19 October 2006
Playing on StumbleOn
For those that don't know - it's a plug in for FireFox. It's kind of fun...think BlogExplosion but with all kinds of sites (not just blogs but you can do blogs...and I am trying to figure out how to add this site to it).

So I come across this site that is griping about some pro-life ads apparently airing on an SD network. They (the website) referred to pro-lifers as anti-choicers. Now...here's the kicker and I need someone to please oh please explain this to me.

The site had some kind of ad on it to send money to some charity to help save people...why is it that pro-choice people (see? I'm nice - I was going to say something else but I didn't). want to save the starving children of Africa and send all kinds of aide there...or they want you to donate to this or that charity to save the life of some third world baby but murder an unborn baby? You betcha! What the heck is the reasoning behind that one? I came very close to leaving a nice little comment because it was a blog...that said simply: Smile, your mother was ultimately pro-life.

For a site of pro-choicers, they sure don't push the other choices such as...oh I don't know, keeping your legs shut.......adoption.....raising your kid? Just a thought...but what do I know?
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