21 September 2006
Guidelines 14-19
14. You shall not blame law enforcement for your short comings in the parenting department.

Let me give you a brief synopsis. Three young boys were playing together outside. The supervising adult went in the house and left the children unattended. The boys vanished. They were found two days later dead in the trunk of a vehicle on the property that they were playing on. Apparently, the suspension system that supports the trunk did not work. When the boys got in, the lid slammed shut. The trunk was insulated; no one heard their cries. They lived for 13-33 hours before dying from lack of oxygen. Now one of the mother's wants to sue the police. The police searched!! Yes they should have searched the trunk of the vehicle. Yet I have to ask myself - why were three young, rambunctious boys (being a mother of boys and my mother in law raised three boys) left alone outside even for a second? Make them go in when you go in! Children get into trouble. That is just a fact of life. I hope that if the family sues, it gets thrown right out of court. I also hope the rest of her children (if she has others) are taken away. Why was it not only the responsibility of the police but the responsibility of the parents to search the *entire* property? That is the first thing you do. I know from experience. DS3 wondered off when he was about 18 months old. It did not take me two minutes to realize he was missing. My husband started checking all the nooks and crannies of the house, car and property; I took off down the street. He wondered over to a neighbor's house down the street to play; thank GOD we lived on an Air Base and didn't have a lot of traffic. My point is: we looked EVERYWHERE. If you have an abandoned car on the property, you know those boys are going to be climbing on it and playing on it when you aren't around. If they had not been left alone outside, this would not have happened. My condolences go out to the family and I applaud the family of one of the deceased for decided NOT to sue. For the other parent: you have no one to blame but yourself so don't make everyone else suffer, don't cost the taxpayers money defending the police, and don't clog up the judiciary system. Shut up, accept your guilt, and go on with your life.

15. You shall not leave your children in the hot car.

*sigh* Bad parenting is one of my pet peeves. Maybe it's because I was abused as a child. Maybe it's because I just hate stupidity. Oklahoma is mourning the death of two children this week because their parents "forgot" they were in the car. One was a 9 week old baby girl. I believe the other was a little boy (walking age I think). Here's the deal. Newborns scream. They scream when they are wet. They scream when they are dirty. They scream when they are hungry. They scream sometimes and we don't know why. If they aren't sleeping, they are screaming. Once a parent is in the house and realizes there is no screaming or no mom cooing the baby or no dad getting spit up on, wouldn't you immediately realize something is wrong? How do you forget you left your nine week old baby in the car? I don't care if she was asleep. For those of you without kids - if you had a dog and you took your pet for a ride and your pet fell asleep in the backseat until you got home, would you forget your dog was back there? I am all for believing in "Mommy Brain". For those that don't have kids, it is a self diagnosed condition (sort of like deficient noun disease) where a new mother forgets things. You might take the diaper bag but forget to pack it (guilty as charged!). You might forget appointments. You might forget a television show you wanted to watch. You might forget eggs at the store. You do NOT forget your baby is in the car. Don't leave your kid in the car because you can't find a baby sitter. I guess that just means you will have to put your kid before your job (and if you lose your job then you will just have to find another - is an eight hour day, less than $80 per day, worth your child's life?). Okay I am ending this now because I am getting a little upset about this whole thing.

16. You shall not attempt to bathe a cat unless you are a professional.

Yes, this includes cats with their front paws declawed. They learn to do with their back paws what they used to do with their front paws. Tying their legs together won't work; neither will putting a sock on their head (how would you wash their head?). Yes, I know some cats need to be bathed. However there is something to be said about liquid Benedryl. Give them 1/2 a tsp (consult with your vet) to sedate them and then wear raw hide gloves to bathe the cat. My husband came up with a fabulous way to bathe cats. We took a ferret cage and staked it to the ground with some of that blue plastic sheeting under it (what good is a bath if they are fighting you in the mud?). He tossed Stripe in (22 lbs and cranky) and closed the lid. First off, our cats are indoor cats. They have always been indoor cats. They don't like being outside. Next, he took a Mr. Clean Automatic Car Wash (which SUCKS at washing cars) and put Dawn dish detergent (kills fleas) in it. He then proceeded to spray the cat with a water hose. Of course the cat goes nuts. He even starts climbing the cage which makes my husband's job even easier! He now has access to that big, fat belly that happens to drag the ground. Of course the cat is howling and carrying on. I am laughing so hard that I can't stay on my feet. I sit down in the grass and that brings my dog running. She proceeds to start licking me in the face. My four year old brings some towels out. Oh man, Stripe is ever so angry! We get him out and the first thing he goes to do is try to swipe my face with his front paws. So I just wrap him in the towel tighter and take him back in the house. Sonny was a different ball game all together. He still has front claws. We got him outside and in the cage easily enough. After that it was like Mortal Com-cat and Paws of Fury. I said, "Uh-uh. I am not sticking my hands in that cage to get him out until he calms down." The cage was in the sun so I just sat out in the yard and watched him dry (which was just a tad bit more fun than watching paint dry). My brother in law tried to bathe them the night before here at my house and he got tore up! Of course I had no clue what I was talking about... I guess that is what happens when you don't listen. Okay, well I will close this rule for now. I decided to email Mr. Clean and let him know what I think of their product:

