31 August 2007
Demands were met
Just an update...Mr. Frosty has met the demands for the safe return of his glass water bottle.


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Just an ordinary day...
Or is it? For you see, today is the day before the OU Football season kick off! It is a home game at 6 tomorrow evening. Everyone has gotten out their crimson and cream shirts. I went to Sprawl-Mart to buy a shirt I've been eyeing for a while and they are GONE! It was a clever shirt, too. It said, "Southern girls know their primary colors...crimson and cream!"

The air is filled with the smell of curly fries and there are American Red Cross signs everywhere for yet another blood drive - they have OU shirts, but I can't donate again. I think I am just done with donating though...I was sick for several days after the last time. Usually I don't get sick.

I guess the real question of the day is...will Mr. Frosty fulfill his promise to by Crab Cakes a Frosty from downstairs since I returned his silly little glass water bottle without harm yesterday? He left it on my counter so I held it for ransom... I warned him that if he neglected to fulfill his end of the bargain his water bottle might disappear.

So that's your daily (well, you know as well as I do that I won't update this daily) installment of As the Office Swivels (Swivels - brought to you by Mr. Frosty!).

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30 August 2007
Here we are...
Another Thursday and I don't have time to play TT. Oh, I could post - but I wouldn't have time to revisit everyone that stops by. I might put something up later just because and not go to TT and tell everyone. This is our busy time at the big university. Students are getting ready for on campus interviews and we are working hard on the employer side to get the schedules up.

Yesterday and today I work 9 - 6.

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27 August 2007
Funny stuff!
Ever seen a ball room dancing class? Even better - ever seen a ball room dancing class full of young, college students? Funnier than a fifth grade winter formal!


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Forget where's Waldo..
My family has a more interesting game for weekend excitement!

It's called, "Where's Grandpa?"

The exciting, weekend adventure game where you must track down your 83 year old grandfather that likes to hitchhike!

This week's winner? The Oklahoma Highway Patrol! They found him with his suitcase in hand headed down I-40. It is the one time I've ever been glad that The Cop Magnet is in their system. They asked grandpa if they could call anyone and he said to call his son (my husband is a junior). So they ended up calling us. I was so glad they called to say they found him hitchhiking as opposed to splattered across four lanes.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet weekend...

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26 August 2007
Dee Dee Dee of the Year
According to Carlos Mencia the winner is....

Michael Vick!


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Carlos Mencia on why he doesn't perform overseas


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So usually...
We go out for ice cream after church. I can get, like, three junior cones from Braum's for just a couple of bucks. Today, though, I've been stricken by Montezuma's Revenge. Actually I've had it since Thursday. I'm not sick. I have irritable bowel syndrome. It used to be really bad to where we had to worry about me getting dehydrated, but since I had my hysterectomy a few years ago it hasn't been so bad. This is the worst it has been in a long time. I don't even want to leave the house. I've resorted to rice and fat free chicken broth for sustenance.

The Cop Magnet just left for the store to get the stuff to make the boys some black cow floats. It's the best I can do for now.


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22 August 2007
Right on!!
Your Guy Is Not Pretty!

Your boyfriend is more hetero than John Wayne. End of story.
While it may be hard to get him to go dancing or shopping...
You know that he can always stand up for and take care of you.
Which is waaaay more attractive than a few well placed highlights.
Is He Prettier Than You?

He is SO not prettier than me! Should tell you about what happened at Braums!

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Note to self..
When giving blood at University of Oklahoma...don't tell an OU / Texas joke if you aren't sure if your nurse is a Sooner fan. Turns out that her dad was a Longhorn...which she told me after she stuck me so hard she hit a nerve. You know what, though? If you bring your butt to my college you best be ready to hear some smack. My arm still hurts in the shoulder. I think I won't be doing it in anymore. Usually I don't get so light headed but I am just really messed up from it.

In other business, the University was holding a mock evacuation of the stadium...you get a free t-shirt if you go...that was the ploy. I wanted to know if it said, "I survived my government 'trying' to save me and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!"

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Once again I must ask why there is useless research
Do we really need to know the effect of moose farts on the environment?

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21 August 2007
Very accurate!
What Your Pizza Reveals

Your appetite is pretty average. You don't go overboard - but you don't deprive yourself either.

