30 September 2006
Guideline 69
69. You shall not take meth to school...especially if YOU are the teacher.

And if you are a retarded crack fiend, keep up with your crap. You are so lucky that a teacher found the crap instead of a small child. What if a kid found it and thought it was candy? Then we'd be forced to endure you getting slapped on the wrist...or we could just kill you ourselves. I'm kinda leaning toward that...maybe tar and feathers first...the give her just enough poision to watch her flop around like a fish...maybe prop her eyelids open (after we tied her up of course) and force her to watch Teletubbies for hours upon hours.

What on earth is up with the super not having a comment? I would have a comment. I would say, "The retarded crack fiend is out on her ear. Here's her address:....." A board member says innocent until proven guilty? In most instances, I agree...but let's see here: it was in HER eyeglasses case, SHE left it in the teacher's lounge, and SHE admitted it was hers. My grandmother taught me a saying as a little girl: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck shoot it and have it for dinner.
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