28 November 2006
Thanksgiving Part III
The meal was beautiful. While most people would consider 14 people and one bathroom torture, we did okay. Unkey Monkey, before the meal, cleaned up the rest of the above ground pool and moved it so we could set up the volleyball net. The Cop Magnet's uncle gave the prayer to bless the food. We had a wonderful, wonderful meal. BIL and his wife went down a couple of hours later to her parents. The Cop Magnet, kids, and myself went out to see my mother and her beau.

We took them a peach cobbler. The apartment they have now is much nicer than the last place they had.

When we got back to Noble, we went back to the in laws'. Once it got good and dark, we went out back...for some night time volleyball!! It is an interesting game when you have three kids running under foot. I love to play volleyball. The Cop Magnet threw a glow in the dark football at me. I'm usually a fair catch (better than your average girl) but The Little Miss was in line to get hit by it. I gave her a little push and it got me right in the lower left quadrant. It wasn't too bad. We went back to playing (girls against guys) pretty quickly. I made the kids mad when I told them all to go in and play. The Little Miss kept under foot and got dinged in the head. DS1 was sulky (you have to remember it's like 11 at night). Mean ole Aunty Practical Chick / Mom made them all cry when I made them all go in and play where Papa could watch them. About that time the ball came over our net, my SIL kicked it, the ball hit Unkey Monkey square in the eye and bounced over the fence. He retrieved it...we are all busting up from laughter. He throws the ball aiming for the SIL and hits me in the same place as the football previously hit. I went promptly in and lost my turkey.

Now, here's where it gets fuzzy...I don't remember if it was that night or Friday night I think it was Thursday night...we had one heck of a food fight. I was in the dining room with The Little Miss so I am not quite sure how it started. All I know is that my MIL was eating a piece of black forest cake and she ended up wearing it. Eventually, The Cop Magnet filled her shirt full of whip cream (I was so jealous), and DS1 gave her a big old hug to smush it in which resulted in him being sprayed with whipped cream too. The Little Miss and myself just kind of hid in the hall. Grandpa is laughing so hard I'm afraid he's going to damage his pace-maker...black forest cake, whip cream, chocolate cream pie...every where. Unkey Monkey ran outside to get away from my husband (he had helped with the whip cream incident) who was intent on smashing some pie in his face. Lo and behold on the table...set the lonely little left over piece of black forest cake. I know the timing of running around the house pretty well - including climbing the fence. I handed it to my MIL. All she had to do was hold it up. Unkey Monkey was looking over his shoulder at my husband and he ran...right into the cake.

Good thing my carpet cleaner was over there. New tradition?

We went bowling on Friday night...cost a cool $86.00. Okay, or heart attack inducing. I was glad to see my MIL pull out her debit card.

Did I mention that The Cop Magnet decided to go out in the madness on Friday morn? Him, his brother, and his wife got to Best Buy about four in the morning...saw the line wrap all the way around the building and back to the Wal-Mart parking lot and they went home and back to bed! They went back later that day. The Cop Magnet got me a 1 Gig chip for my MP3 player for $15! I was ecstatic.

Did I ever tell you how good my kids are at cleaning house? Friday, they tried to kill each other with the croquet set...so since I couldn't leave them alone to play nicely and couldn't do my housework, THEY got to do it instead...and a lovely job they did.

My favorite part of that was, quite possibly, when DS1 was doing the dishes. I was supervising. I watched him wipe his wet hands down the front of my white cabinets. "Don't wipe your hands on the front of the cabinets!! You are making more work for yourself." "But mom!! They were WET!!" He's doing the dishes...imagine that.

I have a new guideline coming up tonight. I've been majorly sick with sinuses since Thanksgiving. Been living off of sinus medicine. Took DS1 to urgent care Saturday morning because he was puking...his sinuses were draining terribly. His throat was very red. The doc thought it was strep. I told him I knew it wasn't. (A) No fever; (B) He isn't lethargic; (C) Last time he had strep he was 3, ran a fever of 104, and wouldn't move. They did a rapid test and it came back negative. I felt kind of smug. Zithromax to play it safe; tonsilitis and upper respiratory infection. He's feeling better - taking PediaTan D. I was so tired that I went home to prompty check my husband's tonsils (because his throat was sore too as is mine)...he dutifully opened his mouth and then it dawned on me.. He doesn't have tonsils!! He had them removed as a child. LOL

That needs to be another guideline. LOL
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