20 September 2006
Guidelines 6 & 7
6. Women shall not assume that men have mind reading capabilities.

I have yet to meet a man that can read minds; most flunked out of Mind Reading 101. If you want something or need something - let them know in a clear, concise way. Don't hint around because 99% of men will not get it. For instance, if I want something for my birthday I tell my husband *exactly* what I want. It saves him the stress and it saves me from getting something I didn't want/need. Men are not women and they do not shop (or think) like women. Just as a mother talks to a two year old on their own level, wives should talk outright to their husbands. Otherwise, don't go crying to your girlfriends when you get a bowling ball and you don't bowl.

7. Do not expect me to accept your stupidity because we are related.

Do you honestly think that I am just going to take your stupidity in stride? Don't you think it is time to grow up a little and think about your actions before hand? I wonder if someone could explain to me why family members that are lacking in thought expect the rest of us to accept it. Sorry, I might not be the brightest crayon in the box but I am certainly not the least used either. If your stupidity leads you into huge problems, do not come crying to me (especially when you are twice my age).

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