like a sauna...I better wait and give it up later.

4. A friend of mine's daughter was diagnosed with a staph infection. She's 11. Apparently it is right at the top of her bottom. They think she got it from a public restroom...and yet people wonder why I refuse to use public restrooms.

5. I am taking a break from teaching Sunday School. I was going to take a break from Children's Church (I help on the third Thursday of every month) but then they wouldn't have enough people. So it looks like I am still doing children's church.

6. I came across a new site that I like a lot. Of course, some of you will love it and some of you will hate it. I think it is probably one of those sites that you can't sit on the fence for. You can see it to the right under my links. If you've been here before, you'll know which one is new - otherwise, you'll have to click them all. ha ha.

7. I think Pup Dog is mighty confused. He pees in the floor and then scratches the door.

8. I am glad this is only a three day week (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) because I am so incredibly tired.

9. That's the hard thing about church on Thursday nights. It starts at 7, we get home around 9, and we get up at 5 the following morning. The kids are exhausted and so am I.

10. The Cop Magnet's birthday is this weekend.

11. I am so glad I don't have a daughter - because if she pulled the same crap the cheerleaders in that town in Texas pulled (McKinney or North McKinney or something like that), they'd be sent to a convent...at the very least.

12. As you can see, I don't bother with resolutions. You can either change your life or not. The beginning of a new year has nothing to do with it.

13. I have two words for you: brrrr...snore.
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03 January 2007
You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!
Okay, so some of you can. So - for anyone that wants to hear my opinion on a news story (that is printed in English and that is fairly recent to what ever date you read this post), email me. I'll be happy to oblige it in public.
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My not so humble opinion on a nit wit...
Yeah, Pat Robertson is a nit wit. Loser Someone in a Yahoo group asked what our thoughts are on the whole Pat Robertson got a message from God that we'll be hit by the end of the year "I'm not saying nuclear"... Here's my unabridged (and maybe then some) thoughts.

For the most part, I don't pay this guy no nevermind. I'll admit, I used to watch it in the middle of the night back when Monkey Butt's asthma was really, really bad and we lived on the Air Force base. He just got more and more ridiculous and I'm sorry, people's lives don't change for giving the 700 Club their life's savings. People's lives change when they dray close to God. Now hey, if you feel led to donate to the ministry - go for it. Just make sure it is a legit ministry or donate to your local church or something.

So, let's talk about his statement and why he's an idiot. Let's poke holes in it and then I'll give you my predictions. Poking

1. He's talking in such a wide generalization.

2. We haven't been hit in five years. There was about 11 years or so between our bombing here in Oklahoma (done by a citizen) and the bombing there in NY...and let's not forget the first attempted bombing of the WTC. So, as we can see there are different lengths of time in between each different attack. At any time we could be attacked. So, he's overly broad by stating that it will happen by the end of 2007. Anything can happen within the next 11 months. If another hurricane tears through, will that somehow get blamed on the terrorists (like the levees breaking) - what about the house that just blew up here in Oklahoma because of a gas leak? He'll be screaming attack at anything that even minutely resembles it.

3. This is the same idiot that said that Arial Sharon had a brain hemmorhage because of divine punishment. Now, don't misunderstand my point here - I am not saying God won't punish us for disobedience. However, I do doubt God sending a hemmoraghic stroke to teach someone a lesson by it killing them. Because, really, what will the person learn that they can use in life? When God chastises, we learn a lesson and try to complete the trial again. Maybe he would send a stroke to paralyze someone temporarily. God uses sickness to draw people closer. Consider Job. Consider the depression that Elijah suffered. Maybe - then maybe that person will pull closer to God (like Joni Erickson-Tada). Of course, let's not discount the fact that he later apologized for making such a statement.

4. He also said not long ago (maybe a year or so) that we are Israel's best friend and strongest defender (something to that level, anyway) and now we are causing them to commit "national suicide"? Now, I know relationships can change quickly and I know that we aren't exactly the most upstanding, moral nation...but I have a hard time thinking that we are now, as a nation, against God's chosen people.

5. While I certainly know and believe God talks to us (hey - He even talked to Jonah and gave him a second chance), I don't believe God gives us generalizations. Jonah didn't say, "Repent within the next year because a terrorist activity might happen or God might strike you." He said, "Repent or God WILL strike you." I don't know about you, but it is starting to sound like Robertson wants us to get hit. By the way, if you've never seen Jonah: A Veggie Tale Movie..watch it. It's a great show! The Bible doesn't say, "Sometimes the wages of sin is death." It says, "The wages of sin is death." The only way to get around that is through Jesus. Again, that's not a generalization - that's a straight forward solution to the world's problem.

Ready for my predictions? I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I stole this idea in part from Mix...but decided to go on with it once Robertson opened his big, fat mouth.

1. Oklahoma will have a major thunderstorm that destroys some buildings (oh that's a real shocker there, isn't it?).

2. It will be hot and muggy in Louisiana this summer.

3. Someone famous will die.

4. Something fairly insignificant will happen that Robertson will try to blame on the terrorists (maybe the UFO sighting out in Chicago?).

5. Robertson will be eating his humble pie with a side of crow next January.


I've decided to do something a little different this year...it isn't a resolution. I'll tell you about it later!
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02 January 2007
As you can see...
I've updated the cast of characters. DS1 came up with a clever nickname for himself - Bry-onicle. I've decided to start calling DS3 Monkey Butt (which is what he is called around here). We haven't thought up a nickname for DS2 yet, but we'll add him back. Never despair.

Bry-onicle was watching over my shoulder as I updated the list. He said, "Fatty McChuckles? Who's that?" I told him it was his Uncle Brandon. He was already laughing at the name and he said, "That's so funny it made me pee in my pants a little bit." I thought immediately of the saying, "You made me throw up - but just a little."

There are just some things you don't need to know. Sweating

Speaking of Monkey Butt...the school called this morning to tell me he fell off the slide. Collapse
That was me when they called. I was so scared he broke something. The school secretary (we have no nurse) said that he was fine, but had a bruise on his thigh. Don't be concerned - my MIL works with her...she's seen plenty of Christian boys legs through out the years.

So when Monkey Butt got off the bus I said, "I heard you fell off the slide today."

"No, I did not."

"Ms. Laura said you did."

"No, mom, I told her I fell on the side-walk. She never let me finish my sentence."

Slide - side...same difference apparently...
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