29 September 2006
Guidelines 64 - 66
64. You shall know the difference between being blunt and being abusive.

Okay, so I get that it is a doctor's job to tell someone if they are fat...but to be so rude and verbally abusive (not to mention a little racist by saying that black men will find her attractive because she is fat) is going a bit far. That's not blunt - that's just stupid.

You shouldn't tell your patient that had brain surgery to shoot herself either...and to think - he wants to sue people now for malicious prosecution. The medical board dropped the charges saying he was blunt.


65. You shall not use 911 as a dating service.

I like a man in uniform just like most other women. I like them so much, that I married a man in uniform. Most of us, 99.9%, don't abuse public safety numbers to meet them.

66. You shall not embarass your son's memory.

I think that Cindy Sheehan is revolting. You know, when she wanted to meet with Bush I found that kind of admirable. My DH used to be in the Air Force...I have 3 sons.. I can kind of see where she is coming from. With one exception.

If my child died (any of them) doing something that they believed in and loved (even if I hated it - aside from the usual suspects of DWI, drugs, etc etc), I would not be harassing people and getting myself arrested. Hello? Do you really think you are doing justice to the memory of your son? I understand freedom of speech, peaceable assembly, and all that good stuff. But whatever happened to common sense? Do you want to be taken seriously or as a nut job?

I feel bad for her - I think the loss of her son = the loss of her sanity. If you want to do something, Ms. Sheehan, to remember your boy...why don't you visit http://www.anysoldier.com and send CARE packages? Some of the troops still overseas have no one to send them letters and treats.
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