27 November 2006
Thanksgiving Part I
Okay, so I am doing this in parts because you know how I can ramble on and on and on...

I had four blissful days of no work (at least not in the law office). Wednesday night, the baking festivities started. I stopped by MIL's to get the boys. She had a houseful: my two boys, both BILs, one SIL, and the little niece (2). I told her that I was going to head on home (The Cop Magnet was at home) and start baking. The USAF BIL replied, "Well why can't you do that here?" Oh gee, I don't know...maybe because there is one oven and two women are already in the kitchen trying to use it. He said, "Well then bring your oven over here." Sure, I'll get right on that. I'll just strap my electric range to my back. LOL Well, the little niece decided she wanted to come with. No problemo. We put her car seat in the middle of the back seat and headed to my house.

By now, it was about 5:45 PM (the good higher ups let us go home a few minutes early which was a blessing because I avoided a ton of traffic). So, I get home and start to take inventory. One husband: check. Two sons: check. One niece: check. Two cats: still alive so check. One dog: check. Peaches: check. Flour: plenty of that so check. Vanilla: what the? Where'd it go?! Cherries: Lite? Who the heck bought lite? Probably me - just not reading the labels. So, I start the bread-from-a-box (hey, I only have so much time on my hands, here), pack up the kids and head to Super C for some necessities.

Oh, and by that time I added another goody to my list of baking: Black Forest Cake (even though I'd never made one before but how hard could it be, right?). So, the Little Miss is in the cart, DS3 is standing on the end, and DS1 is just a cruising along beside me. We get lunchables and TV dinners because I'm about to heat the whole house up. There is ONE container of vanilla left. Waaaaayyyy at the back of the shelf. So I pick up DS1 to reach it (his arms are longer than his brother's). My back is still thanking me for that one. We get to the check out and of course the cashier seems to think that he needs to scan Little Miss's lunchable (even though it was the exact same kind as DS3's). That little lip starts to quiver and I know we are IN for it.

We get out of the store relatively unscathed and back to my house. Little Miss needs her diaper changed so of course she runs to hide. DS1 finds her and I take it to task. All the while, the bread-in-a-box is still covered on the table. When I finally got back to it, it was so big that I thought my kitchen was going to do a remake of the Blob. Then The Cop Magnet's cell phone rings.

Guess who else is coming to my house?

To be continued....
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