21 September 2006
Guidelines 8 - 10
8. You shall not rob a bank with your thirteen year old son.

Okay - first off, you should not be robbing banks at all. However if you just cannot control the urge, leave your thirteen year old out of it. Yes, we all understand that you are a loser - must you pass it on to your son? Whatever happened to wanting more for our children?! Something tells me that I better add that I am not talking about a more extensive criminal record.


9. You shall pick up after yourself in the grocery store.

I decided to waste part of my lunch hour and run to the local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery Store. I had to pick up what my husband (BTW happy SOKO anniversary #10 dear!!) and I refer to as liquid crack. It might be known to most of you as Mountain Dew. I keep a case at work - anyhoo.... I am wondering down the aisles trying to find a cube (24 pk) instead of a 12 pk. I took a trip down the pasta aisle to get to the other end of the establishment. Lo and behold a woman was getting a box of pasta. She knocked a box into the floor, turned around and looked at it in the floor, and proceeded to walk off. Hello? Your mother does not work here!! Turn your lazy behind around and pick up after yourself. Do you really think the stockers and cashiers get paid enough at Wally world to *want* and *enjoy* picking up after you?! Do you really think I want to stop what I am doing and pick up after you so some old lady doesn't trip over it? If my seven year old son and four year old son can pick up after themselves when they knock something off of a shelf then what is so hard about it for you?

10. You shall not put a child in a coin operated washing machine (or any washing machine).

Where on EARTH has common sense went? I should not even have to post this! You know, I've heard of people putting cats in microwave (which I don't condone) but what in the world was this kid thinking by putting his sister in to a washing machine?? Oh wait - he wasn't thinking..

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