17 January 2007
Because everyone is entitled to my opinion..
If you want my opinion on a news story, let me know.

So...looks like Anna Nicole's non-married yet commited partner gave her son methadone...and tried to flush the rest. Sweating 3 Can you "manslaughter"?

One co-worker asked me if it was a narcotic. I don't know what it is (as far as a drug class). I said I do know that they usually administer it in a clinic setting so I don't think it's something that's "easy" to get your hands on (you know, for the average joe). Of course, I told her that I want to know why the kid was prescribed anti-depressants for a break up. Life hurts. But then again, look who at who parented him. We might need them too if we grew up with her.

What I want to know is how the attorney boyfriend got his hands on methadone. Is he a druggie or is he an addict? Something just doesn't add up...

As far as their "commitment" ceremony where they promised to stick by each other - once the truth comes out, I hope she rolls over on that dude faster than a porno actress.

She needs to quit trying to pimp out her daughter's pictures, too. She wanted all this privacy so she goes to the Bahamas. She wants to sell the pictures...oh yeah, that's really private, isn't? Not Amused
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