04 October 2006
Enough is enough...
Quickly, the abscess is back and I have to see an endodontist...filled one cavity and it hurts like the dickens. DS1 had a baby tooth pulled. I'll probably post a pic of it tonight. Show your children what happens when they lie about brushing their teeth, okay?

Anyway, I've pretty much been silent about the whole school shooting sprees lately. Enough is enough. DS1 came into my room Sunday night and woke me up crying. He had a nightmare that masked men broke in with guns. I finally got him calmed down and back in bed to sleep. I prayed with him and that seemed to help.

After the Amish school shooting and one district in our state being on lockdown because some guy fled from the cops and apparently tried to get in, we've instituted a NEWS ban in the house. If The Cop Magnet or myself wants some news, we go online and read it.

How much of a coward do you have to be to take over a ONE ROOM schoolhouse with little girls in it, only to kill five of them and then yourself? I know why he killed himself...because he knew the cops would OR the prisoners would. I mean, he's bad enough...

Do we really need a bunch of idiotic protesters proclaiming to be christians (and I use the term quite loosely in this state because the Bible says, "JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED") now want to protest on the funerals of those poor little darling babies that were killed. Why? For revenge... Because it is now a "get him because he got me" kind of thing. Now who's the sicko? The idiot that killed those little girls or the morons protesting their funeral? To protest an Amish communities obvious tragedy stating that God allowed it to happen because of America's stance on homosexuality and because of what some other minister said about them? Okay, first off the GOVERNOR that opened his mouth is NOT Amish. So if you want to go protest someone, go bug him. Personally, if I was the people in morning or the Governor - I'd have a nice, big NO TRESPASSING sign and I'd call those big biker dudes...you trespass, I shoot you. You survive, I shoot you again.

God did not "allow" this to happen. Let me explain something to you that apparently THEY don't know and considering they are supposed to be "christians"...they should really know this very elementary theology that even my children understand. It applies to any doctrine if you believe in Jesus. I don't care if you are baptist, catholic, protestant, presbytarian, pentecostal, etc. etc. etc.

The angels were made to worship and glorify God. That is there job. That is what they are made to do. Consider a vacuum. You don't use it to wash your dishes. You wouldn't ask it to wash your dishes. Why? Because it can't do anything but vacuum the floor. So when God wanted fellowship, He didn't look to the angels (you don't as a vacuum to do your dishes). If your vacuum ever tried to do the dishes or run the house, you'd get rid of it (just like God cast out Lucifer when he decided to try and usurp God). Are you following me?

So, God made man and woman in His own image. He even gave us the ability (either good or bad) to think for ourselves. In short, we are free moral agents. We are free to choose. While Eve certainly made a bad decision (first she added to God's word...God never said that the fruit could never be touched...He said not to eat it) by eating the fruit. Adam didn't even question her...he made a big mistake too (some would argue an even bigger mistake but I'm not here to rant about that).

In short, God made us to FREELY choose to fellowship with Him. He doesn't force us to. We weren't made to just worship God. We CHOOSE whether or not to worship Him. We are, again, free moral agents.

So how dare they sit there and decide to protest saying God judged? Do they not know their Amish history? They ban people from their own for things a lot less severe than homosexuality so something tells me (and I'm not Amish and don't know anyone that is) that they aren't real keen on the whole "lying with mankind as with womankind...as it is an abomination" in the Bible. I don't see them accepting homosexuality quite as openly as a lot of baptists do.

I hate to even say they are baptists. I'm not baptist. I was raised baptist. I see some fundamental errors but that doesn't make the majority of them bad people. The only bad baptists I see right now are those morons.

Things like this convince me that Jesus is coming for His church very soon. I only hope God allows some of us to watch as He judges those.....those...things that are behaving as "moral" people. I am so glad I won't be in their shoes.
posted by -atomik kitten @ 2:35 PM  
  • At 8:20 PM, Anonymous ReY said…

    Aren't you just sick and tired of self righteous O%^#&^%)(* who think they know exactly what God is thinking, saying this and that happened because we "pissed him off" so to speak?

    btw, as for fundamental "errors" of different christian denominations, I'd rather say that there are differences rather than errors (I'm not imposing that belief on anyone, just something I felt like I needed to point out).

    I do agree that God should let other's watch as He judges... perhaps judgment should be properly scheduled and broadcast on all major television stations :)

  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    Oh no...I meant what I said about errors. The Bible is very clear that we should neither take away from nor add to God's Word and I know several that do that (my denom probably does it a little too; no denom is perfect and that is why the Bible says to study and shew thyself approved).

    I think a prime time special would be great. I also think (a post for another time) that we should broadcast death penalty executions (not to small children like the age of mine) but maybe to trouble making teens (you know, the ones that are arrested half a dozen times before they turn 14).

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