29 September 2006
Guidelines 67 - 68
67. You shall not have sex with a child and call it a sacred ritual.

It's RAPE! What makes this especially disgusting (as if the sex with children isn't bad enough), all but one of the victims was under 13 AND some of them were autistic boys that he used to 'tutor'. This sick bastard thinks children can consent to sex. He thinks this is a sacred ritual...

Oh I am SO death penalty for child molesters...you just have NO idea. I'd kill him myself.

He gives those that are in faith a bad name. I don't care what faith...muslim, jewish, christian, hindu...all of us are getting a bad rap now.

Religious freedom my tail...this is one of those times I am so thankful for the separation of church and state. The church does NOT (church in general) condone abuse of any kind - physical or sexual. I am so glad that his court appointed attorney would not pursue religious freedom.

On second thought, maybe I am not completely death penalty for child molesters...I say turn this guy loose into the general population. They don't tolerate that crap. Oh to be a fly on the wall...or a prison guard.

68. You shall not run people over at McDonald's.

Hey - I like a McGriddle just as much as the next person.....probably even a little more. But to run someone over because McDonald's opens another register and someone makes it to the front of it before I do? Nah, McGriddle's aren't THAT good. They certainly aren't good enough to cause me the threat of jail time. Sounds to me like the lady should have paid more attention or been upset that the cashier didn't ask her if she had been helped.
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