29 September 2006
Guidelines 43 - 46
43. You shall not attempt to dismiss a Navy Chaplain for doing his job.

Personally, if I was in the military I'd feel good knowing a chaplain practiced his faith. It's a little scary when the military won't enforce their own law from 1860 and want to try and override it with some non-sense from 1998. If trinitarians can envoke the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and it isn't considered "inflammatory" or "demeaning" to another faith, then how is praying in Jesus' Name any different? You can read the entire story here. Then call the White House, your representatives, and call your church to stand for this man. How sad is it that the one country that was founded on freedom of religion and Judeo-Christian values is now being denied the right to practice his faith (when it is his job)? The same people that fight for our rights are being denied their rights. If this chaplain is so demeaning to other faiths, why did he fight for a Jewish sailor to have kosher meals aboard a ship? 'Scuse me for a minute...I have a White House to call.

44. You shall verify a story with credible sources before sending out a news alert.

Okay so when I got into work this morning, I was all set to only publish one rule. But no, now I have to publish three.

I had two breaking news alerts from Fox News this morning. One said that the 12 miners were all found alive. The next one said all but one are dead. Do you see a problem here? Something tells me they didn't die on the way OUT of the mine shaft.

My prayers are with the families of the deceased and with the surviving miner.

My sympathies are with Fox News for apparently hiring a bunch of idiots.

45. You shall remember to re-attach the emergency brake when working on someone's car.

Last night I took a co-worker to pick up her car from the mechanic. She told me that she took the car in because when she had work done previously, they over tightened something and broke it. So now she is out another $100 to get it fixed. This morning when I got into work, she told me she had to take her car back into the shop. They fixed the original problem but they neglected one tiny little detail. They forgot to re-attach the emergency brake. And these people get paid for this?

Example of Natural Stupidity

You know why warning labels exist? Because of stupid people. Here are the wackiest labels of the year.

46. You shall not touch the bottom of a George Foreman Grill.

You know, the last time I posted here I was talking about stupid warning labels. George Foreman needs a warning label on his grill for people like me that don't think clearly after a certain time during the day/evening. So I had the little tabletop grill warming up on my stove, right? It didn't dawn on me that the grease trap is where it is for a REASON (AKA the grease has to come from SOMEWHERE). Well the lid wouldn't stay up because I had the grill pushed back to far on the stove. So I decided to pull it forward. I assumed the top (yeah I know what they say about assuming, so shut up) of it would be hot because of the bun warmer possibly letting off steam. So brilliant me decides to reach UNDER it. BAD idea! The non-stick grill runs from the inside to the outside of the grill forming a small lip for the grease to run down into the grease trap. I now have grill marks on two fingers.

Shut up.
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