You consider pizza to be bread... very good bread. You fit in best in the Midwest part of the US.

You like food that's traditional and well crafted. You aren't impressed with "gourmet" foods.

You are generous, outgoing, and considerate with your choices.

You are cultured and intellectual. You should consider traveling to Vienna.

The stereotype that best fits you is emo. You think you're special... and you kind of are.
What Does Your Pizza Say About You?

About the only part of this that was wrong about me is the part about being outgoing. I'm not...well I guess compared to The Cop Magnet I am...but that doesn't count - he aint right.


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Anyone else wonder??
Why is Super Nanny needed? Whatever happened to just disciplining your children instead of whining about what hateful little brats they are? They wouldn't be hateful little brats if mama and dad didn't tolerate it from the get go!

Juuusssstttt a thought...

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20 August 2007
ROTFLOL - Monday is now going to be Mania Monday. I will get some kind of thing set up for yall to play next week. The goal is to post at least one funny video. Keep it under three minutes!

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This is how I feel about the world..


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So today was the first day of classes at the big state university I work for. I was ready for that; I like busy. What I wasn't ready for was to be blown off at the bus stop.

While I am glad not to have to kick Bry-onicle out from behind my skirt tail (my worry for a while), I was not ready to be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen - a pre-pre-teen as entered into my midst. I am so glad that Monkey Butt is still young enough to think I'm cool. Bry-onicle wants to walk to the bus stop by himself (well, with his little brother too).

Well my co-horts co-workers found out today the area of OKC that I grew up in. I was the white girl that grew up down in the ghetto. So now they call me Scrappy. Great.


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19 August 2007
Well thanks to the remnants of whatever the tropical storm was that hit Texas...my entire garden (full of wild zinnias) was up rooted by the wind in the middle of the night. That's irritating.

On another note - I am trying to get my web cam to hook up using Vista.


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17 August 2007
Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys. I won't go into the horrific sideshowish nature that is the transportation department....because the director, also a family friend, promised me they are working on it.

That's why you get no TT. I didn't have any time to think up something...I took my lunch at 8:00 to take the boys to school and so I sat at my desk from 9:00 - 5:00. Today I get to leave at 4:30.

Today the boys are riding the bus to school and for once they are not the only children at the bus stop. I just can't believe how quickly time has gone. Now I have a fourth grader and a first grader...a fourth grader who promptly ignored me when he saw his buddy at the bus stop and that when I said, "I love you! Have a good day!" said, "Uh...yeah. Bye mom."

So now I am sitting in a very quiet tin can alone because I don't leave for work for 15 minutes. I can't take them to school because they can't be dropped off until 7:50 (Monkey Butt) and 7:40 (Bry-onicle). To ensure that I get a decent place to park I need to be up and outta here by 7:30. Nerve wracking... I don't know if I like my kids being at a bus stop without me there. Bry-onicle, being the little tattle tale that he is, will update me this evening and I will know if I should stay. The one older kid at that stop is a girl and she's a pretty good kid. She comes to our church sometimes...not the brightest crayon in the box, but very nice. I think she's in high school.

In other family related news - I go for my eye exam tomorrow. Bry-onicle had his last week and got his glasses. The frames twist. I thought that was awesome. Insurance paid everything but about $40. After my eye exam we are going to the Sam Noble Museum. It is free admission and I haven't been. The boys love it.

You know what just dawned on me? I could be reading my homework instead of blathering mindlessly... Actually - I have time to put up the dogs and grab my book. Anyone up for Quiznos? I'm starving!

Oh - yeah... I almost forgot:


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14 August 2007
Time to incite a riot...
I just had an interesting thought walking to the bathroom...

If someone can be arrested for having sex with a person (or with various people) strictly to spread HIV or AIDS...both which will eventually take the life of the recipient....why can't someone be arrested for using abortion as birth control since they have sex and take the life of an innocent party?

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Word of the day: refluent
When something is refluent it is made by a backwash of water. Here, I used the word in a sentence for you:

The chunks in my cup appear to be from the refluence of liquid that returned from my three year old niece’s mouth back into my drink…mmmm backwash!

I used it at work to which I received, "You're sick! Shut up!" from a co-worker that doesn't have children.