I bought an AutoDry Carwash when they first came out on the market last year. I was VERY disappointed in it. I still had to go back over and use a rag to get the car clean. So for the last year, it has set in a closet. Yesterday we found a great use for it. We staked a ferret cage to the ground, stuck our cats in it (one at a time), put Dawn dish detergent in it, and proceeded to give our cats a flea bath. Not only were we able to bath our cats without getting torn apart, they had a streak free shine.

17. You shall not host sex parties for your children.

I can't even believe this crap. For once, it did NOT take place in Oklahoma. Throwing a sex party for your teenager, screwing his/her friends, and providing them with drugs doesn't make you a cool mom. It makes you an idiot. I've seen this woman's picture she does not even come close to falling into the "MILF" category. More like "MTGIU"; Mothers That Give It Up (because they cannot get a real man).

18. You shall not starve your four year old and lock him in the closet.

'This was torture': Boy malnourished, kept in closet

By Sheila K. Stogsdill
The Oklahoman

BRAGGS - For longer than he can remember, a 4-year-old boy subsisted on ramen noodles and a makeshift oatmeal mixture and endured beatings and handcuffs, all for wetting the bed, investigators said Monday.

"This was torture," said Tim Brown, a Muskogee County sheriff's detective, who called it "the worst child abuse case I've ever seen."

The boy weighed 26 pounds when he was found June 25.

Gore police responding to an anonymous tip of neglect found the child malnourished and severely beaten. Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson said the child was staying with his aunt, Sharon Smith, who was later charged in Sequoyah County in connection with the case. She is free on bail, he said.

Sheriff's deputies later searched the Smith residence in Braggs, finding a dilapidated trailer with no electricity or running water. The home had a large hole in its roof, and its bathroom contained a trash bag for holding human waste, Brown said.

The child's mother, Melanie Smith, 24, and her half-brother, Roy Albert Smith, 20, are being held without bail in the Muskogee County jail.

They are charged with child abuse, neglect and child endangerment.

"People knew this was going on and did nothing to stop it. There should be a lot of people in jail," Pearson said.

When investigators found the boy, he had "bruises upon bruises" all over his body plus open wounds on his feet, the result of dropping two, 2½-pound dumbbells.

Brown said the boy told him his punishment included being forced to hold the weights above his head. When his arms weakened, he would drop the weights on his head and feet, the child told Brown.

He said the boy told him his mother eventually taped the weights to his hands and put a football helmet on his head.

In the first few days after his rescue, the boy walked with a small cane and had patches of hair falling out, Brown said. In the month he has spent in foster care since then, the boy has gained 9 pounds, Brown said.

He said the boy told him he was forced to pick up boulders, and when he could not, he was handcuffed and tied up.

Brown said when he searched the house, he found no children's toys or books, simply one stuffed animal. When arrested, Roy Smith was carrying $1,600 in cash.

The Smiths face a Nov. 10 preliminary hearing.

When investigators asked the boy how much time had passed since he'd had a bath, he couldn't recall, Brown said.

They also asked him if his family had ever celebrated his birthday, and he said no.

"He didn't know what Christmas was," Brown said.

The boy told investigators his mother would hit him in the side of his face with a closed fist, and that he was kept in a closet most of the day.

"He looked like he was from a third-world country," Brown said.

The kitchen's cupboards were bare, but Brown said he found plenty of dry and canned dog food, plus shampoo and vitamins for the Smiths' two dogs.

"The dogs were in better health than he was," Brown said.

Contributing: Tony Thornton
There are some people you just pray that God will allow you to come across them in a dark alley. Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord (but I sure hope He sees fit to let me help!)

19. You shall not state the obvious in a news headline.

Edmond Firefighters Say Arsonists Behind Porta Potty Fires

C'mon now. Isn't this a bit obvious? Have you ever heard of a portable toilet to just combust on its own (not including being on top of a punctured gas line and some schmuck lighting up while he's taking a poo)? An arsonist? Are they sure it was an arsonist? I mean, what if it was a purple flying hippo? Yes I know...I am getting way too involved in Age of Mythology. A friend of mine wondered if the arsonist thought he/she was "hot ****". Ha ha ha..
posted by -atomik kitten @ 7:46 PM  
  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    Hey...i found your blog through thursday thirteen....and just wanted to say...PREACH IT. There are some real honest to goodness IDIOTS living all around us. Hel-lo people!!! I love the guidelines....wish the idiots would read and learn. LOL

  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger The Little Woman said…

    Just wait til you read the rest of them. LOL

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