18 October 2006
Guideline 73
73. You shall not ban tag or other "unorganized chase games" from recess.

Good grief, Charlie Brown - why not just go ahead and torture the teachers by using Chinese water torture instead of denying the little hooligans the chance to burn off excess energy? Lord forbid they scrape a knee - the school might be held liable...

Are we really that sue happy?!?

ATTENTION PARENTS: Your children will, at some point, injure themselves. Be it from rolling off the bed and hitting your floor (are you going to sue the manufacturer of the mattress?), slipping outside in the snow or rain (love to see you take that up with God), or even...gasp...a scraped knee at recess or a broken bone!! The horror! The agony! That's what they make HEALTH insurance for. Before people start emailing me with the, "What about those that can't afford health insurance for their kids?" get a SECOND job or apply for public assistance to insure your children are covered. You can't protect them for the rest of their little lives or they will grow up to be little pansies. You'll be speaking Arabic before you know it or have your head cut off because your kids will be too afraid to join the military because they might have to do something they couldn't do in school - be active!

ATTENTION SCHOOLS: Grow some cojones! You certainly have no problems telling parents when you think their children need special education even if they don't. Children need special education - it's called RECESS. Good gravy, what ever happened to teaching personal responsibility? Why not put up a sign that says, "Run at your own risk"?

This is almost as good as DS1's silent lunch room. Snort.
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