14 November 2006
And who says...
And who says living in a small town is boring? Had a bowl of popcorn...enjoyed the lights...and the sirens...and the taser...

This was about a block away from where Grandpa used to live.
posted by -atomik kitten @ 11:43 AM  
  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger Cheeky said…

    I just hope you had some butter on that popcorn...LOL

  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Tasering somebody who's escaping on a Barbie Bike complete with basket, ringing bell and pink tassles?

    Beats Savannahs latest. 2 Crackheads, one mad at the other so he entrapped the other in a sleeping bag for 2 days. How one does that is beyond me. I believe duct tape was involved. Plus a bucket full of fireants.

    The Crackhead vs. Crackhead torture trial started today. I sure hope the judge and jury get a little creative with the sentencing.

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