19 November 2006
Nov. 17th
That was our sixth anniversary. Needless to say, it will be remembered.

We went to see a Blazers hockey game. We had ring side seats. The game was great! We were down until the third period - then we tied Lubbock 3 to 3. Not only was there overtime...they also had to do a shoot out to determine a winner. The Blazers won!!

They do this little contest where they hand out rubber hockey pucks to children to throw onto the ice between period 2 and 3. Whomever hits a certain bull's eye wins something. Some of the drunk adults got their hands on some of the pucks. I got hit with one in the wrist pretty hard. I was going to grab it and give it to the little kid sitting in front of me but the drunk idiot about four seats down literally rushed over and grabbed it. You wouldn't think a little rubber puck would hurt...but let me tell you, it did. It's kind of like what hurts worse: getting hit by a baseball or getting hit by a tennis ball? Does it really matter when it hits while traveling over 50 MPH? Both hurt like the dickens.

Nothing broken or sprained or the like. So, we start back to Norman to go Midnight Bowling (at 10:00 PM). Of course, The Cop Magnet is driving. We pass this white Impala and it gets right on our tail. I look over at the speedometer. 60....65...I look away for a few seconds and the Impala is still there. Back to the speedometer 75...80...look away - Impala is still there. Look back over - 110!!! Good gravy! The Practical Chick no longer feels Practical...she now feels homocidal from fear. If I kill him for going that fast, is it a crime of passion?

Anyway, we zoom off the high way and the white Impala is STILL behind us. He pulls a major U-ie and I screamed at him, "How do you know it isn't Brandon [The Cop Magnet's brother that is stationed in Nebraska that was coming down next week]?!" "Because Brandon would have called me!" "Are you sure?"

Zipped into a 7-11 and I realized I missed a call on my cell phone. It was Ashlie (Brandon's wife) and that's when I knew...it was indeed Brandon. He came home early. Brandon came in behind us to the 7-11 and just like typical men, they had to make a scene. They were up in each other's face. Of course, they weren't fighting - they were exchanging pleasantries. You should have seen the looks we got.

Then we went Midnight Bowling...and The Cop Magnet beat me (I was shaking from his driving...and you people wonder why I take sedatives) and I also blamed it on getting hit with a puck.

We went home...I got no sleep (and not just from THAT). I didn't get any sleep last night either. Matter of fact, I spent all day yesterday doing my Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals reading. Other than class for Interpersonal Communications at 7 tonight, I am going to read some brain candy (reading The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner) and I am going to bed right after class.

I also cleaned my kitchen, did the laundry, posted in my classes, started working on my homework, and made a peach cobbler.

I am such a domestic goddess.

Did I mention DS3 decided to put carpet freshening powder on the LR floor before I vacuumed. The box was full...was being the keyword. By the time he was done, it looked like my house had seen the first snow of winter.
posted by -atomik kitten @ 4:55 PM  
  • At 9:04 AM, Anonymous ReY said…

    Don't you find that "stuff" always happens on the important dates? (or maybe it's just your luck that it happens to you all the time in general?)

  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    It's just my luck. The day was actually rather amusing.

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