29 June 2007
Celebratory 400th Post
So I was going to think up something grandiose to blog about...because 400 is a number (especially when the blog is less than a year old). Yet I couldn't think of anything worthy enough. So now you get a whole post full of crap! You lucky thing, you!

I looked like a drowned rat when I finally got in to the office this morning. My boss wanted me to go this morning and get my parking permit (which is on the other side of the campus) before reporting in this morning. So, being the good underling that I am, I went.

Now as I am sure many of you know we've been swamped with rain. So much rain, in fact, that my garden is full of mushrooms and sometimes I wonder if an alligator might eat my dogs when I let them out...

Anyway, I've been very good about taking my umbrella to and from work. At least, I've been good until today. I walked out of the house without it. I didn't think much about it because it was not raining when I left.

I had to park about a block away from the parking permit place...and don't you know it - when I came out from there it was pouring down rain.

Then I had to go and park about a half mile away from my building...and it kept raining. I looked like a drowned rat by the time I got in. Thank goodness an office mate had a space heater. They all laughed at me.

This is day 17 of rain. From the look of the extended forecast we won't see the sun until sometimes next week. I bet Nana Beachy isn't very happy. She bought a pool this year - and only been able to use it twice in between the rain and the idiots that installed it incorrectly.

My GPA is back up (well - better than it was) this semester. I am now sitting at a 3.81. I am so glad to be done with all the math classes...and I got a book for my next class. The problem is that it was the wrong book. What I am going to do with a business statistics book for my psychology class?

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