12 February 2007
Growing up is hard to do...
Especially when a bunch of girls on your school bus call you weird.....

So needless to say, Bry-onicle was steaming mad when he got off the bus. At first all I got out of him was that some kids say he is weird and that he is lame because he doesn't read some "cool kids" manual. I asked him, "If they're so cool...why do they need a book to tell them how to behave?" I explained to him how people like that are just sheep. They have to follow what everyone else does...they can't think for themselves. He said, "Yeah, that's what I told them."

Apparently they think he is weird and lame because he is eight years old and like Transformers....and doesn't wear camoflauge. Did you know that apparently camoflauge is the new black? I told him that figures...that camoflauge is the cool color in such a small town full of rednecks. There isn't anything wrong with being rednecks, per se, but when you can't teach your kids to be nice to others....

Once we got home I told him I was proud of him for using his words (he told them that they were lame for not thinking for themselves and needing a book to tell him how to behave). I told him that I ought to teach him a bunch of big words to call them that way they have to go home and ask their mama what it means...then when they are mad the next day he can say, "You might be cool, but you are pretty stupid. At least my vocabulary isn't limited to one syllable words."

That was, of course, until he told me it was girls giving him a hard time. I said, "Oh that's easy to solve then. Just tell them their clothes make them look fat. That will work for the next couple of years...but don't try that in high school - you might get slapped." Apparently there was one girl on the bus that stuck up for him, though.

The funny thing is that here in 20 years when he writes a best selling sci-fi book, they will be saying how they went to school with him...

He was feeling better after venting (and having a snack with some milk) and said, "There ought to be a mom appreciation day." To which I replied, "You can appreciate me when I'm 92 and incontinent and need my diaper changed."

"Mom? Do old people really wear diapers?"

"Guess that's just something you'll find out one day."


posted by -atomik kitten @ 4:18 PM  
  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous ReY said…

    The "dress makes you look fat" retort is probably just as effective as it is hilarious! Never got to use it though, I grew up in an all boys elementary/high school.

    Anyway, IF Bry-onicle still needs this (but I doubt that he did), he can find a 20-something who likes Transformers too, just contact me :)

  • At 7:01 AM, Blogger david santos said…

    it`s all good
    tank you

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