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13 August 2007
Guess what...
Three weeks (September 1) until Sooner Football!


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11 August 2007
And no not about my ten year reunion this afternoon.

My pastor called) to talk about one of my many ideas (I am known as the idea queen at church..don't know what to do? Ask Sis Robin - she'll think of something!!).

I don't know how many of you has heard of the new ministry that was sprung from the Ladies Ministry. It's called Today's Christian Girl. Their motto is "Today's Christian Girl...Tomorrow's Woman." Anyway, at the beginning of this year I told the pastor and his wife that we should really start something like that at church. One of our youth just had a baby, families are splintered, Paris Hilton is all over the TV.

How are these girls to know what is right and how to act if they don't have a role model? I wanted to start kind of a "girl's club" before I knew about TCG. Boys don't have to deal with nearly as much of this kind of stuff... I mean, they do deal with some of it. I have three sons, but let me tell you - they are so much easier. They don't seem to be nearly as influenced by peer pressure as girls are.

TCG is supposed to be working on some curriculum, but they don't have any yet. Right now it is pretty skeletal. Long story short - I have to be at my church tonight at 6 to give a presentation. The estimated launch date is December...so I have roughly three months to start coming up with some curriculum. Think Girl Scouts, but with an Apostolic truth.

I more or less just copied the About Us section on their website. I am very nervous. Please pray that the church sees the need (they apparently do or they wouldn't have given me a launch date). I just keep waiting for someone to say to me, "What do YOU know about raising girls? You've got sons!" Yes, I do but I was young and impressionable not too long ago. You don't see male rock stars parading around on the news channels half naked...you see female "celebrities" doing it. People (WOMEN) have to step up and take the reigns.

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09 August 2007
Just FYI
The Cop Magnet re-did Dirty Cop Reporter. It's a forum now. Come and register and check it out!


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No, really?! You think?!
For all of the hard core femi-nazis out there...

Women and younger ladies aren't sexual objects because men can't keep their mouths shut. Apparently people are now starting to realize that the women who dress like sluts don't do it because a man is making them (that would be true oppression). They do it because they look up to such social retards as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan.

Well now the study is saying that looking up to such people is taking a toll on the mental health of young girls. Well, no joke!

Christian women - I don't care what denomination you are... Get off your duffs, start dressing like a lady (if you don't already - and daisy dukes does not a lady make), and start a mentoring group for young girls in your church or community. We can reverse the cycle. We just have to quit complaining about it and just do it.

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08 August 2007
Thirteen Fascinating Facts

1. Scientists say that the higher your IQ is the more you dream.

2. You use 200 muscles to take one step.

3. The average woman is 5" shorter than the average man.

4. A pair of human feet contain 250,000 sweat glands.

5. The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

6. The human brain can hold 5 times as much info as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

7. It takes seven seconds for food to get from your mouth (when you swallow) to your stomach.

8. At the moment of conception, you spend about half an hour as a single cell.

9. Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

10. Your teeth start growing 6 months before you are born.

11. Blondes have more hair than those with darker hair colors.

12. Your thumb is about the same length as your nose (I see you measuring!).

13. A full bladder is roughly the size of a golf ball.


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What do you mean it is only Wednesday? It is supposed to be Friday, the GI Bill should have came in by now, and we should have all of our school shopping done...none of which has happened.

Bry-onicle does have an eye appointment today. We are pretty sure he needs glasses. My insurance is pretty good and his eye doctor has a pretty big selection of frames. It costs me $15 to take him in and $25 for a pair of glasses. Monkey Butt will be the next one in...and I have to eventually go in too.

I am about ready to call my doc. I am so tired. I slept for maybe two or three hours last night. The night before I slept for two hours. Uncle Cousin Jerry Springer (I really should add him to the cast of characters - but then I feel like I am some how rewarding him if I do even though he has no idea that I blog) is wearing me out. While it is apparently "okay" to stalk your wife (even though you are separated) it was not "okay" for me to take my kids to see the Simpsons Movie. He's right..it wasn't okay because the movie sucked. I shouldn't have tortured them like that. His argument is that it should be against my religion...not a good card to pull with me right now. I'm kinda cranky.

In the infamous words of South Park...I really wanted to say to him, "Screw you...I'm going home." Yeah I know it is really screw you guys I'm going home..

