22 December 2006
Personally, I don't like either of them..
They both have bad hair and they both aren't exactly easy on the eyes...yes, you all know who I am talking about - The Rosie and The Donald.

Not the my hair is the best and I'm not a super model...

Why I don't like The Donald:

Well other than sometimes you just don't like people...although I'm sure I'd like his $$. I don't like the fact that he is giving Miss USA a second chance. Now, in usual circumstances I am all for giving someone a second chance. I'm a Christian. I forgive people. God forgave me. However, I don't think that she should be in such a position to be a roll model for young girls. I don't have any daughters; I have two nieces and a 14 year old baby cousin (who seems to have more sense than most grown women).

Do I think she should be forgiven? You betcha! I just don't think she should hold the crown. Do I buy the "small town Kentucky" to Big Apple excuse? Nope. I think she is smarter than that - she knows she is pretty and can get away with anything (she just did). I am so glad she is going to rehab. That is a great example - but it would be even better if she would let go of the crown. I don't want my girls looking up to people like that.

The Donald has fired people for less heinous acts. Go give her a job at Trump Towers or something - but give the crown to someone we would want our girls looking up to. I don't want my girls looking up to someone so "naive" (and I really don't think that was the case) that they can get sucked in to the night life that easily.No No I want my girls looking up to someone strong.

The Rosie:

Here is something The Donald and I agree on: she's a bully. I also think she's racist. Anyone that will make a "ching chong" comments on national TV even if it is a "joke" is a racist. I'm not Asian and I didn't think that was funny when I heard it. Wag Finger

She wants to push her views on everyone (remember the NRA incident?) and woe to those that do not agree! Apparently the First Amendment only applies to her. She can be pro-gay marriage, against the NRA, etc., but you better not disagree with her. She is so "open minded" that I really think her brain fell out.

Personally, I think that both of them ought to shut up and get off the public air waves.
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