20 February 2007
My sons have crabs
Hermit crabs, that is!! We had a hermit crab back in 2001 that I caught in Biloxi and brought home. He lived for...oh gosh, about two years. He died when I gave him to Unkey Monkey. We had another one when we lived on the Air Force base - but without the proper time to devote to it, we gave it away too.

Yesterday we bought two fancy hermit crabs. What's the difference between a regular hermit crab and a fancy hermit crab? About four dollars and a painted shell. Monkey Butt's crab has a football shell. Bry-onicle's first crab had a baseball shell.

This morning we got up and I realized that while Monkey Butt's crab had moved around, Bry-onicle's had not. I didn't think a whole lot about it because they are nocturnal creatures. Yet all day...that crab never moved..never poked his head out of the shell or anything.

About the time the boys got in from school, I took my little zip tie and poked at him. No noise, no movement. I grabbed the shell and flipped him over. He should have came out...no movement. I poked at his claw and he never even tried to pinch me.

Yes, that's right. Bry-onicle's crab went to that big beach in the sky. So I took it back to Petsmart and they wanted to argue with me that the crab wasn't dead...only sleeping. I was also told that I should have picked a "more active crab". Uhh...it was daytime when I bought it and considering they are nocturnal and none of them were exactly active.

She never could get the crab to move either. She swears that when she put her pen in the shell it pinched it, but I think she just shoved it in there. She even had the gall to put that one back in with the other crabs and ask me if I wanted my money back.

NO. My kid wants a crab! So we found another one after I poked on them to get all of them mad. The other one was active yesterday when I got him.

This new one is crawling around every where now in his gorgeous new home. I'll try to get a picture of it for you all tomorrow.


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