29 January 2007
Nana Beachy's Guide to Men
If you aren't sure who Nana Beachy is, check the characters on the right. Nana Beachy and I went out Saturday evening for a "girls' night". It consisted of fabric pricing, yarn buying, and cross stitch pattern ogling. Then, we decided to be very naughty and eat out without the men folk. We've decided to make it a once a month ritual....or sabbatical. In the scope of things, we started talking about the men in our family. So this is: Nana Beachy's Guide to Men.

The Cop Magnet: Born a week before his due date. Since then, he's been on his own time schedule which we all lovingly refer to as Cop Magnet Standard Time. Two minutes could equal two hours in his little world - and yet at other times, he can be in quite the hurry. Hence why some of us don't ride with him.

Fatty McChuckles: Born via c-section. Incredibly laid back and Nana Beachy strongly suspects that it is because the drugs given for pain during labor stuck in his melon.

Unkey Monkey: By far, the silliest of the bunch. He got stuck on the way out and they had to yank him out. We strongly suspect that because of his "close encounter" with a dislodged shoulder (no, it didn't happen - but it could have since that is why he was stuck), he has now developed a love of bangs, bruises, cuts, and any other high adrenaline bone crunching activity. Could the lack of oxygen contributed to this? We highly believe it is likely - of course it could also be just because the boy is 18...and 18 year old boys are idiots.

Squarepants Star: Just like his father, The Cop Magnet. Sometimes he runs on his own standard time.

Bry-onicle: The most imaginative of the bunch. He came directly on his due date and, like his mother, wants things done on time (I want it done and I want it done yesterday). Highly intelligent, emotional, and imaginative. Loves to draw, read, and rule his own little world. Often called 'Space Cadet'.

Monkey Butt: Very stubborn. He was born about a month early, was breech, had his cord around his neck, and came via c-section. He came butt first to tell the doctors which end to kiss when they said the Practical Chick could not carry another baby successfully. He was asleep when they delivered him. His stubborn and adventure loving behavior could be because he is now making up for the un-fun time he had as a bun in the oven.

Stay tuned to this blog for more of Nana Beachy's insight.
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  • The Cop Magnet - my husband
  • Bry-onicle - my 9 year old son that loves Bionicle
  • Monkey Butt - my 7 year old son that loves adventure
  • Squarepants Star - my 9 year old step-son that loves Spongebob
  • Nana Beachy - my MIL
  • Big Baldy - my older brother
  • Dumb Dog - my very dumb turkish sheep dog (Anatolian Shepherd)
  • FC15 - my cat that weighs 15 pounds
  • Pup Dog - Boomer, our American Boxer
  • Unkey Monkey - my 19 y.o. brother in law
  • The Little Miss - my 3 y.o. niece
  • Fatty McChuckles - USAF BIL, father of The Little Miss
  • Peg Leg - the wife of Fatty McChuckles and mom of The Little Miss
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