30 November 2006
Thursday Thirteen
Okay, so I've been on hiatus. Since we have this big ice storm and I'm home sick...here's a TT for you. Just 13 random things that come to mind.

1. My mom now has the internet..dial up. That means I can't dog her too much because she does read the blog now but at least she appreciates a good, snippy remark.

2. Best OU / OSU joke of the season: What's the difference between an OU fan and an OSU fan? 75 miles and a college degree!

3. My voice is coming and going at odd times since I've got strep. Currently I sound like Michael Jackson with his nuts stuck in a vice.

4. I am watching Fox News and they are talking about giving plastic surgery as a gift for the holidays. She was talking about men buying a gift certificate for breast implants and face lifts. Personally, if The Cop Magnet gave me a gift certificate for a face lift, I'd give him a certificate of my own...a certificate of divorce! Don't call me ugly - if my boobs are sagging, you got kids to thank for that. LOL

5. I am spending my day playing on pogo since I am supposed to be in bed.

6. This morning when I tried to put my dog out, my storm door was iced shut. The Cop Magnet had to go out the back door, go around to the front, and apply some de-icer.

7. The kids are dying to go play outside but the snow hasn't started - it is still pelting ice and frankly, I don't feel like spending the day in urgent care.

8. Killer whales are called "killer" for a reason. Apparently an orca bit its trainer and taken to the bottom of the pool. It was a girl orca...must be PMS.

9. I got some butter cookies at the pharmacy for $1.99 for a three pound tin.

10. I just told a friend about pretrieve.com and she is going nuts playing with it.

11. I am reading one of the new Tim LaHaye books...I read the entire Left Behind series. I am reading Secrets of Ararat or something like that.

12. The Cop Magnet doesn't seem to understand that wet wood won't burn.

13. Next term I am taking Algebra and Family Law. This term I am taking Legal Research and Writing (in week four) and Interpersonal Communications.
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