29 May 2007
To answer your burning questions...
The first real date with The Cop Magnet (the trip to Frontier City) happened the weekend after July 4, 1995. We met on a BBS (Bulletin Board System) because he spammed me. Does anyone remember the old ANSI program TheDraw? Anyway, he made this garish looking ad and figured out how to send it to everyone. Being the "I'm not gonna take this crap" kind of girl that I am, I called the BBS. Being the stupid 16 year old that I was, I put my real telephone number in. After I sent him a very scathing email, he called. I didn't answer. I had a BBS, too. He called it and hacked into my system...all the way down to good old Norton. I pulled the plug on him.

He called again so I answered it fully prepared to berate him within an inch of his dorky little life (because he was quite a dork). Turns out, he was kind of funny. I pictured him as a short fat kid. He invited me to go with him, a friend of mine (that was supposed to be his date that it turns out that he knew and I didn't know that they knew each other), and two friends of his. I was supposed to be friend number one's date.

My friend didn't show up. So it was just me and three guys...friend number one (while he's grown up to be a wonderful, wonderful man) was a complete and utter jerk. I think he was even more of a jerk than your typical 16 year old boy. I thought The Cop Magnet was hot but kept my distance because I was supposed to be there with his friend. His other friend and I shared some ice cream while the other two were in line for pizza. This friend was like having a girl-friend to talk to with a penis - which is kind of creepy...but he's straight and now married. Turns out he just knows how to talk to the ladies.

Apparently The Cop Magnet had said something to him about me being hot (apparently they both needed glasses). I had mentioned to ice cream boy that I thought The Cop Magnet was kind of cute, too and that friend numero uno was a bit too much for me. We rode on The Twister and I was so dizzy getting off that I bumped into everyone. He grabbed my hand and didn't let go for the rest of the day (much to friend one's dismay - but it's all good now...we were all in each other's weddings).

Eventually we wandered off toward the Ferris Wheel. I am terrified of heights (turns out he is too, but he didn't tell me that then). We are on there with another couple that was older. She said something to the effect of what a cute couple we were. I said, "We aren't a couple." He said, "Why not?" The other guy chimed in, "Have you kissed her yet?" So he did...

Later he admitted to that being his first kiss. I was also his first girlfriend.

We went back about a month later and had two cheesy little keychains made with our names on them. When we broke up I got rid of mine. I moved out of state and everything...

When I came back and we got back into touch, I found out he still had his. Now it is in my purse.

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posted by -atomik kitten @ 4:33 PM  
  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger Deborah Hooper said…

    On that first date, did you ever imagine in a million years you would spend the rest of your life with this person?

  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger Dr.John said…

    S6tories of first romance are so nice. And to think you married him. Wow !

  • At 8:17 PM, Anonymous ReY said…

    Well it's certainly more interesting than: "He picked me up; dinner and a movie; he brought me home."

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