23 October 2006
I figured out how to work the alarm clock on my cell phone. So at lunch, I am taking a nap in my car. We have a private parking lot and I'm not a very tall girl. I can cuddle up in the back seat just fine.

Thursday night I slept just fine. I helped Sis Keys in Children's Church and we had seven kids ranging from 2 - 1o years old.

Friday night, The Cop Magnet and I fussed a little (nothing major - mostly just related to being tired and just fussing at each other cause we can). I slept for about two hours (from 5 until 7). Got up on Saturday and ate breakfast. We all got dressed and went to the city to pick up my niece (or is it neice...I always forget and yes I know this has spell checker but I'm lazy). She's 11 and she loves horses. Actually, obsessed is more like it. I'm 5'4" and she is taller than I am.

We drove out to Piedmont where my best friend from high school lives with her husband and daughter. She has two new calves and two horses. It was nice when we left (about 70 degrees). We didn't think the cold front was to move in until Saturday evening. When we got there, the wind had picked up from the north and was really gusting.

The kids chased T-Bone and E.T. (the calves) around the back yard for a while. Then we petted the horses over the fence and fed them. She took us into the barn to go out to the field her two horses are in. We helped her groom them and water them. The roof on the barn is tin and loose. So it was blowing and banging like nobody's business. She bridled her older horse (I cannot think of his name - the other horse (the one that keep loving up on DS3 by licking him and nuzzling him) goes by the name of Blaze. The horses didn't like the noise from the roof so she didn't saddle them. The kids did get to sit on the older horse bare back for some pictures. She even let my neice nudge him back some. She's going to take riding lessons soon.

We got in about 4:00 from Piedmont. We watched the game, cooked dinner, and the boys had a friend spend the night (from next door). He's a good kid but...he's one of those that unless he is put in front of the TV or game console, he's "bored". So we played some board games.

We played Pickle the Pirate (it's a learning game my FIL bought for the boys last year). I was the ship. DS1 was messing with a loose tooth and...it flew out of his mouth and knocked my ship over! DS1 won Pickle the Pirate.

We played two rounds of Uno Attack. Neighbor Boy won a round and I won a round. I love Uno.

Then we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Yahtzee. DS3, the little scamp, rolled Yahtzees EVERY ROUND. By then, it was almost ten. DS3 was becoming Mr. Cranky Pants. They all laid in the bedroom floor and watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Then they watched Short Circuit (DS1 just finds that movie hilarious). I was up until about four because I couldn't sleep. I varied my time between finishing my final test for Contracts (which I scored a 100 on so I should be right at an A now), doing some research on a company for a friend, and playing on pogo.

Sunday, they kids were all up by 7. We had breakfast and did a few household chores. I sent the Neighbor Boy home about 10 because The Cop Magnet had left to go change his oil at his mom's house. He forgot his tool boxes. In my curler glory, the boys and I went over there to take him his two very heavy tool boxes. Found out my two year old neice from Nebraska was there. She and her mother flew in Friday and my BIL will be here at the end of this week. Then, of course, back home to finish getting ready for church. Church was at 2. We had six kids between the ages of 1 and 6. It was sheer madness. LOL

I tried to go to sleep last night about 10 but I still tossed and turned.

Tonight after I get back from my jog, I am going directly to bed after a big ole' dose of Tylenol PM. My hips are bothering me because of the drastic change in weather (getting into the 30s at night, now). I need some S L E E P.

I'll try to post the family photo my friend took of us on her couch.
posted by -atomik kitten @ 10:19 AM  
  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Wowsa, sneaking naps in the car during lunch? Who'd a thunked? I wish I could be that lucky.

  • At 4:45 PM, Blogger Libragirl said…

    If I didn't know you, Pickle the Pirate is totally dirty sounding.

    Hope you feel better from being tired and sore I mean.

  • At 7:51 PM, Anonymous ReY said…

    You got it the first try (niece)

    Who names a horse ET? :)

    So i take it knocking over a pirate ship with a loose tooth isn't covered by the standard rules...

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