10 March 2007
Saturday Night at WTC
Well it is definitely Saturday at White Trash Central. Our day didn't start until after 10 in the morning. Monkey Butt had soccer. His team did pretty good this time. They only lost by one point. At least this week they played kids their own age. Last week the kids were a good two years older.

Went to Target (pronounced in Oklahoma as Tar-jay). I found a Happy Bunny key chain that I just had to have. It said, "I'm not mean. You're just a sissy."

Got the oil changed in the Z, ate at Wendys, and went to Sprawl Mart. We needed new toilet seats and toilet paper. Those seem to be Pup-Dog's favorite chew toys. This week he also ate one of my shower curtains.

Monkey Butt and Bry-onicle have a friend from next door spending the night. His parents headed to track. The boys are playing redneck hockey in the kitchen....using a monster truck toy tire for a puck.

We are taking them over to Nana's because we are going to the movies...that and I have to fix her Access database. The school has her using four separate Excel spreadsheets to keep up with a reading competition (and frankly, the rules need to be enforced..I saw some of the sheets turned in by the seniors - they are reading Dr. Seuss books for goodness sake!). Why do that when I can just set up a database with a sub-form for her to keep up with it? Real easy...just import the names to four separate main dbs. Add a subform to each one that lists the books and pages. Then, you do a switch board to allow Nana Beachy to pick which grade level she is working on. Ta-da. I'm not as redneck as you thought. So there.


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