Actually I am headed for something to eat for breakfast (milk has been bothering me more than usual) and then headed to work. Yall be good now. And leave me a nice comment to cheer me up. I have a funny TT planned for yall tomorrow. I'll try and get it up today for my early bird.

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07 August 2007
Oh Chiquita...how you betray us..
Granted the first comment on this story is right - a Chiquita banana conspiracy just isn't as sexy as a big oil conspiracy. Oh Chiquita - you may have betrayed us, but apparently our government helped.


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Another true one
You are a Brainy Girl!

Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.
You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.
For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.
A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!

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Finally a quiz that's right
You Belong in the USA

People either love you or hate you
And you really don't care what anyone thinks
Big and bold, you do things your way

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And people wonder why I don't trust the media...
Whatever happened to truth? I know that for some truth is a relative principle. Yet at one point it seems to me that truth was much more valued than it is today. There's a good reason why I don't trust the media....and this is just one example.


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06 August 2007
Word of the day: deception
I live in Noble, OK. Just go to foxnews.com and search on it. You'll read about the tragic thing that happened.

Essentially, we have no animal control.

So this family calls the cops because of a snake in the birdhouse. Now all you'll hear on local news is how the cop shot at the birdhouse and how one shot managed to ricochet (or went through the tree which makes more sense) and hit a little five year old boy in the back of the head who was fishing with his grandfather.

Let me clear up some deceptions for you...

Heck yes it is tragic.

One - the cops tried other avenues of getting the snake out of the tree (and frankly if you are going to live out in the country grow some balls and get used to snakes - don't call the cops that carry nine mms...get you a pellet gun or get some bird shot).

Two - the *homeowners* suggested and agreed that shooting the snake would be a good idea.

Three - the cops did not know the kid was there. The little boy was fishing with his grandfather back past some brush at a pond.

Four - foxnews.com quotes the grandfather as saying he knows it was an accident, but if he would have put his grandbaby in the car without a car seat and drove to town, and was in a wreck in which the boy was killed he would have been arrested for murder. That's not fair or true. They don't always charge for murder; negligent homicide or manslaughter probably but probably not murder. People shake the crap out of their babies and practically walk. Also the scenario is completely different - he would have *knowingly* put the kid in his car without a car seat and he would have *known* the danger. The cops did not *know* the kid was anywhere around. It isn't like the boy was sitting by the tree or climbing the tree and they decided to shoot anyway.

I think it is really sad that the media is trying to make the police look like the bad guys. Yes, I know that a five year old boy was killed. That is so awful. I've cried for two nights now because Monkey Butt might have known that boy from school. Yet people just fail to realize that the police did not know...they were not told that there was someone down on the private pond fishing. This young policeman has to live with this now for the rest of his life....and if anyone finds out who he is he will have a huge stigma to deal with. That's also tragic.


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03 August 2007
I am SO bored...
Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky.

In fights, you speak your mind and don't hold back. You know you're right, and you can get quite angry about it.

Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.

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Really awesome
I got to tour NOAA and the National Weather Service today. The building is completely awesome. If you are in Oklahoma, I highly recommend going. It's over by the Sam Noble Museum of History and has a great deck for viewing the sky.

The best part is that I got to go on work time!


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02 August 2007
Thirteen reasons why I am getting back into TT
1. Because it's been several months and I think I've finally recovered from burn out.

2. Because my lists are funnier than David Letterman's. If you don't believe me - check out my archives.

3. Because I selfishly want more traffic and comments.

4. Because I am insanely bored.

5. Did you know that the term insanity is not a true psychological diagnosis?

6. Okay, now I'm just rambling.

7. Because I know all of you missed me during my very long hiatus.

8. Because I could probably think of 13 misconceptions I just had after seeing a Lanocaine commercial - when she was tossing all those tubes at him they vaguely looked like tampons from where I am sitting.

9. Because the news fodder is now providing ample material for my amusement.

10. Because Quaker baked cheddar snack mix is the best and it gives me an excuse to eat it.

11. Yes, number ten is too completely true!

12. Because I am forced to watch CNN practically all day at work.

13. Because you know you love me...


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01 August 2007
It's MEEEE!!

What do you think? I look good as a drawing! I love Photoshop!

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