11 January 2007
Because everyone is entitled to my opinion...
I don't know about the rest of yall, but I am so sick of this Duke "rape" case. The girl wasn't raped. Did yall hear me? I said the girl wasn't raped. Here are my reasons for my firm belief.

1. She changes her story more often than she changed her underwear.

2. Speaking of underwear, she had semen stains from five different men and none of them matched any of the players.

3. She had a baby almost nine months later...rape sounds like a good cover when you want to retain the image of a good girl...except your a stripper. Not that all strippers are bad - this one probably gives the rest of them a bad name. I'm sure there are some very nice girls that resort to stripping to pay for college.

4. Even her co-dancer said she wasn't raped.

5. The DA withheld evidence about the different semen stains (that didn't match any of the players) for how long? Toss this case (and his butt) out of court.

6. Now she is recanting saying one of the guys she named early was in the room but didn't participate because he was getting married...oh, and that he was on the phone with his soon to be old lady. Don't you think his old lady would have reported this? I mean, come on, how many people are dead silent during a gang rape?

So, once again, the girl is a liar...yes I said girl. She is not a woman. A real woman owns up to her mistakes and her responsibilities. I sure hope she puts that baby up for adoption - I'd hate to see another one like her running around.
posted by -atomik kitten @ 3:23 PM  
  • At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I totally agree with you, but we can't let this case die. DA has by law much power to do public good, but if one shuld use the power of his office (i.e. Mike Nifong of Durham), then he's more dangerous than the most organized criminal or drug gang because he has the power of state and federal laws as well as state and federal powers protecting him and backing him in what ever he intends to do, even if he intend to publicly destroy three innocent kids for personal gains, conspire with other agencies to hide evidence, and now seems like working with the prostitute to created a case that could be spun into something that actually happened.

    We can't let our elected officials get away with things like this!

    We must hold these elected officials who are entrusted with the power of the people and of law to be ture to their elected office.

    criminals like Mike Nifong should not be allowed to slither by, keep screaming and shouting to make the next Mike Nifong afraid to turn his elected post into a mob boss.

  • At 4:50 AM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    Oh sure we can! I'm sure you would agree that innocent people don't belong in prison. It's hard to pin a crime (especially a sexual one) on someone; especially if the "victim" can't get a story straight. Let me tell you, had it been me and it truly happened - I wouldn't be hiding behind the law to keep my identity a secret. Why? Because when you do that as a grown woman, it adds suspicion.

    You are right the DA does have a lot of power to do good things - the problem is it doesn't seem to me like the right thing is being done. All I (and anyone in the general public) can go on is what is presented to us...from there, it's all perception.

    You are right again. We should not let elected officials get away with crap like this. I really hope the people there stand up to be counted and throw the biggest hissy fit this nation has ever seen. They should think about if it was there own son being wrongfully accused.

    The man should be removed from office.

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and next time, don't be afraid to leave your name. Even if you say something I don't agree with (aside from cussing and down right disrespect), it's not like I'll come to your blog and harass you. LOL

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Cheeky said…

    This case gives my home state a baaaad rep. Not only should this case be thrown out, the alleged victim should be prosecuted for making false statements to the police AND the DA needs to be disciplined....its chicks like this that make it harder for real victims to come forward.....infuriating

  • At 7:08 PM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    It is infuriating. I think that if a state can nail the "Run Away Bride", that another state can nail this girl. It's absolutely...repulsive.

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