08 February 2007
A post of random pictures

Did you know that Bry-onicle used to play soccer when he was four?

I told you I'm bored...This is a picture of one of The Cop Magnet's cars. It is a 1994 Z-28 Camaro with an LT-1.
Here's a picture of The Cop Magnet's new ricer...well, new as in new to him. It's a Civic (I think).

This brings back fond memories...you see, The Cop Magnet used to be in the USAF. He likes to build custom computers. So he built this one...it was Air Force blue...instead of the little pentium sticker, we ordered a custom USAF sticker. I doubt you can see it in the picture:

The picture was taken in our homeschool classroom. This computer...it had two HUGE fans in it and as you can see, it was on wheels. So here's a picture of the fans:

So anyway...back when FC-22 was just a wee little kitten, him and his sister managed to get behind the wheeled case and knock it over. I have fairly long hair. Not long compared to pentecostal standards...as there are some women with hair down to their knees. My hair goes just past my bra line when I straighten it. Anyhoo, the kittens knocked it over and I leaned over to pick it up without bothering to turn off the case. Guess what happened? Yup - my hair got sucked into the fan. Ouch.

This better be the only time I see Bry-onicle in the back seat of a police car...as the Practical Chick might need to beat some practical sense in to him if he ever is found there NOT going through a tour.
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