06 August 2007
Word of the day: deception
I live in Noble, OK. Just go to foxnews.com and search on it. You'll read about the tragic thing that happened.

Essentially, we have no animal control.

So this family calls the cops because of a snake in the birdhouse. Now all you'll hear on local news is how the cop shot at the birdhouse and how one shot managed to ricochet (or went through the tree which makes more sense) and hit a little five year old boy in the back of the head who was fishing with his grandfather.

Let me clear up some deceptions for you...

Heck yes it is tragic.

One - the cops tried other avenues of getting the snake out of the tree (and frankly if you are going to live out in the country grow some balls and get used to snakes - don't call the cops that carry nine mms...get you a pellet gun or get some bird shot).

Two - the *homeowners* suggested and agreed that shooting the snake would be a good idea.

Three - the cops did not know the kid was there. The little boy was fishing with his grandfather back past some brush at a pond.

Four - foxnews.com quotes the grandfather as saying he knows it was an accident, but if he would have put his grandbaby in the car without a car seat and drove to town, and was in a wreck in which the boy was killed he would have been arrested for murder. That's not fair or true. They don't always charge for murder; negligent homicide or manslaughter probably but probably not murder. People shake the crap out of their babies and practically walk. Also the scenario is completely different - he would have *knowingly* put the kid in his car without a car seat and he would have *known* the danger. The cops did not *know* the kid was anywhere around. It isn't like the boy was sitting by the tree or climbing the tree and they decided to shoot anyway.

I think it is really sad that the media is trying to make the police look like the bad guys. Yes, I know that a five year old boy was killed. That is so awful. I've cried for two nights now because Monkey Butt might have known that boy from school. Yet people just fail to realize that the police did not know...they were not told that there was someone down on the private pond fishing. This young policeman has to live with this now for the rest of his life....and if anyone finds out who he is he will have a huge stigma to deal with. That's also tragic.


posted by -atomik kitten @ 12:58 PM  
  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Grace said…

    As a fellow Okie (Edmond), I too was frustrated when the "media" twisted this story about, as foxnews has a way of doing.

    I keep wondering how many nights has that officer been able to sleep, knowing he is being cruelly misrepresented? I am praying earnestly for him - that he will know peace - and that God will protect him from the media and other lunatics that want to make him into a monster. Thanks for posting this story.

  • At 1:20 PM, Blogger PraiseFiddler said…

    I read this story a couple days ago. When I saw that it happened in Noble I knew somehow I would be able to get the "juice" from you on how it really happened. Thanks for clarifying.

    Btw, the news is all about sensationalism, not journalism, anymore.

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