28 February 2007
Good Grief, Charlie Brown
What a day this has been! Yes, I know I still haven't posted about my day with Fatty McChuckles. I'll get to it hopefully by this weekend.

Anyhoo, I went over to take my mom and her shack up honey on their monthly errands (well at least 1/3 of them... I have to go back tomorrow and Friday). All in all, that part wasn't too horrendous. I got paid for it, at least. Of course, I went to bed around 5 this AM and got up at 7 to get the boys ready for school. It was almost an hour drive to the city.

We went to the bank...uneventful. Money

We went to put gas in my car. The shack up honey was going to pump and my mother went in to pay. I sat out in the car for a good ten minutes. The pump still was not turned on so I went in to see what was up. The lady said, "Well, I'll turn it on when she pays." My mother said, "What the hell do you think I'm standing here for?" So the lady waves me out and says she'll turn it on. Five minutes and still no go juice for grocery getter. I go back in there and the woman is on the phone and she STILL hasn't paid enough attention to my mother to get the money to turn on the pump. I was hot by then. I was almost livid. I cleared my throat rather rudely and crossed my arms when she glanced my way. She finally rang up the gas and my mother's cancer sticks.

We went to Albertson's. Mostly uneventful except that they were stocking and they had a basket in the main aisle with some little wire hangers (like maybe something you would put candy in?) on the bottom of the cart - which you don't see until you walk into it and cut your leg. Praise God for denim skirts. We mosied back to the pharmacy for her to get her medication. I was in one of my moods at that point... I was in a trouble making mood. They had this rack of stuff like baby bottle nipples, thermometer covers, and finger cots. Do you know what a finger cot is? Essentially, you use them (as a parent) to cover your finger if you need to insert a suppository into your little one. Yes, it is a finger condom! I said it really loud too. I said, "Hey mom and shack up honey! Look! I found finger condoms!"

From there, we went back to Smoke Central. Then, I had to leave to take The Cop Magnet some lunch since I was in the city. Tried to use my FFB card and it didn't work so it is a good thing I had cash.

Then it was off to North VA Clinic...which mother said was on 122nd and Penn...and it wasn't. It was on 122nd and May. But we found it. The visit was uneventful for the shack up honey.

Then it was to the VA hospital to pick up the shack up honey's prescriptions. That, too, was fairly uneventful.

When I got home, Pup Dog made it somehow into my room while I was gone. He ate the baby pictures of Bry-onicle. Between the sleep deprivation, pounding headache, and anxiety I busted out into tears. Crying 3 I am glad the boys weren't here. I saved six out of 100 pictures. I am still mad but I do understand that he is just a puppy. He didn't mean to go in there and make a rational decision to eat pictures. I mean, come on, the dog eats toilet paper.

But I was still upset. I called The Cop Magnet, who for some reason, was having a moronic man moment and thought this was funny. I wonder how funny it would have been had Pup Dog ate some of his computer magazines. Of course, that made me more upset. That brought on a migraine.

My head has hurt on and off all week...since I started taking the Buspar as a matter of fact. But I'll get to that momentarily.

I took Monkey Butt and Bry-onicle for Happy Meals. First, we wait 15 minutes for our food...then we end up with My Little Pony toys when I specifically told them the meals were for little boys. They changed out the toys, I smiled and said thank you.

On the way home, Bry-onicle confided something unnerving to me. He told me he was being picked on in the lunch room. I thought it was the girls again. I just said, "Oh? By whom?" He said by three boys in another class that his class lunches with. I got one name and he told me that the boys are threatening to bring BB guns and use him as target practice. One threatened to hang him from a tree.

We are not about to sit around and put up with this crap. The Cop Magnet is going to the principal tomorrow (she and I don't have a good relationship). I am not about to wait for another Columbine or Amish school shooting. In this day, you don't know what to take seriously when little kids in other areas get caught with weapons. My child will NOT be a statistic. Bad Mood 2

I got a migraine a bit ago and was doubled over in the floor. The boys implemented Plan H(eadache). Bry-onicle grabbed the Ibuprofen and Monkey Butt grabbed me something to drink. Pup Dog commenced to trying to eat my hair (see, I told you he was stupid).

I called CVS and the pharmacist thinks the Buspar is causing my insomnia and headache. I am on 15 mg. I am supposed to take 1/2 the pill in the AM and 1/2 the pill in the PM. I couldn't sleep and the headaches started...migraines. So I started taking the entire pill in the AM. Guess what? I still can't sleep. The pharmacist suggested taking 4 Ibuprofens and calling the doc tomorrow to back off on the Buspar. It seems to help with the anxiety but I can't keep dealing with these migraines and not sleeping. OMG 3

So as you can tell, Practical Chick is cranky, sad, angry, worried, and putting it all into God's hands. He can and will fix all of this.


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  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger Melessa said…

    Yes, He can fix it. I'm just praying he does it sooner rather than later.

  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    The Lord can fix anything. Wow, what a day. I'm not even gonna complain about mine . Except to say it ain't over yet.

    That's messed up with the school. Gon and I are bumping heads a bit over this homeschooling thing. I can't in my right mind send her to this public education system. Gon says she needs the social but you know what... when the girls in the neighborhood always come here to play... my kid is the best behaved and most polite.

    Willing to share, speaks her mind confidently and politely. She's fantastic! Social stuff my butt. If she hangs out with these kids she'll pick up their habits and well...

    peer pressure begins. There is a local Yahoo Group here in Savannah for Homeschooling parents - I think I'll join and find out how to go about it.

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