09 November 2007

So we thought that I just had shin splints. Nana Beachy took me to Urgent Care this evening because I can barely walk. The pain in my shin is just unbelievable. Well, according to the PA my having Lupus throws a whole new loop into things. They x-ray my fibia and tibia and see nothing wrong there…of course x-rays can’t see muscles or ligaments. So they want me on steroids and on anti-inflammatory medication. That was it – we left. Other than the typical, “Stay off your feet, elevate them…etc”. I was thinking, “Lady it is pretty apparent that you have no children – I have three and that just aint gonna happen.” Don’t get me wrong – my kids are very VERY good compared to a lot of kids I’ve met…speaking of…Bry-onicle pulled up the stool, got my cell phone, home phone, cup of water, my crochet, the TV remote and two pillow to put my foot up on. He even went and found my crutches..

When we get home, I tried walking up the ramp and I heard my ankle (and felt it) snap. Now I can’t flex my foot in either direction and that makes me wonder if the problem hasn’t been in my ankle all along. Nana Beachy just came and left (Monkey Butt is spending the night there) and she looked at my ankle and it is swelling right in the middle. She thinks I might have torn a tendon or something. So now I don’t know if I should go back to Urgent Care tomorrow or not. Urgent Care is just way cheaper than ER. $15 versus $50…hmm..let me think about that one, right?

The Cop Magnet’s Z should be fixed tonight. I am waiting on him to get back from the big city. I need to balance the check book and he gets to play Mr. Mom all weekend. I am kinda bummed out because now I might be missing my niece’s birthday party. I would love to see my brother and just rub it in his face that he now has a teenager in his house!! Ha ha ha ha!

It sucks – I’m hungry and I can’t stay on my feet long enough to make me anything to eat. I had fish sticks so Bry-onicle was fed (he loves fish sticks) by his own efforts. He is playing on neoshifters.com right now and I am watching the DVR. I am really wishing I had something to take the pain away. I don’t know what to do about the pain.

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