29 September 2006
Guideline 52
Example of Natural Stupidity

My students, you will probably have to Google search for the story because your instructor (just call me stupid) neglected to mark the link to include. My good friend sent me a story that will make a wonderful example.

Number one, mothers shouldn't leave their sleeping children in a car; particularly when it is warm out. Number two, don't be more concerned about how much it is going to cost you when the fire department comes to bust the glass to get your poor baby out. People should have to undergo a common sense test before having children.

52. You shall not charge a wounded soldier for damaged body armor.

If he hadn't been wearing the body armor then there wouldn't be a soldier to charge, now would there? So let me get this straight....he gives up his life to devote to his country, puts himself in harm's way, leaves his family behind, practically gets blown to bits, gets discharged, and now he is going to be charged $700 for damaging a piece of body armor? You've got to be kidding me. I pronounce the people charging him as being held liable for DSC (for my new readers that stands for Double Stupidity Clause and the punishment is tarring, feathering, and being taken into the streets and shot). Go to Iraq but don't get hurt because if you damage the government's equipment then you must pay for it. Give me a break.

PS Don't lie, cheat, or steal because the government HATES competition (just look at Haliburton!)!
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