20 September 2006
My opinions on recent news events
So yesterday when I got in from work, The Cop Magnet was watching (or rather listening to) Fox News Channel. The boys were playing Koley (a game they made up that is half La-Crosse and half street hockey) out in the yard so I immediately set to work in the kitchen to fix supper. The Cop Magnet has a sinus infection and something else that the doctor said is contagious.

I dropped (literally) everything (good thing nothing I had in my hands was breakable) and went running back to the Living Room when I heard that the Missouri baby was found alive. I am so glad to hear some good news being reported. On one hand, I can really empathize with the woman that kidnapped the baby (just hear me out). I'm a mom. While I've never miscarried or had one of my children pass away, the very thought of it makes me sick to the very pit of my stomach. I see how she wanted to feel the void. Then, the rational side of me (the smart side) says, "What the heck was that psycho thinking? You don't slash someone's THROAT and take their kid. You adopt. You try again. You foster. You become a Big Sister." Okay, so maybe we don't want that crazy becoming a parent. As a mother, I can't see how anyone (including someone that has lost a child) could want someone else to feel that same grief.

It makes me think back to when that crazy chick in California threw her kids to the sharks off that cliff. People should have IQ and psychological tests as soon as they hit puberty and from there, they should have it done every other year or so if they ever want children. On the other hand, I'm a certified nut job. I wouldn't pass psychological testing to see if I am "normal". But I'm the crazy that everyone seems to like. I'm snarky, straight forward, and yet strangely compassionate when you think about the background I have. I'd never even consider hurting someone (unless it was in self defense...okay so maybe I would consider it but I would NEVER go through with it).

Then on my local news channel website I read about a first grader getting suspended over a watergun. Now, I could see it happening if the water gun LOOKED like an actual gun. But this? Come on, now. What the heck happened to common sense? Did they remember to bring their brain back from their college dorm when they graduated? Granted, I believe that it should have been taken away, a stern talking to, and a call to the parent(s) administered. I just do not understand a ten day suspension. That's a bit harsh for a six year old that brought an orange 2" water gun to school (you know, the kind you get at Wally world in the bag of 8 for a buck).

Let's not forget about Dog. Oh yes, you know I had to talk about it. I agree that morally he did the right thing by capturing Luster. That dude gave menace a new meaning. People like him should be gelded (a new term I learned from people that have horses he he he). Forget chemical castration (not that we do that enough anyway) - we should literally start castrating people like that. Yet, Dog knew that bounty hunting was illegal in Mexico. So - why didn't he detain the guy (maybe a little bar fight, "You talkin' about MY mama? Oh no, you just didn't..." and knock the guy out), call the Policia, and produce your wanted poster and say, "extradite his rapist butt back to states so the prisoners can...nevermind."

Did Dog honestly think (and I love Dog the Bounty Hunter, I do...I'm just trying to be reasonable) he could get away with breaking the law in another country? I'm not going to get onto the whole illegal alien thing but just suffice it to say that if someone entered our country legally and broke the law, they would be arrested just like the rest of us. I am sure it will all be straightened out and he won't get extradited. He'll probably pay some gigantic fee or fine.

Any opinions? Sorry that I didn't give you guys any kind of zany graphic. I'm at work.
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